Sep 27, 2021

Dremel 4300 Review – Your Perfect Multitasker (2022)

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The Dremel 4300-9/64 Tool

Kit is an excellent addition to the power tool set of any professional or home workshop. Rotary tools are well known for their versatility, and this kit by Dremel provides all of the attachments and accessories needed for cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, sharpening, carving, and engraving. That’s seven tools in one. What better way is there to reduce workspace clutter than to get a tool like the Dremel 4300?

  • Sturdy metal frame can take drops and shocks without complaint
  • Upgraded motor can cut through tough material without flagging
  • Versatile assortment of attachments can take on many jobs
  • Variable speed control lets you dial in the most efficient speed


When it comes to choosing a rotary power tool, we’ve found the corded electric tools are a good choice. They don’t require the additional purchase of a charger and two or more rechargeable batteries, and they aren’t be plagued by inadequate power the way battery-powered rotary tools are. Spinning at speeds over 30,000 RPMs, rotary tools are power hogs, so if you can reach an outlet with an extension cord, a corded tool is preferable. The versatility of rotary tools is also legendary, but that’s only if you have the attachments and accessories needed. Getting a complete set of tooling for a new rotary tool is critical if you don’t already own your own collection. We looked for a rotary tool with high customer ratings that fit these requirements and landed on Dremel’s 4300-9/64 rotary tool kit. It comes with a large kit, and Dremel pulled off an innovative design with this tool. So we’ve put it through our extensive testing process to make sure it’s as good a buy as it looks like it is. We weren’t disappointed when all was said and done.



Dremel’s 4300 brings their latest design innovations to their 4000 series corded electric rotary tools. Gone is the collet system for holding attachments. It’s been replaced with Dremel’s universal 3-jaw chuck, which continues the concept of their older EZ Twist collet system by dropping the collet from the design.

It also has a more powerful motor and a pivot light that turns around a ring behind the tool’s head. This is one of Dremel’s quietest and most versatile rotary tool packages yet.

Dremel 4300

  • Universal 3-jaw, tool-free chuck makes changing attachments convenient
  • Rotating pivot light shines directly on the work surface
  • Powerful 1.8-amp variable speed motor
  • Ball-bearing construction makes it a quiet and smooth-running tool
  • Kit includes 9 attachments and 64 accessories

The Design

Dremel 4300The big news when the 4300 was released was the addition of the new 3-jaw chuck, pivot light, and a more powerful motor.

The universal chuck makes installing most Dremel attachments even easier by eliminating the need to switch between collet nuts.

Some older attachments still require the use of a collet, but Dremel has a full set of attachments that come with the 4300’s ample kit. The rotary light is also a great addition, helping to shed light on the work surface when lighting is poor.

Do not forget about the handy carring case that will help you to keep all the acessories organized anf ready to work.


Power and Performance

Dremel 4300The 4300 got a power upgrade with a 1.8-amp motor. Its top speed of 35,000 RPM is the same as previous models, but the 4300 has excess power to hold its speed under a load.

This helps keep it from slowing down when cutting holes out of drywall or sharpening steel blades.

Having a steady power supply from an electrical outlet, as opposed to a 12V battery, also keeps the 4300 running at a consistent speed.

Safety Features

Rotary tools like the 4300 are fairly safe to use. Dremel has made sure the electrical connectors are durable and well insulated to prevent shock risks. Both the 3-jaw chuck and collet nut systems hold attachments and accessories firmly to prevent them from breaking loose when the tool is running.

Dremel 4300 vs Dremel 4000

The 4300 is the latest edition of Dremel’s corded electric rotary tools, so it offers more features and design improvements at a higher price when compared to the 4000 model. To start with, it has a 1.8-amp motor that edges out the 4000’s 1.6-amp motor. Both tools have a speed range between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM, but you’ll notice the 4300’s extra power when cutting or grinding.

The 4300 has a universal 3-jaw chuck that eliminates the need for a collet nut while the 4000 uses the older EZ Twist Nose Cap collet system. The 4300 also has a rotating pivot light to illuminate the work surface when you need it. Lastly, the 9-attachment, 64-piece accessory kit that comes with 4300 is far more comprehensive than the 4000’s smaller kit.

Pro Tip

Even if you’ve used a rotary tool before, be sure to read the model's owner’s manual for safe-handling tips and tricks.


Dremel 4300 vs Dremel 8220

Dremel’s 8220 is a cordless rotary tool, while the 4300 is corded. This by itself makes for quite a difference. The 8220 is more flexible away from power outlets, but only for a time. It will drain batteries quickly, so you’ll need to plug in a charger to keep going on a job that takes over an hour. The 8220 can reach the same speeds as the 4300, but it’ll lose staying power without the constant power supply of an electrical outlet.

The 8220 also lacks the 4300’s simpler 3-jaw universal chuck, which means you’ll find yourself changing collet nuts with the cordless model. You’ll like the selection of attachments and accessories that come with the 4300’s kit compared to the 8220, too.

  • Universal 3-jaw chuck
  • 1.8-amp motor
  • Comprehensive tool kit

  • Tool kit options are pricey


Things we liked about it

The new chuck design is great because it gets away from the need of having several different sizes of collet nuts to accommodate attachment shanks. Using adjustable jaws to hold the shank in place is a new feature we loved. It makes changing accessories even faster.The addition of a pivot light is also great for working in the shade or when you have your back to the sun. It rotates around the neck of the tool so you can adjust it when it gets in the way.

Things we didn’t like

Not all of Dremel’s attachments work with the universal chuck, making it not so universal. Sometimes you’ll need to change to the collet nut system for that one attachment that’s an oddball. This is hopefully just a matter of getting all the accessories updated to fit the chuck correctly, but for now, there are still a few headaches we’d rather avoid.


General User Experience

Dremel 4300Customer reviews of the Dremel 4300 on Amazon have been glowing. Many customers who’ve owned previous models of Dremel’s rotary tools had avoided using them for rough jobs, but that’s not the case with the 4300, which is heavy-duty enough to use for any job.

The kit has everything in it that they could imagine they would need, which was the second most impressive thing about this package. The only complaint that some have had about the kit is that the case doesn’t have a storage space for “other accessories” that they’ve collected over the years. The kit is so complete that it makes a handy place to keep everything.

The new chuck gets plenty of cheers from users of older rotary tools who’ve long ago gotten tired of changing collet nuts for the different shank sizes on accessories.

The chuck can handle shanks between 1/32”-1/8”. Being tool-free and collet nut-free is another step in the right direction. Many reviewers also liked the addition as well as the experience with the pivot light, even if it did make them choose between the light or the front handle.

Dremel 4300 Series 1.8 Amp Corded Variable Speed Rotary Tool

Dremel 4300 Review – Your Perfect Multitasker (2022)


What is a rotary tool and what I could use it for?

Rotary power tools are designed with a straight head that spins at high speed. Some corded electric rotary tools can reach top speeds of 35,000 RPM. They can have many different attachments installed on the head with a collet or chuck. The result is a highly versatile power tool that can be used for many tasks during a project such as cutting, grinding, drilling, sculpting, polishing, sanding, and sharpening. These tools are a great addition to any professional or home repair tool kit because they can do the job of several tools.

How do you know what speed to use when working with different materials?

The friction from the high speeds a rotary tool can run at will cause enough heat to burn materials like wood or plastic. You’ll want to pay attention to burning smells or visual signs that plastic is melting when you are dialing in the speed you run at. Take it down a notch if you do notice burning and make a note of the best speed for future jobs.


With the results of our testing in hand, we were impressed when we sat down to write this Dremel 4300 review. Dremel is a respected brand of power tools for good reason. They bring practical experience to the drawing board when redesigning their products.

A better motor, redesign of the EZ Twist collet system, and a complete kit of accessories combine to make the 4300 an excellent purchase, and that’s especially true for a first-time buyer who won’t have their own set of accessories on hand.


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