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5 Magnificent Hybrid Table Saws for All Kinds of Woodworking Techniques

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The best hybrid table saw will provide the ability to work well on many different types of task and project, without completely breaking the bank. These saws are designed to do everything that a traditional cabinet saw can do, without you needing a crane to get the saw into your workshop, because hybrid saws tend to much lighter than traditional cabinet saws. The scope of your workshop will only improve when you invest in one of these great saws.

With a modern hybrid table saw, you’ll get a great saw with ample capacity to rip and crosscut accurately, you’ll get a great depth of cut for thicker stock and you’re sure to get more power than you need with most hybrid saws too. As an all around versatile addition to your home or commercial workshop, the hybrid table saw is hard to beat and it’ll increase the number of tasks you’re capable of, without taking up too much space. As for the main features we’re taking into consideration, you shall judge the best hybrid table saw by the following parameters: speed, motor power, available depth of cut and ripping capacity, as well as warranty information.

We’ve put the hard workshop hours into compiling this guide in the hope it’ll make your search for the best hybrid table saw an easier and more fun one. We’ve looked at five of the best saws out there which fit the bill and we’re including a very handy section on how useful different aspects of these machines are, how to maintain them and how to stay safe. So, please take the time to read our buying guide and detailed reviews – we think you’ll be glad you did.

Top 5 Hybrid Table Saws Review 2022


Shop Fox W1820Editor’s Choice

  • Speed: 4300 rpm
  • Power: 3 hp
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/8’’ at 90°; 2-3/16’’ at 45°
  • Rip capacity: 49’’ right
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: single-phase motor, 13/16’’ dado width, 27’’ x 74’’ table extension, 4’’ dust port, 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade, cast-iron trunnions, quick release blade guard

The top saw on our list of the best hybrid table saws is the Shop Fox W1820 and this machine will be the first choice for a heck of a lot of tradesmen and hobbyists when it come to buying one of the most versatile and productive tools you’re going to install in your professional shop or home setting.

The hardware on this saw is extremely well engineered and everything is rock solid as a result. Alignment will be made minimal with the Shop Fox W1820 because everything is made to stay where you set it. The table is sturdy and finely made and everything to do with this saw just screams quality.

You can rip up to 49 inch wide stock on this excellent hybrid table saw and you’ll rarely be thwarted by wide boards. There’s so much cast iron built into the fabric of the Shop Fox W1820 that it’s very hard to see where your next inaccurate workpiece is going to come from with this tool in your workshop. The wheels are all cast, the table is heavy and rigid, and the t-tracks are an added bonus.

Three full horsepower completes the Shop Fox W1820 package and this combination of power, accuracy and quality of build – and a riving knife for safety, means that you’re going to be looking at a lot of saws before you find one that comes vaguely close to the level of machine that Shop Fox are offering here.

Why did it make our list?

  • Fantastic build quality
  • Cast iron everything
  • Great ripping capacity
  • Riving knife

What is not ideal about it?

  • Fence takes much time to set up right

Grizzly G0690Best Hybrid Table Saw for Woodworking

  • Speed: 4300 rpm
  • Power: 3 hp
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/8’’ at 90°; 2-3/16’’ at 45°
  • Rip capacity: 29.5’’ right; 12’’ left
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: T-slot miter gauge, quick release safety system, single-phase motor, 5/8’’ arbor size, cast iron table

The next saw on our list of the five best hybrid table saws is the Grizzly G0690 table saw. This is another fine looking saw and it was hard to separate our top two saws here for features, power, safety considerations and overall performance expectancy and scope of tasks.

The grizzly is a saw that also suggests quality when you look at how it is built. The table is big, manufactured from higher quality cast iron, and beautiful to behold. The wheels are all made from cast iron too and you would think this saw would stand the test of workshop time and use if it was looked after. It’s hard to see any weak spots on the Grizzly hybrid table saw.

Your power here comes from a very useful Leeson motor, which is rocking a full three horsepower of grunt. That sort of capability should be enough to tackle all of those heavier jobs and to work through even the toughest of hardwoods with ease.

Safety of the Grizzly saw in enhanced by the supplied quick-release riving knife – less kickback risk. There’s also great dust extraction via a four foot dust collection port. This saw is going to catch the eye of a lot of professionals and amateurs and the price is hardly going to be a sticking point.

What are its best features?

  • Enough power at 3HP
  • Good safety features
  • Great dust collection
  • Build quality is excellent

What could be improved?

  • Isolated customer service issues

Baileigh TS-1020WS Best Professional Hybrid Table Saw

  • Speed: 4300 rpm
  • Power: 3 hp
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/8’’ at 90°; 2-3/16’’ at 45°
  • Rip capacity: 29’’ right
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: 13/16’’ maximum dado width, 20’’ x 27’’ working surface, solid cast steel base, Leeson motor

The third saw on our list of the five top hybrid table saws is the Baileigh TS-1020WS and this is another saw which deserves a place here because it’s a machine that can add a lot of capability to most workshops and production outfits.

The Baileigh is another saw that is running a very capable Lesson three horsepower motor and it’s difficult to see how you’re going to come up short for grunt with this saw – it’s got enough going on to tackle most jobs, in most types of wood without too much trouble at all.

The Baileigh TS-1020WS may appeal to somebody who wants to double up slightly on equipment and save some cash because it does come with a very handy miter set-up included ad you even get a built-in router table with the Baileigh, so if you’re budgeting hard while you kit out your workshop – this might be the hybrid table saw for you.

All-in-all, this is a great starter to intermediate level saw, and it’ll last for years if looked after. The extras mean you’ll be able to tackle a lot of tasks, so keep it in mind.

What are its best features?

  • Good value extras
  • Built in router table
  • Miter gauge included

What could be improved?

  • Build not top quality

Powermatic PM1000Best Beginner Hybrid Table Saw

  • Speed: 4200 rpm
  • Power: 1.75 hp
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/8’’ at 90°; 2-1/8’’ at 45°
  • Rip capacity: 30’’ right, 12’’ left
  • Warranty: 5-years limited

More features: single-phase motor, poly-V belt drive system, cast iron table, hands free power switch, tool-less guard assembly, AccuFence system

Ok, so the most accurate way to review the excellent little Powermatic PM1000 Hybrid table saw is to consider it as a different animal completely to the top three saws on our list. If the top two on this list were hard to separate, then it’ a slightly different story with number three and four. The Powermatic PM1000 represents a completely different proposition to our number three saw, and that’s because Powermatic have produced a saw more specifically aimed at the home workshop or smaller work premises, but they’ve done what they’ve done by limiting size and power – and concentrating on quality in what they’ve produced.

You get a 1.75 Horsepower motor on the Powermatic PM1000 and whilst that won’t be pulling up the trees before you start ripping them down, it does enable the Powermatic saw to easily run on 115v, which will be music to the ears of a lot of people who are limited in terms of electrical supply.

The level of build here is really nice, and the adjustment wheels are tightly engineered, made out of nice cast iron, and big in diameter, at seven inches – which will give a lot of accurate control and easier working.

Overall, this is a great saw, and it will be ideal for many smaller professional shops and hobbyist types.

Why did it make our list?

  • Does what it does well
  • Good build quality

What is not ideal about it?

  • Some customer service issues
  • Bad packaging in isolated incidents

RIDGID R4512Budget Pick

  • Speed: 3450 rpm
  • Power: not specified
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/4’’ at 90°; 2-1/4’’ at 45°
  • Rip capacity: 30’’ right, 15’’ left
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

More features: 4’’ dust port, magnetic push stick included, foot pedal saw repositioning, fan cooled induction motor

The bottom place hybrid saw on our list of the best five we could find is here because it’s a cheap way into owning a table saw. Don’t expect too much from the RIDGID R4512 because you really aren’t going to be getting too much any time soon.

The saw is made of inferior materials and that’s partly why it comes in a far cheaper package than the other hybrid table saws on this list. That’s workable if you take great care to look after your new saw and work within the limitations of its performance – of which there are many. However, what’s more worrying with the RIDGID R4512 is the issues with alignment – especially of the fence. As most woodworkers with any experience of table saws will know, fence parallel issues are likely to result in kickback and other problems, and that’s a safety issue. It’s also worrying that a budget saw is more likely to be entry level and see inexperienced woodworkers trying it out, so safety issues and unknowns are potentially very risky.

There seem to have been less than great experiences with RIGID customer service too, suggesting that they’re not only rigid by name – they can tend to take the same stance when it comes to complaints and issues. Not exactly encouraging, but cheap.

Why are we impressed?

  • Cheap
  • Will do a job, with effort

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Terrible customer support
  • Fence problems

Things to Consider

Take some time to read our buying guide, but remember not to get excited and rush into a purchase. Good advice for most people is to sit down and make a list of the tasks you regularly perform. Then make another list of how you want the new saw to improve your range and repertoire. This will give you a really great idea of what your new saw needs to be able to do.

Perfect combination – hybrid table saw perks

5 Magnificent Hybrid Table Saws for All Kinds of Woodworking TechniquesWhen you’re looking for the ideal hybrid table saw for your own needs, it’s important to have a very good idea of how and what you tend to work, before you go out and spend big on something that doesn’t suit you, or won’t fit properly in your workshop. If done correctly and if given the right amount of thought, your new hybrid table saw might well be the best purchase you ever make for your shop.

Although a relatively big spend item, hybrid table saws can do a lot – in fact, they’re an extremely versatile tool. It’s tempting when you’re trying to build up a whole workshop of tools, to try to spread your budget around and buy as many gadgets as you can get your hands on.

We all love a gadget, right? But, in reality, where space is limited – and that’s true in most home workshops and a lot of commercial ones – it’s necessary to try to buy versatility and conserve precious space. The hybrid saw solves a lot of problems for a lot of woodworkers, because it’s a package that performs a lot of functions and tasks.

Hybrid table saw maintenance tips

If you use your saw in a damper workshop, rust removal and care to prevent rust building up will be an essential part of owning your new table saw. This sort of maintenance serves as a great way to keep a general eye on the components of your saw, for wear and damage, so it’s great to maintain your saw – and indeed, all of your tools. Rust can easily be removed from the saw table and it’s a great idea to give it regular coats of wax to prevent more rust occurring.

Regular maintenance of a table saw should always include:

      • Saw alignment checks (depending on saw quality, you’ll need to decide the frequency)
      • Cleaning and lubricating (especially the moving internal parts)
      • General checks and replacing faulty or worn parts (the best time to do this is before they snap – keep your eyes open and act accordingly)
      • Set a maintenance schedule which suits your saw and the way you work it – then stick to it!

For more details, you can watch the following video and get the full understanding of how to prolong your hybrid table saw life:

Price tag

The best advice when buying any tool or mechanical equipment of any type, is buy the best you can afford. You get exactly what you pay for when it comes to engineered products – in terms of materials used and the quality of the build of the product. There are few exceptions to this rule and very cheap but amazingly well engineered tools are as rare as hen’s teeth, so the best bet is always to buy the best you can, without compromising your budget too much and consider our budget pick RIDGID R4512.

Most important features of a perfect hybrid table saw

This will come down to what you intend to do with your new hybrid table saw, and there’s no perfect configuration for any one woodworker. Look for the features you’ll be likely to use most often. Don’t pay hundreds of dollars more for a fad option which you’ll either never use or use once in a blue moon. Prioritize carefully when you buy a saw and always give credit for good safety features, because this can be an indicator of quality, in some cases. Safety should also always be your number one concern in the workshop, and especially with table saws.

Consider the size

Size matters with table saws because of two main factors. The first is going to be the size of stock, boards and sheets you’re going to be wanting to work with. Try to match the saw you buy to the tasks you want to perform with it. The second factor relates to how much space you have available to safely site the hybrid table saw. You need to have workshop big enough to house the saw and the stock you want to cut, and there needs to be ample room around the saw to move freely, safely and not have you in an awkward position while you work.

How safe is it?

5 Magnificent Hybrid Table Saws for All Kinds of Woodworking TechniquesMost table saws, if not all table saws are perfectly safe to use so long as you follow all of the user instructions and always learn about and observe safety procedures before you ever start up any electric tool. The best time to learn about safety is before you’ve had an accident, and the only time to read a user manual is before you start up your new tool. Most accidents happen to people who work too fast and who think they know it all. Show a tool respect and you’ll be rewarded with safe working. One of the most important safety features on a table saw is a riving knife, like in Shop Fox W1820. If your saw doesn’t come with one, there are some great aftermarket versions available – but make sure to get one. Riving knives almost completely eliminate the threat of kickback, when saws are used correctly.

Choose fast and powerful

More power generally means a better cutting ability and more capacity to get through work quicker. You can overdo it with power, though and care must be taken at all times to work safely and avoid kickback and accidents. With great power comes great responsibility and many hybrid saws, like the Grizzly G0690, for example, are not afraid to take it.

How deep would it cut?

Depth of cut is generally marked in the specifications of a saw and the depth ability will vary with harder and softer woods. Another factor which may affect depth of cut is working with wet woods. All table saws also have a means to adjust cut depth – by lowering and raising the blade in relation to the table. However, this is more of an adjustment capability and depth of cut is generally used to refer to the cutting capacity of the saw and the thickness of stock it can crosscut or rip.

Tilting angle

You’ll use the tilting ability of the hybrid table saw to cut bevels and this is a feature you’ll need to prioritize if this is the sort of work you intend to do. Most woodworkers will benefit from having the ability to tilt the saw and cut this way, so again, make sure your new saw can do everything you’ll ever need it to do. More versatile tools cost a little more, but they also mean that there are fewer individual tools to buy and make space for in the workshop.

Drive belt options

Hybrid table saws generally have two drive configuration types: belt drive and direct drive. Belt drive is the better option as you get more torque, however you’ll have to periodically change the belt and the operation is louder than with direct drive. If you’re wearing ear defenders – as you should be – then noise will only be a problem if you’ve got a home workshop that’s near to the living sections of your house. Choose wisely.

Less mess with the dust collector

5 Magnificent Hybrid Table Saws for All Kinds of Woodworking TechniquesHaving less sawdust in an environment with fast moving blades and motors is both a safety and a health benefit. The saw dust produced by power tools can be fine enough to make it all the way into your lungs and cause you real and serious health problems. Some hardwoods and treated woods are very harmful to humans when they reach deep into the respiratory system, so dust collection should always be a priority for any woodworker. Some saws incorporate dust collection at the blade, via a shroud and a vacuum system. The dust goes straight into a bag, and it’s important to keep the bag emptied regularly. For proper health and safety in the workshop, when using power tools, a secondary source of dust collection is always advisable, and there are lots of overhead collection units on the market. Protect your lungs and be double sure to be safe.


Durability, reliability and accuracy often go hand-in-hand-in-hand when it comes to power tools and table saws are certainly no exception to this. Stability in the form of weight is an essential part of any table saw, and that’s generally provided by making the saw from cast iron. This in turn makes the saw very robust and hardy, because cast iron is a tough and dense metal. The added benefit of cast iron is its strength and rigidity – which makes for a very accurate machine, with very little flex. Aluminum is a lighter and more convenient material, and also flexes very little when compared to say, mild steel. However, aluminum doesn’t offer the stability in weight which cast iron offers, and more cast iron in a construction is always desirable with a table saw.


A warranty is always desirable and the longer the warranty you can get, the better you’ll be set for any wear and tear and faults which may occur with your new table saw. A longer warranty is often a sign that a manufacturer has great confidence in the way their saw is engineered, the quality of the materials used in the construction of the saw, and the general quality of the build and the craftsmen employed in making it. It’s never a bad thing to have more warranty than you’ll ever need, and it’s a point that’s always worth looking for when you’re looking for any tool.

Safety tips for hybrid table saw users

    • Wear appropriate safety equipment
    • Keep the area around and on the saw table clear
    • Regularly check the operation of saw safety features.
    • Always support overhanging workpieces and boards
    • Never change the blade without disconnecting power completely
    • Don’t begin a cut or start the saw with the blade touching the workpiece
    • Try not to stand behind the spinning blade – to avoid kickback injuries
    • Never pass your hands over a spinning blade
    • Always use the correct zero clearance inserts
    • Never cut without fence support
    • Check all workpieces for nails and screws if using recycled stock
    • Always use a push stick when you need to handle close to the blade
    • Use a riving knife whenever possible


Hybrid table saws are certainly more user-friendly than cabinet saws for certain jobs and tasks. Cabinet saws tend to be more powerful and less forgiving but have a small footprint. Both saws have their advantages and you’ll need to make sure the saw you choose is the right saw for you and your projects.

You can change the blade on any powered saw. Blades don’t last forever and when they get blunt, they need to be changed so it’s important that the saw enables you to change out the old blade for a new one. Some commercial saws may have their blades sharpened several times by a professional sharpening service, before they’re eventually decommissioned and replaced with a new one.

This will depend on the horsepower rating of the motor on your hybrid saw. Once you get up over a couple of horsepower, you may find that you need to run the saw on a 240 volt circuit, rather than on a 120 volt one.

The trunnion is the point at which the hybrid saw arbor fixes to the base of the hybrid saw. This part of the saw is extremely important for maintaining accuracy, especially when you tilt the saw to cut angles.

Our Verdict

We’ve had a very good look at five of the best available hybrid table saws we could find and there was a clear winner which stood out above all of the other table saws. The Shop Fox W1820 is a very impressive piece of kit because it combines accuracy, power and quality of overall build and construction to form a real belter of a hybrid saw. Many will want this saw in their workshop.

In second place on our list of the five best hybrid table saws was the Grizzly G0690, which was also an excellent saw and did pretty much everything you could ever want from one of these saws, without breaking the bank. Again, many people out there who are putting a workshop together will look at this saw and just want one.

In third place on our list, but in no means least, was the beautiful Baileigh TS-1020WS. Combining features and robust good looks with a very decent price for a hybrid table saw, this machine will draw many admiring looks from the woodworking fraternity and it will end up installed in the workshops of many.

Whichever of these you go for, you’ll be getting the best hybrid table saw available. No matter which one you choose, remember to enjoy your projects and to keep your woodworking safe!

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