Nov 19, 2022

Superb Rotorazer – All Around Home Tool (2022)

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The Rotorazer saw is a high powered all-in-one saw that combines power, versatility, ease of use and portability to cut through any type of surface effortlessly. It is designed to eliminate the need for purchasing extra saws for different cutting jobs, delivering high-quality cuts and finishes with utter precision. In essence, the Rotorazer simply gets the job done!

  • Powerful 400 Watt motor with speeds of up to 3400 RPM
  • Lightweight design: weighs 5.12 lbs
  • Multiple saw blades for enhanced versatility


The Rotorazer saw is one the latest brands to hit the power tool market. Although it is relatively new, the brand has been receiving a lot of hype in recent years thanks to their aggressive marketing campaigns and captivating TV commercials. The highlight of the Rotorazer saw is that it promises to offer the functions of 7 different saws in one. This means that you do not need to invest in separate saws for every cutting job that comes your way. This Rotorazer review delves deeper into what this saw has to offer. Leaving no stone unturned, we take a sneak peek into the design, performance, safety features and all the pros and cons associated with this saw. Hopefully, the Rotorazer saw might just be the perfect tool you have been looking for.



Hands up if you want to know more about the Rotorazer saw.

The Rotorazer saw is a professional-grade tool that combines seven saws in one. It is a circular saw, a miter saw, a tile saw, a hacksaw, a hand saw, a jigsaw and band saw. It comes with three sharp blades that can cut through any material thrown their way.

The saw draws its power from a highly effective 400-watt motor that is capable of operating at speeds of up to 3,400 RPMs. The tool’s construction grade chassis offers a better grip for maximum control and comfort.

It also features an adjustable cutting depth lever that allows you to set your preferred depth. You can choose between several options including shallow, medium and deep cuts.

As if that is not enough…

The Rotorazer saw is multidirectional. This means that you can cut in any direction, including vertically, horizontally, straight, along a curved and even upside down. This feature comes in handy when making shallow cuts on your ceiling.

Rotorazer Compact Circular Saw

The saw is designed to offer precise cuts. For this reason, it comes with a parallel guide rail that allows you to see the line of cut clearly for more precise cuts.

Changing blades has never been easier. The Rotorazer features a hex wrench for swift and easy blade replacements. This not only enhances productivity, but also allows you to use the right blade for the right material.

  • 3-interchangeable blades
  • Parallel fence for added precision
  • Dust extraction system that connects to the vacuum for easy cleanups
  • Protective Safety Switch
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with a durable construction-grade case

The Design

Rotorazer Compact Circular SawThe Rotorazer saw comes in a compact, lightweight design that only weighs 5.12 lbs. This ranks it as one of the lightest circular saws available on the market today. Built in a construction-grade chassis, the Rotorazer saw can fit easily in any hand regardless of the size of your palm, offering maximum comfort and control. Just do not forget about a pair of good sawhorses.

The highlight of this tool’s design is its interchangeable razor-sharp blades. The saw consists of three easy-to-change blades, including a high-speed steel blade, a diamond blade and a tungsten carbide blade. You can easily change the blades using the hex wrench/allen key that comes with the saw.

The dust removal system makes everything easy as far as dust-free cutting is concerned. This extraction system effectively clears debris from the line of cut for precise cuts.


Precision, Power and Performance

Rotorazer Compact Circular SawThe Rotorazer saw features a 400 Watt motor that is powerful enough to cut through any type of material in one pass. The motor supports speeds of up to 3,400 RPMs, which is good enough for most cutting jobs.

The best part is that the motor is capable of running for longer periods without burning out. This is good not only for the life of the machine, but also for enhanced productivity.

When it comes to precision, the Rotorazer features an adjustable cutting depth lever that allows you to set your preferred depth. The saw also comes with a parallel fence that guides you as you cut along the line of incision.

Unlike other circular saws that cut in one direction, the Rotorazer allows you to cut in any direction and in different angles.

Pro Tip

Cut on the outside of the line of cut for more precise cuts, and to prevent the saw from wandering.


Safety Features

The saw has to be operated cautiously like any other power tool. The Rotorazer 400w is one of the safest circular saws available on the market. It features a protective safety switch that allows the machine to run only when you need it. The safety switch also keeps the blade guard well-locked and right in place.

Separately, the blade guard also acts as a safety feature as it prevents users from coming into contact with the spinning blade.

The power switch is closer to the thumb, and this makes it easily accessible in case of emergency shutdowns.

  • Lightweight design
  • Can cut through different materials
  • Very easy to use
  • Energy efficient motor
  • Delivers high-quality cuts
  • Extremely affordable

  • Short warranty period of one year only
  • Limited cutting depth


Things we liked about it

The versatility of the Rotorazer is what we love the most. This compact circular saw comes with three sharp-edged blades that can cut through any type of material with relative ease. Furthermore, users can cut from any angle; horizontally, vertically, along a curved line, straight and even upside down. The adjustable cutting depth makes it ideal for a variety of work-pieces. Most people often associate powerful, multi-functional units with huge price tags. However, that is not the case with the Rotorazer saw. The unit costs less than 150 bucks!

Things we didn’t like

The blades are somehow smaller than what we expected – it does not cut deep enough. Although it has an adjustable depth stop, the regular unit can only cut up to 1/2″. Users who intend to cut large materials and workpieces may find trouble using this saw, as it is seemingly recommended for small jobs that require precision. At 400 Watts only, the motor is less powerful compared to other saws that fall into the same category. However, the saw makes up for this shortcoming by supporting high cutting speeds of up to 3,400 RPM


General User Impressions

Rotorazer Compact Circular SawWhen it comes to customer reviews, opinions are sharply divided between proponents and opponents of this saw. The Rotorazer saw has an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, which is not bad for a lowly priced saw.

Most proponents are happy about the versatility that this product brings to the table. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to use despite its numerous multifunctional features.

The few disgruntled customers are unhappy about the size of the blades and the depth capacity.

Apparently, the blades are too small to cut large work-pieces, meaning that the saw can only be used for small home improvement projects.


Superb Rotorazer – All Around Home Tool (2022)


What kind of surfaces can the Rotorazer saw cut?

The Rotorazer is a multifunctional saw that can tackle a wide range of surfaces seamlessly. It can cut through ceramic tile, marble, stone, masonry, hardwood, plywood, drywall, metal, steel and even fabrics. The highlight of this tool is that it can cut in any direction, including upside down.

How many blades does the Rotorazer saw come with?

The Rotorazer comes with three razor-sharp blades; Diamond Blade, a Tungsten Carbide Blade and a High-Speed Steel Blade. The blades can cut through any type of surface effortlessly.

How do I use the dust extraction system?

The power saw comes with an efficient dust removal system for easy cleanups. You only need to attach one end of a vacuum hose into the dust release valve and the other end into your vacuum cleaner, and then power up the vacuum cleaner. The extraction system will suck up all the debris as you cut, giving you a clearer line of cut.


The Rotorazer is a professional-grade saw that is extremely versatile and comparably affordable. The saw comes with three types of blades that cut through any type of material effortlessly. What is more amazing is that you can cut through materials from different angles and with relative ease.

If you are a devoted do-it-yourselfer with several home improvement projects that require multiple saws, then consider investing in this saw. The Rotorazer offers the functions of 7 different saws in one, meaning that you won’t need to buy separate saws for different projects. Grab you saw today and spot the difference!


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