Nov 23, 2022

Makita SP6000J1 Review – Fabulous Precision and Performance (2020)

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The Makita SP6000J1 is a circular saw that is simple and easy to use. It comes with a powerful 12 AMP motor, plus a large cutting capacity for a wider range of applications. Despite its lightweight design, this saw is tough enough to tackle heavy loads, making it an ideal supplementary entry-level machine for hectic job sites or busy workshops.

  • Powerful 12 AMP motor with variable speeds of up to 5,200 RPM
  • Compact, lightweight design weighing 16.5 lbs
  • Large cutting capacity 6-1/2”


Any woodworker will tell you that power tools have become the pinnacle of any workshop. These tools combine power, reliability and precision to deliver high-quality results within the shortest time possible. The most amazing aspect about these tools is that they can tackle the toughest of jobs with relative ease. One tool that has become a must-have for many artisans is the circular saw. They offer versatility as they can be used to make cuts in a variety of materials, including wood, metal and plastic. The highlight of this tool is that it can cut through large pieces of material considering the fact that it is designed to have a deep cutting capacity. If you are in the market for a cheap, yet effective circular saw, then consider the Makita SP6000J1. We selected this tool in view of the fact that it comes with so many likable features. Read on and find out if this saw is worth investing in.



Are you looking for a circular saw that it sturdy, powerful and delivers quality cuts without splinters? Then consider the Makita SP6000J1 circular saw.

Most circular saws operate at speeds ranging from 1,500 RPM to 3,200 RPM, but the Makita SP6000J1 features a powerful 12 AMP motor that is capable of operating at speeds of up to 5,200 RPM. These variable speeds ensure that the tool can cut through any type of tough materials swiftly and seamlessly.

The saw combines a large cutting capacity of 6-1/2” coupled with a 55” guide rail to deliver accurate cuts with splinter-free mirror finishes. It has an easy to set depth adjustment with oversized markings for added precision. Its bevel capability of up to 48° with positive stops ranging from 22.5° to 45° makes it one of the most accurate circular saws within its class.

When it comes to portability, the Makita SP6000J1 only weighs 16.5 lbs. It features magnesium components that make the tool sturdy, portable and resistant to vibrations. It also has an electric brake that comes in handy for added productivity and personal safety.


Makita SP6000J1

  • Electronic speed control for constant speed
  • Rubberized handles for better grip and added comfort
  • Soft start control for smooth starts
  • Built-in depth stop for a preliminary first cut, giving a clearer line of cut
  • Hex wrench for swift blade changes
  • 11/16” Close to the wall cutting for a wider range of applications
  • Dust port that connects to a vacuum system for easy cleanups

The Design

Makita SP6000J1As earlier mentioned, the Makita SP6000J1 comes with several likable features. However, what makes this power tool stand out is its simplistic design.

The saw consists of magnesium components that make it lightweight and extremely portable. It also features a plunge lever release with a rubberized handle for better grip and added comfort.

Changing blades has never been easier. The Makita SP6000J1 features an onboard hex wrench that allows for swift and easy blade replacement. This not only enhances productivity, but also increases the versatility of the tool.


Precision and Performance

Makita SP6000J1Makita SP6000J1 is widely acclaimed for its precision. It comes with a 55-inch guide rail that clearly indicates the line of cut. With a large cutting capacity rated at 6-1/2”, this tool can cut a wider range of applications, delivering splinter-free mirror finishes.

With a bevel capability of -1° to 48° with positive stops at 22.5 and 45°, this saw delivers extremely accurate cuts beyond expectations. If you want a clearer line of cut, you can use the built-in depth stop to make a preliminary cut of up to 1/16”

The performance of the Makita SP6000J1 can never be in doubt. Although not as powerful as other Makita saws like 5007MG or LS1016L, this saw features a powerful 12 AMP direct drive motor that is capable of operating at speeds of up to 5,200 RPM. It also comes with an electronic speed control that allows you to maintain a constant speed for effortless cutting under any type of load.

Safety Features

The SP6000J1 comes with multiple safety features that not only protect users from harm, but also extend the life of the machine. The saw consists of a built-in torque limiter that effectively prevents motor burnouts. This feature ensures that the saw does not become excessively hot during operation.

The electric blade brake is another safety feature that automatically stops the blade from spinning at the push of a button. This safety feature not only protects users from accidental cuts, but also enhances productivity.

Pro Tip

Since a circular saw cuts on an upward rotation, applying painter’s masking tape to the shoe will ensure scratch-free sawing.



Although both saws come from different brands, comparisons between the Makita SP6000J1 and the FESTOOL TS55 are often rampant among woodworkers. These handheld power tools are not only powerful, but are also lowly priced. While the Makita SP6000J1 is defined as a distinct circular saw, the Festool TS 55 is described as a track saw, rather than a circular saw.

Nothing much can separate these tools considering the fact that both saws offer the same variable speeds ranging from 2,000 – 5,200 RPM. When it comes to performance, the SP6000J1 is slightly more powerful as it features a 12 AMP motor compared to the Festool saw that only comes with a 10 AMP motor. The Festool TS55 is also lighter than the Makita SP6000J1, as it only weighs 9.92 lbs.

  • Delivers precise cuts
  • Lightweight design for enhanced portability
  • Large cutting capacity
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Several protective features
  • Lowly priced
  • Positive customer reviews

  • Short power cord might limit movement
  • Not recommended for small pieces


Things we liked about it

The large cutting capacity that the Makita SP6000J1 offers is the first thing we admired about this entry-level machine. The saw can cut a wide range of materials, ranging from soft work-pieces to tough wood panels with utter precision. Additionally, the 55” guard rail coupled with the built-in depth stop ensures that the saw delivers high-quality cuts without splinters. Its low price tag is another notable factor worth mentioning. It is very rare to find a lowly priced power tool that comes with so many likable features. Priced at slightly above 400 bucks, Makita caught us off guard by releasing a product that is not only affordable, but also highly durable.

Things we didn’t like

The main problem with this circular saw is that it comes with a very short power cord, measuring 8.5 feet only. Other saws within the same range have power cords that are longer than 10 feet. The short cord might limit your movements, subsequently limiting your operations. However, this can be easily remedied by acquiring a longer power extension for extended reach.


General User Impressions

Makita SP6000J1The Makita SP6000J1 has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Out of the 250 reviews that we managed to access, 88% give this circular saw a positive rating of 4 stars and above.

These impressive results go a long way to prove that the SP6000J1 is widely acclaimed by both professional and do-it-yourself woodworkers.

The few complaints revolve around the angle adjustments. Some users seem to have issues with the accuracy of this saw, but this did not stop them from giving it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

This means that they are still happy about the performance of this circular saw despite the few shortcomings.

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What causes a broken carbide tip?

Your saw’s carbide tip can break if you subject your tool to tough, abrasive materials. Although the Makita SP6000J1 can cut through a variety of materials, it is recommended that you use the tool for wooden applications only, to enhance its durability.

Does the speed of the motor affect the performance of the saw?

The speed of the motor somehow affects the performance of the saw. A motor that is capable of operating at high speed is considered more superior in term of performance. The Makita SP6000J1 is capable of operating at speeds of up to 5,200, which is far more superior to what other brands within the same class have to offer.


The Makita SP6000J1 represents a power tool that is not only efficient, but also highly affordable. It comes with tons of amazing features that complement its simplistic, lightweight design.

If you are looking for a saw that can work on large pieces of wood panels effortlessly while delivering precise, splinter-free cuttings, then the Makita SP6000J1 is right the tool for you. Try it today.


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