Oct 14, 2022

Makita JR 3050T Review – Powerful And Affordable (2020)

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Makita’s JR3050T 11-amp reciprocating saw is a great all-purpose power tool for DIY homeowners and professionals alike. With its sturdy, well-balanced, and lightweight construction, it works great for all-day remodeling jobs or occasional tasks around the house. With a set of Makita’s saw blades, it can cut through wood, drywall, steel, or concrete equally well.

  • Sturdy double-wall plastic housing can absorb the shock of drops
  • Replacement carbon brushes extend the life of the electric motor
  • 11-amp motor can reach a maximum speed of 2,800 SPM
  • With the right blade, the JR3050T can make cuts quickly without extra effort
  • Changing blades and shoe adjustments won’t waste production time


When it comes to buying a new power tool, it’s important to choose the right tool the first time and avoid the hassle of exchanging it for something else because it didn’t fit your needs. With so many major power tool brands on the market today, it can require extensive research and comparison shopping to make the right choice. It helps to have a good idea in mind of how you’ll be using a power tool before you begin. For instance, in the case of s reciprocating saw, a question to ask is how often will you be using it and for how long? Are you buying it to make quick work of seasonal trimming on your property, or do you have a construction project that involves days of demolition work to remodel a structure? Knowing the job you need a power tool to do will inform you about the features it should have. We had this in mind when we searched for a reciprocating saw to review this month. We wanted to find a saw that could equally fit the seasonal work a homeowner is likely to use it for and the heavy-duty, all-day cutting jobs a construction crew will tackle. We found a reciprocating saw that could do both equally well: Makita’s JR3050T. It has been getting good reviews from customers, so we decided to take it through a set of real-world tests to see if it was as good as it appeared to be on paper. We weren’t disappointed.



The JR3050T is a powerful, easy-to-maintain 11-amp reciprocating saw that will work great as an addition to any home’s tool shed. It can make quick work of trimming trees and bushes and slice through ceramic or steel pipe with a change of blades.

Makita’s attention to user-friendly design is highlighted by features like the motor’s replaceable carbon brushes, adjustable shoe, and tool-free blade installation. They’ve also taken care to make the JR3050T lightweight, comfortable to grip, and balanced, so you can use it for hours without being exhausted.

Makita JR3050T 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw

  • 11-amp variable speed motor has a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches
  • Tool-less blade and shoe changes make setup frustration-free
  • The life of the tool is increased by ball-and-needle bearing design
  • Tool is 17-3/4 inches long and weighs only 7.1 pounds
  • Comes with a useful carrying case
  • Makita provides a 1-year parts and labor warranty

The Design

Makita JR3050T 11 Amp Reciprocating SawMakita has gone to great lengths to make the JR3050T a tool that you spend more time operating and less time setting up.

They’ve designed the blade and shoe assembly to be changed or adjusted without additional tools. You can switch blades in a matter of second once you’re accustomed to the design.

A shoe release button makes adjusting the saw’s cutting depth simple, and the blade sleeve simply twists to release and secure blades.

The motor’s speed is controlled intuitively with the trigger switch, and there’s a lock button to set the saw to run continuously.



Power and Performance

The JR3050T’s motor runs at a maximum speed of 2,800 strokes per minute to slice through the hardest materials you might encounter. That speed can be dialed in using the trigger to the most efficient pace for the material you’re cutting. Whether it’s steel, ceramic, or concrete, with the right blade this saw can cut through it.

Makita has also found ways to make the JR3050T’s motor last longer with a special bearing design and external motor brushes that can be cleaned and replaced. That helps ensure that the JR3050T will last for years without major breakdowns.

Pro Tip

If you’re new to using reciprocating saws, remember to use the shoe to stabilize the saw against the material you’re cutting. It’ll make the process much easier.


Safety Features

Cutting tools like electric reciprocating saws present some inherent dangers that manufacturers take seriously. Makita has made sure the JR3050T’s electric motor, cord, and connectors are durable and well-insulated.

The power cord is grounded to reduce the chance of shock, and the trigger switch stops the motor immediately when you let it go. Be sure to read over the Instruction Manual included with the JR3050T before using it, paying special attention to safety tips for safe operation. Just do not forget about a pair of good sawhorses.

  • Lightweight yet powerful design
  • Easy tool-free blade changes
  • Durable plastic housing

  • Doesn’t have an orbital cutting option


Things we liked about it

Makita has succeeded in making this a well-balancing reciprocating saw while ensuring that it isn’t tiresome to use. With a tool like this, you can spend an entire day cutting away walls and supports during demolition and remodeling projects, but the JR3050T didn’t wear us out at all when we spent most of a day with a test project cutting down interior walls. The design of the shoe and blade clamp is also something we liked. The shoe’s depth can be set quickly using a release button and the clamp twists when you need to release a blade and secure a new one. This makes setting up the JR3050T a painless process.

Things we didn’t like

The one feature that we missed most with this saw is the lack of an orbital cut. If you want to cut away wood or drywall fast without worrying about accuracy, an orbital cutting action would be helpful.


General User Experience

Makita JR3050T 11 Amp Reciprocating SawHomeowners who’ve bought this Makita reciprocating saw have been rating it highly on sites like Amazon. One reviewer had been using it for several months to trim tree limbs and stumps without any trouble. Once the blade gets a purchase in wood, it cuts through it like butter. He also pointed out that he’d dropped the saw and banged the blade against concrete a few times without any damage being done.

Another reviewer noted that he has been a satisfied customer for several years using the older model JR3050T that had a 9-amp motor. He wrote that he had initially balked at buying it when he saw complaints online about the blade holder. He got the JR3050T anyway and was glad he did.

The blade clamp has never malfunctioned for him and provides an easy blade-changing experience. The weight and balance of the saw is “just right” for him, and he’s used it for a couple hours at a time working around the house without much fatigue.

How to cut stud work using the Makita JR3050T

Makita JR 3050T Review – Powerful And Affordable (2020)


What’s the difference between a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw?

Both tools have a reciprocating blade that’s moved in a rapid forward and backward motion. The difference is in the orientation of the cutting blade. A reciprocating saw is designed to be held horizontally with two hands to cut through walls, pipes, tree limbs and other materials that are elevated. A jigsaw has the blade pointing downwards and the tool is placed on a work surface and pushed along as it cuts. Jigsaws are great for cutting boards and panels that are laid flat on a workbench.

What is an orbital reciprocating saw?

Orbital reciprocating saws are capable for orbital cutting action. Orbital cutting differs from a straight cut by moving the blade with a twisting motion as it moves. This cuts away softer materials like wood faster than a straight cutting action will. It’s not best for hard materials like steel, however. Orbital reciprocating saws usually allow you to select the appropriate cutting action for the job.


To cap off this Makita JR 3050T review, we can’t believe we’ve been missing out on using this saw at home ourselves. It’s a great multipurpose tool designed to be useful for seasonal chores around the house or heavy-duty demolition work at construction sites.

Makita has made sure that with proper maintenance the JR3050T will have a long life, whether you use it twice a year or every day of the month. We’d recommend this tool to anyone looking to add a reciprocating saw to their set of power tools.


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