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How to Use a Sex Swing – Spice Up Your Sex Life!

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When you and your S.O. ponder about accessories to spice up your sexual life and take it to the next level, chances are various types of dildos, vibrators, masturbators, lube, or maybe light ankle or wrist restraints come to mind. But if you want to shatter the shackles of boring sex and really take your naughty life up a notch, you might want to consider a sex swing.

How does a sex swing work

How to Use a Sex Swing - Spice Up Your Sex Life!A sex swing looks like a normal swing but it’s designed to be mounted from your ceiling, however, there are also sex swings that have their own stands. Most sex swings boast a hammock-type base that acts like a seat, comfy straps for your feet, as well as adjustable straps and handles to hold on to while your partner is loving your body in every way, shape, and form.

All sex swings are made with your utmost comfort and peace of mind taken into consideration – not only to bolster your wellbeing but to ensure you’re as safe as possible in the “air”. The bases of all sex swings are strong and durable, meaning that you would be swung left, right, and center without worrying about your balance or physical wellbeing, moreover, the active partner would have full access to caress all of your sweet spots.

For example, sex swings can be especially beneficial for partners-in-crime with significant weight or height differences. The available adjustable straps and handles will make all the needed improvements right when it matters, bringing both partners closer than ever for intense and exhilarating sex.

How to prep for a sex swing session

How to Use a Sex Swing - Spice Up Your Sex Life!Sex swings aren’t just for kinky couples – they’re for anyone who wants to have amazing and gratifying sex. With sex swings, you can try out new positions and hit new angles you simply can’t when having sex on the bed. Not to mention it’s just hot seeing your partner naked, lusting in the air before you. But they can be pretty tricky to purchase, especially for first-time buyers. For one, there are so many types of swings, meaning all of your erotic whims and kinks are covered.

With anything new, especially in your bedroom, the goldilocks rule would be “practice makes perfect”. If this will be your sex swing experience, you’d need to ensure your sex swing is properly mounted for security, safety, physical well-being, and peace of mind. You wouldn’t want to risk an accident when you’ve entered the realms of intimate bonding. Adjusting and mounting your sex swing should, ideally, be done by a professional handyman, or someone that has extensive experience with similar devices. Once your swing is in place, you’ll certainly want to practice sitting in the sex swing in a plethora of positions to figure out what you’re most comfortable with, what you don’t like, and where your naughty imagination could possibly take you.

That being said, you’d also want to keep your newly-found sex swing play as safe, sane, and consensual as possible – try moving the sex swing sitting hammock as your sit on it, as well as swinging around in different positions to assume your own boundaries. Then, involve your S.O. and practice a dry run without any sexual play (we know that’d be hard!). The reasoning behind is that you would want to assess your tolerance with your new sex swing, see what positions and motions feel best, as well as to set clear boundaries between you and your partner so as to ascertain what works and doesn’t.

Great sex swing positions to try

How to Use a Sex Swing - Spice Up Your Sex Life!You’ve made the purchase and set up your sex swing. Ready to have some serious fun? Here are a few tailor-chosen sex positions perfect for doing in a sex swing.

Swinging cowgirl

The Cowgirl is often praised as one of the greatest sex positions for vulva-owners and offers numerous advantages such as enhanced G-spot stimulation, greater control, and more closeness and intimate joy! However, the Cowgirl is physically demanding and not everyone is fit enough to keep it going for long enough. Sex swings revolutionize the standard Cowgirl position, making it easier, more comfortable, and more pleasurable than ever!

One of the best ways to enjoy the classic cowgirl is to have your partner sitting back in the sex swing while the other climbs atop straddling them with their feet on the floor. If the immobilized partner takes their feet off the floor, this would allow the partner on top to take full control.


It’s absolutely possible to enjoy 69-ing if you’re on a sex swing. We suggest having the less mobile partner lay on their back, and have the more mobile partner straddle their S.O…If either partner’s neck mobility doesn’t allow them to comfortably go to Lickin’ City, a decision can be made to get in this position so the laying partner can taste and see every inch of their partner. Additionally, if you’d really want to take things to the next level, you may want to encourage your partner to wear an insertable vibrator – hand-free stimulation and more erotic sensations!

Flying doggy

If nothing gets your pulse racing like doggy style, you’ll be pleased to know that trying doggy on a sex swing is nothing short of breathtaking! Not only will a sex swing let you go harder and longer than you’ve ever fantasized about, but it will add these crazy wrenching, spinning, and swaying motions that are sure to set all of your sweet spots on heavenly-good fire!

Suspended oral

If you’re looking to hone your cunnilingus or blowjob technique, nothing beats the ease and effectiveness of a decent hanging sex swing! Ever heard of the Hucklebuck position? Adjust the straps of your sex swing until your woman can sit a foot or so off the floor. Lie on your back, place your head on a cushion or pillow for comfort, and position your head so that your partner’s vulva is hovering just over your face. Start eating her out and satisfying her completely with your mouth and tongue while she swings, rotates, and squirms over you!

Sex swing safety

How to Use a Sex Swing - Spice Up Your Sex Life!First, think about which swing you and your partner would like to try. Our experts recommend starting off with a door sex swing because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up.

Second, identify where to set it up. Will you keep it up permanently or store it after each use? One good, safe location to hang a sex swing is from a sturdy ceiling bar in the middle of an open room. Another approach is a sex swing with its own support system. Sex swings with a swing stand are more expensive and require more effort to set up, but they could be easier than taking out the hammers, nails, screws, and screwdrivers that some of the other swings require.

Regardless of which sex swing you choose, make sure to read the instruction manual and installation guides carefully but also ensure to meticulously follow each step.

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