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How to Get Rid of Lizards – Rules to Follow in 2022

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Seriously, how would you react if you switched the lights on and found one or more lizards in your living room? Would you scream, run out of the chamber or get something to hit them?

Regardless of how you react the fact is that most people would be terrified. Unfortunately, lizards are one of those pests that you can find in many households, and this is more so in the warm and humid areas.

While lizards can be useful in controlling insect infestations in your home, these scaly creatures are still scary, and no one would want to have them in the house. It is also important to know that some species can be harmful to human beings and others can spread disease.

And sure it’s unhealthy for your pets. We all know some cats and dogs are into garden hunting so you are scared they may eat them?  The best move is always to learn how to get rid of lizards.

Luckily, there are almost countless things that you can do to keep these little and pesky reptiles out of your home. So let’s get started.

7 easy ways to get rid of lizards

  • #1 Egg shells

How to Get Rid of Lizards - Rules to Follow in 2022As surprising as it may sound, eggshells can be an efficient way of keeping lizards out of the house. The chances are that you might have heard this from your granny as it is one of the oldest methods of dealing with lizards.

When you first hear about this lizard remedy how it works is probably the first question in your mind. And to state it simply, lizards will be repelled by the smell of rotting egg.

The reason for this is that they will think that there is another creature there that can harm them. You should place the eggshells near doors and windows and replace them at least once every month.

  • #2 Peacock feather

Here is another unusual but still useful method of getting rid of lizards. Placing peacock feathers at places where you suspect that lizards can use to gain entry into the home will keep them out. And the reason for this is very straightforward.

Different bird species hunt lizards, and so anytime that they see the large feathers, they will assume that there is a bird around and hence will flee for fear of becoming preyed on by the birds.

  • #3 Natural repellents

How to Get Rid of Lizards - Rules to Follow in 2022Well, it is self-evident that you should invest in a repellent if you live in an area where there are many lizards. But, it is always important to make sure that you go for the natural lizard repellents like Lizard Defense from Exterminators Choice.

Going for these natural deterrents will not only keep the lizards out of your home but are also safe for your kids, pets and the environment. And the best thing is that they will keep out all types of lizards and geckos and you can use them both outdoors and in semi-enclosed areas.

  • #4 Electronic solutions

Have you ever tried using an electronic solution to get rid of lizards?

If no, you should know that some electronic devices can also be handy. And they are also safe for the environment and will not harm other things like pets. An excellent example of these electronic devices is the electronic pest control ultrasonic repellent from GLOUE. This unit and other similar ones use ultrasonic technology to keep lizards and other pests like ants, flies, bugs, mice, rats, and mosquitoes out of the house. And so with this little plugin device, you can deal with all these infestations since they emit frequencies and sounds that are intolerable for the pesky lizards.

  • #5 Garlic

How to Get Rid of Lizards - Rules to Follow in 2022As much as garlic is one of the best food spices, lizards cannot withstand there smell.

In fact, just a small piece of it in a strategic place or where the lizards use to gain entry into your home is enough to keep them out. And so you can solve your “lizard problem” by hanging some pieces of garlic on your door frames and window sills.

And if the problem is severe or you are facing a massive infestation you can also prepare a garlic juice. You can make the garlic juice by crashing and mixing garlic with water and then spraying it around the house.

  • #6 Coffee powder

Do you want to kill or just repel the lizards?

Well, if you aim to kill them to ensure that they do not come back, some coffee powder will be a useful remedy for you. But, you will need to get your hands dirty to prepare this mixture. In a small bowl mix some coffee powder with tobacco and add it a little water.

Next, shape them into small balls and then stick them on toothpicks. You should then leave them on the corners of your cupboards and shelves. Any lizard that consumes these balls will die, and so all you will need is to dispose of the bodies. But make sure you check your ‘death traps’ frequently.

You would not want the smell or rotting lizard flesh all over your house, would you?

  • #7 Cold water

Since lizards are cold-blooded animals, they will be very susceptible to temperature change. And so some cold water might be all you need to keep them out of your home. When lizards experience a sudden temperature change, they will become immobile.

Spraying them with cold water will make them flee instantly. And it is also a humane way of dealing with the pesky pests and will be useful in keeping them away. You will not need to spend anything or do much because you only need to pick a few ice cubes from your freezer.

Why lizards visit your house

How to Get Rid of Lizards - Rules to Follow in 2022

Well, now you know how to get rid of lizards, but there is still more. One of the other essential things that you will need to understand when dealing with these reptiles is why they frequent your house so that you can keep them out.

So why are lizards always coming into your home?

  • Availability of food sources

Presence of insects and bugs in your home means that the lizards will have many food sources. This alone will be enough reason for them to frequent your house. But, it is not all that bad, is it? The additional help in getting rid of spiders, mosquitoes, and roaches makes them not all that bad.

  • Your kitchen is dirty

If you have a filthy kitchen with unwashed dishes and food crumbs in all corners, it will attract insects which in turn lure the lizards into your house.

  • You have many dark places

Lizards prefer to live in dark places such as behind the cupboards, furniture, and wardrobes. And so the more the dark spots you have in your house, the higher the risk of getting a lizard infestation. But, airing these places and keeping them clean can help to keep the pests out.

  • You live next to their natural habitat

Do you live next to a forest, dense vegetation or a rocky place?

If yes, it might be the only reason why the lizards and other pests will come into your home. Living next to the natural habitat of lizards means that some will end up straying into your home now and then.

The do’s and don’ts when dealing with lizards

Even if you now know how to get rid of lizards, there are some simple do’s and don’ts to keep in mind to save you the trouble of having to deal with them in the first place.

Well, with the busy life schedules lizards will be the last thing on your mind. However, by observing these do’s and don’ts, they will never be an issue for you.

The Do’s
How to Get Rid of Lizards - Rules to Follow in 2022

  • Cover your window and other openings with metal screens
  • Mop the floor regularly, and this is more so after every meal.
  • When you discover any lizards outside the house make sure you switch off all the lights because light attracts them.
  • Use sealants like foam, silicone and steel wool to seal any small openings.
  • Keep a cat if you do not mind as it will help to keep lizards and other pests like mice and rats out of your home.
  • Deal with insects because if there is nothing for the lizards to prey on they will not come to your house.
  • Make sure that all your furniture is at least 6 inches from the wall to ensure that there are no hiding places for the lizards.

The Don’ts
How to Get Rid of Lizards - Rules to Follow in 2022

  • Do not keep the trash in the house for long or keep the trash cans filled because this can attract the pesky pests.
  • Do not spill food on the floors and forget or ignore to clean it up.
  • Avoid hanging too many picture frames on the walls because lizards seem to love hanging behind them.
  • Do not leave some standing water in the sink or even in the flower pots as it will create a suitable habitat for these little reptiles.
  • Do not keep the windows, doors and other openings in your home open for too long.

Our Verdict

There you have it, getting rid of lizard is that simple. And yes, you do not need to spend a lot of cash to do it because even the commercial repellents are also very affordable.

Now the next time you come across a lizard in your house, you do not need to call in exterminators and end up spending a fortune. Just use your eggshells or find some peacock feathers and use them to keep them out of your home.

So, are you ready now to deal with the pesky lizards?

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