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How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes – Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)

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How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)There is nothing like chocolate when it comes to foods that just make you happy and uplift your moods and spirit. But what happens when you get some of it on your fancy top or your favorite pair of pants?

Yes, you will probably put it into the washing machine almost immediately? But, just how effective is this?

As much as chocolate is sweet and comforting, getting rid of the stains that it can leave on your clothes can be quite challenging. However, this is only true if you do not know what to do.

So how best should you tackle chocolate stains? Keep reading to learn how to get chocolate out of clothes.

What You Will Need

  • Cold water
  • A laundry detergent or commercial stain remover
  • Milk
  • Dull knife
  • Spoon
  • Small bowl

How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)

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How to Remove Chocolate from Clothes

How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)Now that you have gathered everything that you will need you can proceed to the most important part which is removing the chocolate. But, note that the steps below will work best for the washable everyday fabrics like cotton, linen, nylon, and polyester.

Others like wool, rayon, acetate, and silk will require more specialized treatment to get chocolate out of them and so it might be best to take them to the dry cleaners.

But let’s jump straight into the chocolate removing process for washable fabrics.

  • Step #1: Remove the Excess Chocolate

How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)

When you first notice the chocolate mess on your clothes the first step should always be to remove the excess chocolate.

There are several and straightforward ways of doing this, but the most important thing is to ensure that you take out as much chocolate as possible without spreading it. You can blot out the chocolate or scrape it off.

A trick that works well for this step entails freezing the garment so that the chocolate can harden and become easy to scrape out.

  • Step #2: Flush with Cold WaterHow to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)

Once you scrape out most of the chocolate, the next step should be to flush the stain with some running cold water.

Do this from the back of the fabric, and you can also use soda water because it helps to loosen the chocolate particles to make them easy to drive out of the fibers on the clothing


  • Step #3: Rub In Some Detergent/Commercial Stain Remover

What do you usually use when dealing with other stains? Does it work for chocolate stains?

How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)Well, you might know whether it is useful or not until you try it. But when it comes to chocolate stain removal some organic laundry detergent or liquid soap seems to be the most effective.

If you are shopping for a commercial chocolate stain remover, the two best options are the Carbona Stain Devils and OxiClean Maxi Force. When using either of the two, you should apply them thoroughly and make sure that they saturate the fabric on the stained area.

These stain removers will help to break down the chocolate stain, and once you apply them, you should then allow the clothing to sit for between 5 and 10 minutes.

  • Step #4: Soak Your Garment in Cold Water

How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)

After applying the detergents and or stain remover and letting it sit for a while, you should then proceed to soak the garment for at least 15 minutes. Soaking makes the stain easier to remove. And even as you do this, it essential to scrub the stained area after every 5 minutes just to speed up the stain removal process.

Continue the soaking and scrubbing until you remove the entire chocolate stain. For some very tough stains, it might be necessary to add more detergent and let it sit for a while before soaking and scrubbing again.

  • Step #5: Rinse and WashHow to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)

Well, you still need to wash the cloth even after removing the stain. And so once all the chocolate is gone the last but still important step is to scrub the garment. But start by rinsing it with some cold water thoroughly.

Rinsing will get rid of any chocolate, commercial stain remover, or detergent residue. Finally, you can now wash your clothing as you would in any other occasion.

How To Easily Clean Chocolate Stains On Clothing

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Alternative Methods

  •  Using Heavy Cream/MilkHow to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)

Heavy cream and milk are other effective and natural ways of removing chocolate stains from fabrics. The two can be very useful when dealing with old and dry chocolate stains.

Their usefulness comes from the fact that they help to dissolve the fats on the chocolate and hence make it easy to wash it out. It is also easy to use either of the two as you only need to soak the stained area in them for at least 15 minutes before rinsing and washing the garment.

  •  Using Bleach

How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)

If all the other methods do not seem to work bleach might be your only option. However, it is best suited for white clothes.

You would not want to discolor your attire as you try to remove chocolate, would you?

When using this method, you should start by diluting the bleach with some water. The next step is to soak the stained section in the bleach for 15 minutes and finish by rinsing and washing the attire.


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Some Helpful Advice and Tips

How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes - Useful Tips & Tricks (2022)

  • Make sure that you read the garment care instruction before you attempt to remove the chocolate stain.

  • Act fast when you stain your clothes with chocolate because the longer you wait, the harder that stains will be to remove.

  • Always use cold water because like most other stains hot water can cause the chocolate stain to set.

  • Remember to place a clean cloth or paper towel below the stain when treating it to prevent it from spreading to or affecting other parts of the garment.

  • Avoid placing the stained garment in the dryer because the heat will set the stain and make it almost impossible to remove.


Now you know how to get chocolate out of clothes so go ahead and start removing all those nasty stains from your favorite attire. No matter how large or old the stain might appear it is always possible to remove it with the right materials and also a little patience.

But, the bottom line is that you should get it done the soonest possible because the longer the stain stays on the clothes, the harder it becomes to remove. Now, it is up to you to start cleaning those chocolate stains in your attire.

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