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7 Top Recliners For Big and Tall Man – Unbiased Guide (2022)

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There is nothing more comfortable than a good recliner. But tall men tend to suffer when trying to use recliners built for average-sized people.

What’s the common problem?

They may end up sitting like a grasshopper with their knees up around their ears. They often find that head and neck support is inadequate, sometimes leaving their heads hanging over the edge of the chair back.

Because the average recliner sits closer to the ground, a tall man may have trouble standing up out of the chair. For large men, cushions may be inadequate, causing discomfort. Others may have to squeeze in between the armrests because of a narrow seat.

What do we suggest?

The remedy for all of these problems is finding the best recliner for tall man.

Fortunately, many furniture manufacturers design reclining chairs just for men of stature. Features include taller backs, longer length from the seat to the end of the footrest, seats set higher off the ground, and extra cushioning to support a tall man’s weight from head to toe.

Some tall men are so relieved when they find a comfortable recliner, they forget to check all the features, including the construction of the chair. We’ll tell you everything to look for when you go shopping for the big guy. On second thought, take him with you so he can try recliners out.

But before we get to how to shop, let’s look at seven recliners you should consider.

  • Dimensions: 40 x 44 x 48 in
  • Material: Fabric

Lane Furniture offers a different look and feel to its Stallion recliner. It is designed to support 500 pounds, and both the wide seat and tall back offer comfort for tall men. When fully reclined, the length is that of a king-sized bed. That’s a generous size indeed!

This is not a leather recliner, but it is upholstered in a durable fabric that looks a bit like tweed. The seat is attached and has thick padding for extra comfort and support.

The frame is hardwood, making this a sturdy chair for heavy use. Hardwood is the preferred material for frames.

The fabric tends to repel liquid and is hard to stain. However, it will need to be cleaned with fabric cleaner, and special attention must be paid to the deep crevices in the padding, especially in the back.


This recliner offers firm support for the tall man. From the frame to the cushioning, it seems to have been built especially to support males of stature. The longest chair on the list!

The design hasn’t changed much for several years, perhaps indicating that the manufacturer got it right and stuck with what works. This is a good choice for its price range.

Like it classy? Then this one is for you!

Why is it special?

  • This chair has a very durable frame that will stand up to repeated use and heavy weight.
  • The extra tall back provides head support for tall men who may have missed this comfort in shorter recliners.
  • Customers who have purchased this recliner have tended to buy it again, and some have reported owning two or three at once.

What are the flaws?

  • The fabric has a rougher feel than leather and may take some getting used to.
  • The lever mechanism requires some finesse to operate. It can be a bit difficult to pull the handle at just the right angle. A lever extender is available for an extra charge.
  • For those just on the cusp of being tall, this chair could be too big. However, most appreciate the extra size.
  • Dimensions: 40 x 66 x 42 in
  • Material: Leather and polyurethane

Don’t you just loathe it when you feel uncomfortable in any chair you’ve ever tried in the store?

The plush, upholstered arms and back make this Flash Furniture Leather Rocker Recliner inviting and comfortable. All of the leather on this chair is soft, and the addition of polyurethane helps keep the softness and reduce wear. The Flash Furniture chair rocks when in the upright position. The user moves into reclining position by using a lever on the right-hand side.

Cleaning is simple with a damp cloth, though occasional leather conditioner would help as well. All the cushioning used in this recliner is fire-retardant foam. The wide seat (21 inches) makes this comfortable for a tall or big man.


This recliner is a good moderately-priced option for those who are not extremely tall.

It is attractive, and the leather wears well. The upholstery adds a great deal of comfort, and the wide seat will accommodate most tall or big men. This could be a good chair for those who share it. In other words, a smaller person will find the lever easy to reach.


Why did it make our list?

  • The appearance of the chair holds up after repeated use. Most users report that the mechanics are durable and reliable.
  • The natural brown finish will fit with almost any décor.
  • A one-year warranty is available, which is recommended because some breakage in the mechanics has been reported.

What is not ideal about it?

  • Reclining is not as smooth as it could be. The user has to work the lever and do some serious pushing to get into reclining position. Returning to the upright position can be difficult as well.
  • Though the chair is larger than most recliners, it would not be accurate to say it is oversized. On a scale of small to large recliners, this one could be called medium. A very tall man may find that it does not provide enough length for legs.
  • Dimensions: 59 x 44 x 41 in
  • Material: Polyester microfiber

This recliner by Ashley is truly oversized. It is 59 inches wide, and 44 inches deep. It is almost the size of a loveseat, and could accommodate two smaller people. It is definitely a strong consideration for a tall or big man.

This is what is known as a zero wall recliner, meaning you can set it up against a wall and still recline (the mechanism moves the seat forward to make reclining possible without taking up extra space.)

But that’s not even the best part!

The material used in this chair is microfiber made from polyester. Cushions are foam. The seat is reinforced by metal (you don’t feel it), and the frame is quite sturdy.

This recliner by Ashley is truly oversized. It is 59 inches wide, and 44 inches deep. It is almost the size of a loveseat, and could accommodate two smaller people. It is definitely a strong consideration for a tall or big man.

This is what is known as a zero wall recliner, meaning you can set it up against a wall and still recline (the mechanism moves the seat forward to make reclining possible without taking up extra space.)

But that’s not even the best part!

The material used in this chair is microfiber made from polyester. Cushions are foam. The seat is reinforced by metal (you don’t feel it), and the frame is quite sturdy.

Why did it make our list?

  • The large size is truly large. A tall or big man will find it comfortable and accommodating. Others may use it to sit with pets or simply have enough room to take a nap.
  • Fresh design.

What is not ideal about it?

  • This recliner only comes in Mocha, which in this case means what most people would call neutral or possibly beige. However, some have reported that the chair is closer to a brown color, and does not match other beige furniture.
  • The microfiber can become soiled easily, so frequent cleaning is recommended.
  • The very large size means it may not be suitable for small apartments or cramped living quarters.
  • The armrests are so far apart that a moderate-sized person could have difficulty resting arms on both of them at once.
  • Dimensions: 44 x 46 x 48 in
  • Material: Microfiber

Jackson Furniture makes this large recliner that is perfectly designed for tall and large men. The support areas are deeply-tufted, providing extra comfort. The seat is deep enough to provide a good fit, and the angles of the back and footrest seem especially well-chosen.

The deluxe version comes with massage and heat functions. Customers have rated these functions as superior.

The seat is deep and the leg support is not only long enough for a tall man, it is set at an angle that many customers have found especially comfortable.


What is so special about this chair?

The overall comfort of this Magnum recliner is very good, and the frame seems to be sturdy. The reclining mechanism has some glitches, including handle breakage and difficulty in getting the footrest to lower.

That said, the tall man will find this chair quite comfortable. The deep foam support will attract those who want to lay back and sink into this chair.

Why are we impressed?

  • Good leg support and deep cushioning for back comfort make this a good choice for tall men.
  • The fabric is extremely soft, and is stain resistant.
  • There have been no reports of tearing or excessive wear spots in the fabric.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • The massage mechanism is loud and could be distracting to some.
  • This chair does not recline as far back as some other brands do. Also, the tension cannot be adjusted to prevent the back from reclining too far.
  • Some customers have reported that the lever handle breaks, and they have had to order a replacement handle.
  • Customer support is only available through regular mail.
  • When the chair first arrives, there is an odor, but that fades within about one month.
  • Dimensions: 39 x 43 x 72 in
  • Material: Leather and polyurethane

This moderately priced Flash Furniture leather recliner has some competitive features. The recessed release lever is located within easy reach and won’t catch on pants and dresses of people passing on the side.

The deep upholstery provides good lumbar and upper back support, and the padded seat is thick enough for anyone up to 350 pounds. The maker has used fire-retardant foam throughout. Arms are plush and offer good support.

You’ll be impressed by the material it’s made of.

The leather is durable and is treated with polyurethane for additional softness. This recliner is made by Flash Furniture, the maker of the first recliner on our review list.


We consider this one as a good chair for the price. It provides much of the comfort of more expensive recliners. The manufacturer seems to have put the money into the upholstery instead of the frame, though there have been no complaints about frame breakage.

This is a strong contender in the lower price range.

What are our favorite features?

  • This chair works well for anyone taller than six feet.
  • It reclines to a nearly flat position for sleeping. Customers consistently speak about the comfort.
  • The overall finish and look are modern and fit nicely with any décor.
  • It is easy to get up from this recliner, due to its height of 22.5 inches.

What could be better?

  • This chair works well for anyone taller than six feet.
  • It reclines to a nearly flat position for sleeping. Customers consistently speak about the comfort.
  • The overall finish and look are modern and fit nicely with any décor.
  • It is easy to get up from this recliner, due to its height of 22.5 inches.
  • Dimensions: 21 x 25 x 48 in
  • Material: Fabric

The Lane Stallion Comfort King is not to be confused with the Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver described above. That said, this recliner does have wallsaver construction, meaning you can set it up against a wall and still recline.

What makes this a chair for tall men is the taller seat back and a seat height of 22 inches. The manufacturer claims that it’s perfect even for 6 ft 8 in men and it will hold up to 500 pounds of weight!

Looking for something more cozy than leather?

This is not a leather recliner. It has fabric upholstery and comes in a deep burgundy color. The dark color tends to hide dirt and stains.

Customers as tall as six feet, six inches have reported that it is a good fit and that legs do not hang off the end of the footrest when the chair is reclined.


This is another quality product from Lane, and the company seems to understand the needs of tall men. The fit is good for people well over six feet tall, and the neck support is particularly good when the chair is reclined.

What else it offers?

The footrest extends far enough out that men find they can rest in the chair without dangling their feet or feeling the edge of the footrest cutting into calves.

Why are we impressed?

  • The Lane brand is a plus for this one, because customers tend to be repeat buyers. This is especially true of people buying recliners for big and tall men.
  • The steel construction adds a great deal of sturdiness.
  • The most attractive feature is the length of the chair when reclined. It will reach the length of a king-sized bed when reclined to a flat position, but even in the other reclined positions, the depth of the seat keeps the hips back and leaves room for long legs.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Burgundy is the only color choice for this one, so you need to make sure that will go with your décor.
  • The lever is a bit difficult for some customers, though this is not a universal complaint.
  • Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 43.5 in
  • Material: Fabric
  • USB Charging

Want something not only comfortable but also modern and multifunctional?

The Serta entry into the arena of recliners for tall people is not a leather chair. This one is covered in fabric.

Note that this is the least expensive chair on our list. It has a massager in it. The massage action has a variety of vibration rates to choose from. Customers universally talk about the comfort of Big & Tall recliner, which may be its best feature, although the chair does come packed with some surprising conveniences.

The recliner is advertised in beige and chocolate color so you could decide which one is better for you.


This one is hard to beat for the price. Serta has put in some quality features, such as the storage and the USB charger, that seem thoughtful and add to the convenience. The massager is the type of functionality customers might expect on higher-priced recliners.

So, with so many good choices, how are you to choose among them?

It helps to know what to look for, especially when it comes to features you can’t see at first glance. In fact, we think the hidden features may be the ones to worry about most.

Furniture makers can make a chair look good, but is it built well?

Arm yourself with a checklist before you start shopping, and you will make a wise decision.


Why is it special?

  • The arms fold out to reveal storage areas, and the built-in phone charger is a nice touch.
  • The fabric is durable, and the darker color hides dirt and stains.
  • The price is attractive, especially because this recliner compares favorably with more expensive chairs.

What are the flaws?

  • This chair is not a rocker, and it does not glide.
  • Getting the footrest to lower once you are in the reclined position may take two or three attempts.

Things to Consider

How to Buy the Best Recliner for Tall Man

7 Top Recliners For Big and Tall Man - Unbiased Guide (2022)

There are several things to consider when buying your chair, but before we get to those, let’s mention two important things.

First, you should know the exact dimensions of the space you have in your home for the recliner. You want to buy a chair that fits that space.

Second, you will want to read our reviews carefully and pick out a couple of chairs that sound right for you.

Once you have done that, you can narrow your choices by looking at the following criteria:

Don’t make comfort your only consideration.

Most recliners offer some degree of comfort. Manufacturers know this is one of the main considerations in selecting one. You are very likely to find many chairs with a lot of cushioning, and when you sit in one, you will no doubt be struck by the feel it provides.

Of course, for a tall man, comfort also depends on how well legs fit.

Do feet hang off the end?

The height of the back must also provide support for the shoulders and head.

Even if a chair does feel comfortable, it is important to sit in it for at least five minutes when trying it out. Notice if the cushions tend to sink to the point that they feel hard. Pay attention to the crossbars in the back.

Do they start to poke into your back?

Notice the level of comfort after a few minutes and compare that to when you first sat down.

But beyond these basics, there are still features to consider. It is fair to say that choosing a recliner based on comfort alone can be a mistake. You want many other elements to be checked off in your “pros” column.

Let’s look at some.

7 Top Recliners For Big and Tall Man - Unbiased Guide (2022)

Types of Recliners

What else can customers look forward to know while browsing for recliners?

The first thing you must know is the type of recliner you are looking at. There are many types. Look over our list of various kinds of chairs so you can narrow your choices to the ones that most appeal to you.

  • The Basic Recliner

Many bargain recliners simply offer the basics: a back that moves, a mechanism that puts the chair in reclining position when you push backward, and an extending footrest, usually operated by a lever.

If these features are all you really want or need, then be aware of that when you start shopping and avoid extras that don’t suit your purpose. You could save some money.

  • A Recliner with Power

This type of recliner does all the work for you. At the push of a button, it will recline, and with another push, it will return to the upright position. An electrical cord plugs into a wall outlet, so the chair must be placed near one. Careful here! Cords can trip anyone passing behind the recliner.

  • Rocking Recliners

No, this is not the name of a band of musicians. Many recliners rock when they are in the upright position. This can be a useful feature if more than one person uses the chair. While the tall man may want to sit back all the way, someone else may simply want to sit and rock. For example, a recliner in a nursery that rocks could be useful.

  • Wall Savers

Some clever person came up with a reclining mechanism that doesn’t push the back toward the wall. Instead, it glides forward a bit before reclining. This allows you to place the chair up against a wall and still recline. This is a good feature if you are short on space. You will only need to set the chair out about six inches from the wall.

7 Top Recliners For Big and Tall Man - Unbiased Guide (2022)

  • Chairs that Lift

This is a good choice for someone who has trouble standing up from a sitting position. The power-lift chair has an electric mechanism that raises the chair and moves it forward so that the user can stand.

  • Massaging Recliners

A massage feature is becoming more and more common in recliners. An electric massager vibrates the back and, in some models, the seat. Typically, the user can adjust the level of vibration. Make sure the massager is not too loud for your comfort level, or else the noise will be as unnerving as the massager is relaxing.

  • Oversized Recliners

Of course, big recliners are our main interest in this overview of recliners for tall men. We mention it here so you will remember to ask for one by name. You will avoid a lot of unsuitable chairs if you state up front that you need one that will accommodate someone who is tall. Usually, such models feature extra padding thanks to which they are always cozy and comfy. Sitting on such a chair and enjoying a cup of coffee from Soulhand Cold Brewer is a truly happy moment.

  • Reclining Sofas

If you want to share reclining time with someone else, you can find sofas with reclining features. Each person can adjust the reclining level. It could be a challenge to find a reclining sofa that will accommodate a tall man.

As we said, this review focuses on recliners for tall men, but now you know what types are out there and this will help you steer yourself to the right kinds of chairs as you shop around.

But beyond these general types, there are some details you should look for. So let’s narrow your choices even further by looking at some more features.

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For this section, we are talking about the upholstery materials, not the construction materials that will be discussed later.

Though most people think of leather when it comes to recliners, many are actually covered by a variety of fabrics as well. So let’s talk about fabric first.

  • Fabric

7 Top Recliners For Big and Tall Man - Unbiased Guide (2022)You are not going to believe this, but experts in fabric have created tests for fabric durability. One is called the Wyzenbeek Test, and the other is called the Pilling Test.

Who knew?

The Wysenbeek Test involves what is called a “double rub.” To do this test, rub the fabric with your thumb or entire hand in one direction, then reverse direction and rub over the same area. Repeat this several times to see if the fabric produces balls of lint or threads start to come undone. This is a good way to tell how well the fabric will wear.

The Pilling Test is similar, except you rub the fabric in a circular pattern. See if fuzzing occurs. Give the fabric a minute or so of rubbing to truly test it. The factory usually performs such a test for up to 5,000 repetitions.

It’s not a bad idea to also check the seams. See if they start to pull apart when you put a little stress on them by pulling the fabric in opposite directions on either side of the seam. If the seams start to give, there is a good chance they will not hold under repeated use of the recliner.

There are many fine fabrics that are not suitable for recliners. Because the chair moves, it will put more pressure on the fabric than a stationery chair would. Perform your tests on fabric recliners to make sure you are looking at a chair that will last.

  • Leather

Flash Furniture DSC01078 Leather Rocker ReclinerMore than one person has been disappointed in the quality of leather on a recliner. Advertisers can play fast and loose with what qualifies as leather. You should understand a few things about this material if you are interested in a leather recliner.

Leather comes in two grades: Top-Grain and Split.

Top-grain leather is the outermost layer of the hide and is considered the premium grade. This type is generally the softest and most durable.

Split leather is the lower layer found beneath the hide. Many manufacturers process split leather into suede or something called coated split leather. This type is much stiffer than top-grain and does not last as long.

Some recliners include both grades. Top-grain is used for the seating areas of the chair, and split leather is used for the parts that are less visible and do not get as much wear.

As far as the color of the leather, there are two types of dying you should know about. The best is full aniline dyed leather. This is known as “tanning,” and it goes deep into the leather instead of just coloring the surface. The pigment-dyed leather is a coating on the surface. It tends to fade with use, and you may have to have the color restored after much use. Having a chair re-dyed is not cheap.

Main Benefits

One of the main benefits of finding the right chair for your tall man is watching him be so comfortable he falls asleep during the big game on television. (Wake him up when his team scores.) But there are many other benefits as well.

Tall men can be prone to back pain, causing a lack of sleep, cramps, and leg stiffness. The right recliner. as well as good mattress topper for back pain can be the perfect place to provide support and rest for a bad back. Keep in mind that the lower back is most in need of support, so if back pain is a concern, choose a recliner with good lumbar support.

Joint pain can be relieved by a recliner that has a massager and/or heat function, as we have already mentioned. But a good recliner will also offer joint relief simply by supporting limbs thoroughly. This is why it is important to sit in a chair for an extended period before purchasing. Notice whether joints are well-supported.

Massage and heat in a recliner also improve blood circulation. This is especially important because extended sitting periods under the duvet insert can cause poor circulation. By periodically using the heat and massage functions, you can improve blood flow.

What’s more?

For those who need to sleep in an upright position, a recliner offers great benefits. Note that chairs that recline to a flat position are not the best for this situation. Instead, find a recliner that has a relaxing feel when it is partially reclined. An extra-wide recliner will allow for rolling over on your side.

7 Top Recliners For Big and Tall Man - Unbiased Guide (2022)


You may not think of furniture as a hazard, but because of their moving parts, recliners do present some safety concerns.First of all, check to see if the recliner has a gap between the seat and the extended footrest. Some recliners do not have such a gap because the area is covered with material. For those that do have a gap, make sure that it is no more than five inches. This will help prevent children and pets from falling through it.

Also, check whether the chair pinches when putting the footrest down. It can be painful to get skin caught in the footrest mechanism. Also, make sure clothes don’t catch on the mechanism.


7 Top Recliners For Big and Tall Man - Unbiased Guide (2022)Durability is the issue you are most likely to overlook and the one you are most likely to regret overlooking. If a chair doesn’t last, then comfort and other features are of no use. Make sure you don’t end up replacing recliners frequently by checking to see if yours is made well.

The less expensive models may use cheaper parts for both the frame and the mechanisms that move. That doesn’t mean that they are bad. There are plenty of mattresses under 300$ that are perfect.

For the frame, hardwood is the best. Some chairs use plywood or particle board. These are strong at first, but do not tend to wear well. Examine the underside of the chair by raising the footrest so you will have a clear view.

While you are looking, check to see if screws seem heavy enough for the job, and look out for wood that has been stapled together. Stapled wood tends to separate over time. Check to see how the base is screwed to the chair because this is the main area of stress on the recliner.

Check the lever that releases the footrest. Make sure it does not wobble. Also, operate it to see how difficult it is to use. Some levers seem to require a certain angle to work well, and this angle is not obvious to the first-time user. This is the part the breaks most often in recliners.

It is advisable to operate the reclining and footrest mechanisms repeatedly to see if they consistently function well or if they develop kinks or glitches.

It is also okay to give the chair a good shake from side to side. Most people worry about the front-to-back motion, but see if the chair is sturdy when you push it from the side. It should be stable and should not wobble. (This is a handy skill if you think you will be needing to wake your tall man up.)

Heating option

7 Top Recliners For Big and Tall Man - Unbiased Guide (2022)One popular feature in recliners is heat. This can relax muscles and provide pain relief.

This feature is often coupled with a massage function, though in such cases, the heat can still be used without massaging. Typically, the user can control the amount of heat generated.

This feature can be particularly useful for those with arthritis, muscle stiffness, or a tendency to feel stressed. Test the heat function for at least five minutes to see if it reaches full temperature in a reasonable amount of time.

A word of caution: make sure to turn the heating mechanism off when you get out of the chair.


You should get a warranty on your recliner. Your tall man will put some wear and tear on it, and you have a right to expect it to function properly. One of the best ways to get a decent warranty is to buy from a reputable furniture maker. Joe’s Recliners and Hamburger Stand is probably not a great place to buy your chair.

Before we get started on warranties, be aware that any kind of chemical treatment of fabric or leather can void your warranty on those materials. While water-repellant sprays are popular on fabric and leather conditioner works well, you could find yourself without a warranty if you use them.

When you see a long-term warranty on a recliner, this is usually a sign that it is well-made. Nevertheless, examine your warranty before purchasing.

7 Top Recliners For Big and Tall Man - Unbiased Guide (2022)Here are some things to look for.

Does the warranty come with the chair or do you have to purchase coverage?

Many chairs have a basic warranty, but you can buy additional coverage as well. Find out up front if you will need to buy a policy, because this adds to the price of the chair. Some manufacturers advertise a low price but fail to tell you that you will need to pay more for protection from defects.

Check to see if the warranty explains company policies.

Understand how replacements and refunds are handled. Does the company guarantee a timely response?

Be double sure about what to do if the chair arrives damaged. Recliners are usually boxed up, and you may not see damage until after the delivery person has already left.

Will the company pay for shipping the chair back? Will someone pick it up?

Ask if you can have the warranty before the chair arrives. Some companies mail the warranty to you, which means you could be stuck with a defective chair until you can get your hands on the papers.

Who has rights to the warranty?

Warranties only cover the original owner. That makes sense, but it can cause problems when you are buying the chair as a gift. Just know that you will be the one making any warranty claims because you will be the one whose name is on the purchase.

Keep your receipt!

The Bottom Line

Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner with USB ChargingUse our list of seven recliners to get started on your selection process. We have given you much to think about so that you can make an informed choice. Your knowledge will let pushy salespeople know that you know your stuff. Most importantly, you will be more likely to find a chair you will like for the long term.

A tall man has special needs, and will spend a lot of time in the recliner. Don’t overlook important features. You will find some tradeoffs. A chair that is just the right size may not have the type of frame you would prefer. A comfortable chair may not have a massager. No chair is perfect.

Still, you can get close to perfect, isn’t it?

All of the chairs on our list have had positive reviews from a majority of customers, and in some cases, those customers have bought the same chair for other parts of the house. So we feel confident you can be satisfied.

But the homework is up to you. The tall man using the chair is the final judge. And he is probably already grumpy from sitting in puny chairs. So check the details, because these are what are most likely to please the man using the chair.

Reread this article and make a checklist of the most important considerations, so you can do some comparison shopping.

Once you find the right chair, congratulate yourself by giving yourself a sitting ovation. Better yet, a reclining ovation.


Some manufacturers provide arm covers, but many do not. You have to order them separately. This can add to the cost of the chair.

The company has the choice of either replacing or repairing a recliner that is under warranty.

Many recliners for big and tall men have extra support and can handle more weight.

No. Check to make sure the seat height is high enough to allow for a tall man to stand up comfortably from a sitting position.

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