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10 Exclusive Mosquito Trap – 2022’s Best Products

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Nobody likes to see or even hear mosquitoes!

One moment, you’re trying to enjoy yourself, and the next, you’re suffering from a stinging bite. These tiny insects can leave you uncomfortable and itchy for days after a bite, and they’re almost impossible to catch. If you’re like most of us, you’ve even found yourself staying indoors on a warm, beautiful summer night because you just don’t want to deal with the bugs.

There’s good news, though! The best mosquito trap can catch those little monsters and leave you free to relax. Imagine spending a starry July night out on the lawn or by the lake, with no biting bugs to be found.

Does it sound like a dream come true?

There are plenty of traps out there to help you make it a reality!

Of course, the market is full of different mosquito traps. They use a range of fuel sources, different baits and operating conditions. There are even mosquito traps made to catch specific species of insects. That can make things a bit confusing when you go to purchase your own. Nowadays, mosquito traps become significant part of our lifes and cases of cellulitis from bug bite become more common.

If this sounds like your situation, it’s time to stop and do your research. We’ve gathered up reviews for 10 of the most popular traps on the market. They run the gamut from inexpensive indoor models to high-end outdoor mosquito control units. There’s sure to be one that fits the bill. So let’s take a closer look and find out which mosquito trap is best for all your buggy problems.

  • Carbon dioxide production at 35,000 cubic centimeters per hour
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed
  • Included cart for easy portability
  • Fine-Tune dial for attracting local mosquito types
  • Electronic ignition to allow safe starting
  • Motion Lighting feature to attract additional insects

This device uses much the same technology and design as the SV3100, but in a larger, more effective package. It’s also easier to move around: the SV5100 includes a wheeled cart

This bigger and heftier version of Blue Rhino’s mosquito eliminator produces carbon dioxide at an impressive 35,000 cubic centimeters per hour. That’s plenty of bait for your local mosquitoes. This device is entirely cordless and requires no electricity source to operate, but it does offer an electronic ignition for safety and ease of use.

What about specific features?

The Fine-Tune dial lets you target specific kinds of mosquitoes to increase your catch rate, while the extra Motion Lighting feature attracts other flying pest insects. Within four to six weeks, your local mosquito population will be decimated!


If you need serious anti-mosquito protection, but you want to keep an eye on your budget, look at the SkeeterVac SV5100. This device is right for anyone who wants to get rid of biting pests without being tied down by a power cord. An optional sticky trap lets you catch bugs that won’t respond to the carbon dioxide attractant.

The SV5100 produces minimal noise and no smell while operating. It also includes extra security spikes to make sure it stays where it’s put, in any weather. At over 30 pounds, this trap is quite hefty, but its design makes it easy to transport and handle. The device is also child-safe since it includes no poisonous baits.

It shouldn’t have to feel like we’re being eaten alive on a warm summer night. Blue Rhino wants to make sure you won’t be. No matter where you live or spend your evenings, you’ll enjoy the protection of the SV5100’s powerful and effective mosquito-catching technology.

Why is it special?

  • Rated for more than one acre of coverage
  • Odorless operation
  • No power cord or electricity required
  • Security spikes prevent movement in windy conditions

What are the flaws?

  • Unit is relatively heavy at 32 pounds
  • Optional sticky trap can catch non-pest insects
  • Multi-insect targeting features to catch midges, mosquitoes and other pests
  • Mosquito-Attracting-Stimuli (MAS) settings to allow targeting of specific mosquito species
  • Programmable timer to conserve energy and kill mosquitoes when they’re most active
  • Optional CO2 gas attractant system

The Mega-Catch ULTRA mosquito trap features a smart design that lets you target specific types of insects and even specific species of mosquitoes. That means you can find out what kind of mosquito most frequents your area and use the right bait to lead those little bugs to their doom.

Want a mosquito-free area for work or recreation?

This fully-assembled mosquito trap lets you program it for the time when the biting bugs are most active. It starts up automatically, saving bait and energy while dormant. This unit also offers an optional carbon dioxide attractant system, in the form of a CO2 canister. The canister provides extra incentive for mosquitoes to visit, but it must be bought separately.


Do you have a serious need to get rid of mosquitoes?

Property with low-lying wet areas, woods, or standing water nearby can produce swarms of disease-spreading pests. It could feel like you’re at the mercy of the mosquitoes. For these types of situations, Mega-Catch has built the ULTRA mosquito trap.

This weather-resistant, outdoor trap uses electric power via a 60-foot power cord. It works indoors if you’re not using the CO2 function, and outdoors in moderate weather. The trap can reduce mosquito populations over up to 1.5 acres, though the process generally takes six to eight weeks. An extra rain cover and wheeled cart make it easy to use the trap away from buildings.

This is an expensive trap, but it offers greater range and durability than cheaper models. If you’re dealing with a big mosquito problem and you’re willing to pay for effectiveness, the ULTRA is the trap for you.

What makes it stand out?

  • Designed to interrupt mosquito breeding cycles and decrease local numbers
  • Maximum 1.5 acre range of effectiveness
  • No propane required
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor use
  • Optional wheeled cart and cover for increased portability

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Takes up to eight weeks to reduce local mosquito populations
  • Cannot be operated indoors when CO2 function is active
  • Requires electric power source
  • Triple trapping power
  • No Zapper
  • Standard and low speed setting
  • Uses UV light to attract flying insects

Let’s face it, catching flies and other annoying bugs is an unpleasant chore and it can create a lot of mess in your home. The Katchy indoor Fly Trap is a bug trap that’s fully portable to catch flying insects in your home. It doesn’t kill larger insects but it can handle flies, gnats, moths, mosquitoes, and other smaller bugs. This product is easy to use, it has an automatic mode that you can use overnight and it doesn’t kill with chemicals or electricity.

The Katchy Indoor Fly Trap can cover 320 square feet and it draws in bugs with the UV light. This means that the unit is more effective at night than during the day. This unit doesn’t use any type of scented bait which limits the attraction when it’s light. But, in terms of effectiveness at night it’s hard to fault this fly trap. There are three levels of trapping power to choose and the glue holds them in place until they die. One of the major disadvantages of an electrical flytrap is the noise they make when working. This portable fly trap only has a single quiet fan that spins at a sufficient speed to trap an insect.

This is an eco-friendly option if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals in your home. The glue trap may be an older killing method but it is effective and utilized well in this product. The operation is simple, plug the unit in and set the sensor manually or use the automatic mode. The Katchy Indoor Fly Trap is 9” high and 5” wide and it doesn’t dominate the room. The USB power supply means that you can take this unit camping or run it in your car for hassle free driving. Overall, this is a great fly trap, it’s well suited to smaller rooms and it will kill most smaller pests.

Why are we impressed?

  • No use of chemicals
  • Can cover 300+ square feet
  • It is quiet

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • It can’t handle larger insects
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Range of up to one acre
  • Three-way protection attracts and kills insects
  • Designed to catch multiple kinds of flying insects

This mosquito trap is designed to catch mosquitoes inside or outside the home. It uses two UV bulbs to produce light, heat and carbon dioxide that attract mosquitoes and other biting insects. Then, the pests find themselves vacuumed into a wire retaining cage, never to trouble you again.

This trap works to protect areas up to one acre from many different kinds of flying insects. Its weather-resistant outer casing holds up rain or shine, and the included light bulbs will serve you throughout mosquito season. Once they’re caught, the bugs can’t escape, even if you turn the trap off. An internal damper closes to keep biting pests safely trapped.


Do you have a large yard to keep clear from mosquitoes?

The Dynatrap DT2000XL could be the solution you’ve been looking for. This small, electric mosquito trap works inside the home or outside, and uses standard household electric current.

There are no chemicals required for this trap, so it won’t off-gas or produce any unpleasant smells. The trap is also propane-free, making it safe for use in just about any room of the house. While the DT2000XL isn’t likely to show dramatic results right away, it can disrupt the breeding cycle of your local mosquito population, reducing their numbers over time.

The short cord of the DT2000XL means you’ll either be using it close to a wall or with an extension cord. If you wanted to use this device out at your campsite or far from the house, you could run into some trouble.

For use in a large yard or close to utility buildings, however, Dynatrap’s indoor/outdoor offering works very well. It’s a little higher in price than some other UV units, but the improved build quality and weather resistance make the cost increase worthwhile.[/wpsm_box]

What are its best features?

  • Produces no smoke, chemical off-gassing or odors
  • No propane or attractant required
  • Uses standard household power
  • Slowly decreases local mosquito population

What could be improved?

  • Short cord at only seven feet
  • Takes one or more weeks to work well
  • Uses multiple baits to catch many mosquitoes
  • Rigid net to allow for easy insect disposal
  • Long power cord allows operation away from buildings
  • Sturdy anti-tip base

This trap uses multiple types of attractant, so you’ll be able to catch the largest possible number of mosquitoes. It also offers a rigid net enclosure to make disposing of captured insects simple and tidy.

How about the features?

A long, 50-foot power cord lets you use the MM4200 at a distance from your electricity source, and an anti-tip design ensures things stay safe. This mosquito trap relies on technology that has been shown to disrupt mosquito breeding cycles. That means it doesn’t just take mosquitoes out of the environment by trapping them; it also keeps them from producing more, decreasing the overall population with time.


Want to catch mosquitoes using every possible technique?

The combination bait-and-CO2 method offered by the MM4200 could be right for you. If you’re suffering because previous traps haven’t done enough, it’s time to investigate more comprehensive options.

This trap is rated to decrease mosquitoes over an up to an acre, and it also catches no-see-ums, biting flies, midges and many other pest insects. Just use it with the right attractant. You can even tailor the attractant you choose according to your region. If past mosquito traps haven’t caught as many as you want, it might be because you didn’t have the right kind of bait!

Because it relies on propane to produce carbon dioxide, the MM4200 isn’t a good idea indoors. It does work in all kinds of outdoor situations, though, and its weather-resistant design ensures it will keep working through wind and rain. If you need a dependable mosquito trap that covers all the bases, Mosquito Magnet’s MM4200 is a great choice.

What are our favorite features?

  • Runs quietly for minimum disturbance
  • Rated for up to one acre of insect control
  • Catches midges, black flies, no-see-ums and other bugs when used with an attractant
  • Weather resistant for use in rain or wind

What could be better?

  • Requires both propane and electricity
  • Cannot be used indoors
  • Electronic ignition for easy lighting of propane tank
  • Produces carbon dioxide at a rate of 27,000 cubic centimeters per hour
  • Fine-Tune dial allows targeting of specific mosquito species
  • Optional included sticky trap collects non-mosquito pests

Does it seem like every mosquito trap you look at requires an electric power source?

This trap requires no electric power to work, since it uses a propane tank. That gives it a greater capacity than many small electric models, producing up to 27,000 cubic centimeters of carbon dioxide per hour.

This device features an electronic mosquito trap ignition to ensure safe, easy propane lighting. It also lets you attack the specific species of mosquitoes that live in your area using the Fine-Tune dial.


If you’re looking for a powerful mosquito trap that will work in any outdoor location, you need the portability of propane. Blue Rhino’s SV3100 gives you the flexibility you need to really control pests. This device is easy to put together and includes a rain cover, so you don’t need to worry about using it in the weather. It also includes an optional sticky trap that will help you get rid of flies and pests other than mosquitoes.

Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

The device only works in relatively warm weather, so it won’t help you control mosquitoes while the nights are still chilly. Most areas’ mosquito season is extremely warm, however. The device also features flashing LED lights, which make it easy to locate in the dark. If you need to get rid of mosquitoes and you don’t want to deal with plugging things in, the SV3100 is the mosquito trap for you.

Why is it special?

  • Easy assembly
  • Includes rain cover for weather-resistance
  • Rated for up to one acre range
  • Requires no electric power source

What are the flaws?

  • Does not work without additional propane tank
  • Not appropriate for cold weather
  • Designed to catch mosquitoes, black flies, midges and other pests
  • Patented catalytic converter converts propane into bait
  • Programmable for automatic start-up and fuel savings
  • Rigid trap minimizes contact with insects during disposal
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Just like the smaller trap, the MM3300 is designed to catch many different kinds of biting, flying insects. It also includes patented technology that converts propane into heat, moisture and carbon dioxide that simulate human breath.

Sounds great, definitely!

However, this trap also includes advanced technological features that put it head and shoulders beyond cheaper models.

This higher-end trap is programmable, so you don’t need to be present to start it. The device allows you to turn the trap off and start it up at pre-set times. The trap can also be set to start up automatically whenever the temperatures rise above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and mosquitoes become active. This device offers four different fuel-saving modes and can be programmed from its LCD panel.


Looking for a mosquito trap with propane that also offers the benefits of electronic models?

If you’re sick of starting other traps up by hand every night, it might be time for the MM3300. This trap is a real gift for anyone who needs regular mosquito control and can’t be there to light a propane trap every time.

Electric models are always available, but they tend to require toxic bait and have few CO2 attractant options. Plus, they’re always tied down by the length of their cords. The Mosquito Magnet MM3300 is here to help you cut the cord and get rid of mosquitoes wherever you want.

It can protect up to an acre from these biting pests. There’s even an optional accessory kit for different parts of the United States, ensuring that you’ll be able to attack the specific kinds of mosquitoes that live in your area.

The MM3300 does require regular battery charging to maintain its electronic features. It also needs a regularly-refueled propane tank to work correctly. It’s important to factor in these maintenance costs when you buy, so you aren’t surprised by ongoing expenses.

To be honest, though, the MM3300 is an effective enough mosquito trap to make it all worthwhile. If you’re the kind of person who needs to remotely trap mosquitoes on a regular basis, this is the right choice for you.

What do we love it for?

  • Cordless design for use away from electricity sources
  • Designed to protect up to one acre
  • Optional accessory kits optimized for different regions

What were we disappointed with?

  • Battery requires regular charging
  • Operating costs can be high
  • Uses 20 UV lights to attract flying insects
  • Easy to clean
  • 6/12 hours timing function
  • Safe and noiseless

The FVOAI Indoor Fly Trap is a light and convenient option for people that don’t want to use harsh chemicals and electrical solutions. This sleek black and blue unit features 20 LED bulbs that operate in the 364-395 nm wavelength range. UV light in this range is ideal for insect control because it attracts them and it’s deadly for them at the same time. The insects are drawn into the unit where they adhere to sticky glue boards. When this trap is placed near a trash can, it’s a good option for fruit flies and other small pests. At night, this unit is a proven mosquito killer without the accompanying chemical odors that are used in other types of traps or deterrents.

The design is innovative and this unit has an aesthetic appeal so it won’t detract from the beauty of your home. The power is supplied by a Micro USB cable which makes it a portable option that you can bring with you when camping or in the car. An ultra-quiet fan supplies the airflow to capture the attracted insects but the noise level is unobtrusive. The built-in 6½ hour timer switch will ensure that you have coverage during the night and manual operation during the day is simple.

The FVOAI Indoor Fly Trap is a well-designed unit that is effective and easy to clean. Dead insects are stuck to the glue boards at the bottom of the unit where they cannot escape. Simply tear off the sticky layer, place it in the trash and place a fresh layer into the unit. The glue pads are very sticky, so take care when handling them to avoid a messy situation. If you want an attractive, quiet, and effective fly trap for smaller insects this is the ideal product to meet your needs.

What do we love it for?

  • It operates noiselessly
  • It is easy to clean
  • It looks attractive

What were we disappointed with?

  • Changing the pads can be a little messy
  • Sleek design with attractive finish
  • Rated for up to one-half acre of coverage
  • Four different attractants for the highest catch rate
  • Small form factor doesn’t take up much space

It has a rounded black exterior with filigree-type cutouts and a small footprint that’ll keep it out of the way on your deck or balcony. Using this trap outside will even help you protect your surrounding property since Koolatron’s offering is rated for up to one-half acre.

What are the main benefits?

Like most other small home mosquito traps, the MK05 relies primarily on a light system that produces gases that appeal to mosquitoes. It mimics the way humans breathe to tell these little pests they have an opportunity to feed. Then, the internal fan vacuums the bugs into the trap, where they dehydrate. Unlike many other traps, the MK05 offers an optional octenol chemical bait to bring in even more mosquitoes.


Want a mosquito trap that works indoors and outdoors, but doesn’t use any propane?

The Koolatron MK05 might be the answer to your itchy prayers. This inexpensive model has relatively few ongoing costs and doesn’t need any regular cleaning. It operates almost silently in a corner of your space, catching and killing mosquitoes while you relax, entertain, and go about your day-to-day life.

This trap does rely on light as one of its attractant methods, and that means that it does catch non-pest insects like moths. The optional octenol lure can also be risky for kids and pets. The trap can be operated with no additional bait, however, and does not pose a fire risk or contain any other toxins. When you need to protect your whole home from mosquitoes, the Koolatron MK05 makes a great way to start.

What are our favorite features?

  • No propane required
  • Inexpensive to purchase and operate
  • Runs quietly
  • Requires no regular cleaning

What could be better?

  • Catches non-pest insects along with mosquitoes
  • Results can be inconsistent
  • Rated to protect up to one half acre
  • Lantern design helps trap blend in with décor
  • All-weather construction allows outdoor or indoor use
  • Twist-on/off design for easy use
  • Designed not to attract butterflies or bees

Do you feel like it’s hard to find a mosquito trap that’s rugged and weatherproof, but not too much trap for your situation?

Many products are designed for use on large properties or to protect entire campsites, even though a storm. Their hefty build and reliance on propane make them a bit much to haul around when what you really want is a mosquito-free home and lawn.

Dynatrap’s 3-way mosquito trap offers a reasonable compromise between heavy-duty outdoor traps and lightweight, weather-susceptible indoor models. Made to be used in any location, this trap is rated for up to one-half acre and is pesticide-free. It also features durable, all-weather design, so you’ll never need to rush out to rescue it.

This trap looks a lot like a standard patio lantern, so it won’t stand the way some bug zappers and similar products might. Even the blueish glow it produces can blend in with your existing outdoor lighting. Plus, there are no confusing buttons or knobs to deal with: the Dynatrap simply twists on and off.

Like similar traps, it uses a light and titanium dioxide material to produce attractant that brings in the mosquitoes. Its design is meant not to attract pollinators like bees or butterflies, however. That makes the Dynatrap an environmentally friendly addition to your home or garden area.


If you’re looking for a mosquito trap that is capable of standing up to the weather without requiring its own maintenance team, Dynatrap is here to help. This quiet, unassuming device needs no chemical add-ons or extra propane.

It also shows noticeable results in just a few days. Then, it goes on to help you reduce local mosquito numbers over the course of the entire summer. While the effects might not be as impressive as those produced by bigger traps, the Dynatrap can help you enjoy more peaceful nights.

Just remember!

Traps like these can catch other bugs like moths or katydids. These creatures are attracted by the light and can be killed in the trap just like any biting pest. It’s also important to be careful when you empty your Dynatrap.

When the device is turned off, the fan stops and there’s nothing to keep mosquitoes and other insects from flying out. For best results, leave the trap on until the bugs have dehydrated and died. If you can’t do that, take precautions when you open the container.

This inexpensive little mosquito trap won’t clear your campsite of critters, but it could help you feel a lot better at home. Just set it up, plug it in, and forget about it until it’s time to get rid of the mosquitoes!

Why are we impressed?

  • Quiet operation
  • Requires no propane or attractant
  • Produces results within a few days

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Traps moths and other non-pests
  • Insects can escape when unit is turned off

Things to Consider

How to Buy the Best Mosquito Trap

10 Exclusive Mosquito Trap - 2022's Best ProductsNobody wants to be bitten by mosquitoes. Most of us would rather that these nasty little bugs went away entirely. Unfortunately, they aren’t likely to do that on their own. We need mosquito traps to lure these biting pests safely away from us, where we can dispose of them.

Which mosquito trap is right for you?

It all depends on your situation.

Hoping to clear mosquitoes from a large area?

An outdoor trap that relies on propane might be the best choice for you.

Do you just want to spend a few quiet nights on the porch?

A smaller trap designed for indoor/outdoor or indoor-only use would probably be a better buy. Either way, you’ll get the best results by reading all the specifications carefully.

Look for a history of reliability and a good warranty, especially if you’re investing in a higher-end device.
Since mosquito traps are used seasonally, one that was working fine at the end of the summer can sometimes cause problems in spring. Fortunately, there are plenty of manufacturers that provide repair services in case this does happen. Just make sure you know your options before you buy!

To get the best trap for your situation, know how much area you need to deal with and where you’ll use your trap. That will help you read through all the reviews to find the perfect solution.

All Types of the Mosquito Traps

Not all mosquito traps are created equal, of course. These devices come in a range of sizes and prices. They use different attractant methods and power sources. When it comes down to it, however, you can break them into a few main groups. Let’s take a look:

  • Homemade Mosquito Traps

Since commercial mosquito traps cost money, it can be tempting to control mosquitoes using a trap you make yourself. Finding a DIY mosquito trap that works can be easier said than done, though. Traps that rely on plastic bottles full of yeast and sugar are more likely to catch fruit flies than mosquitoes.

More complex traps can be difficult to build, with lots of room for mistakes. These traps do catch a few mosquitoes, but they’re much less reliable than a commercial model.

10 Exclusive Mosquito Trap - 2022's Best Products

  • Propane Traps

10 Exclusive Mosquito Trap - 2022's Best ProductsAll traps need some kind of attractant to bring in the bugs. In a homemade trap, that’s often some kind of fermenting material or fruit juice. In a trap that uses a propane tank, it’s moisture, carbon dioxide, heat and other components of human breath.

This type of trap can function on its own or along with a bait such as octenol, but you will need to replace the tank regularly. These mosquito traps sometimes have electric ignitions or programmable features, but the actual trapping is done via propane.

  • Electric Traps

10 Exclusive Mosquito Trap - 2022's Best ProductsPropane is a great fuel for a trap you’ll be using outside, but it’s dangerous indoors. That’s why products meant to catch mosquitoes around the home usually use an electric power source to generate attractants. A titanium oxide-coated surface produces substances that mosquitoes like, drawing them in.

A small electric fan then pulls the insects down to the inner chamber of the trap. Unless you’ve found a rare solar-powered mosquito trap, this type requires a cord and an electric power source to function.


Worried about your family while using your mosquito trap?

In many cases, it’s no worry at all, but you’ll need to read the manual to be certain. Indoor electric mosquito traps don’t need any more safety precautions than the average electric appliance. Outdoor traps can be more complicated, however. Since they often rely on a propane tank, there are emissions and heat concerns.

Keep flammable materials away from the trap and treat it as carefully as you would any other propane device. Avoid using a trap of this kind in an enclosed space, since both propane and the emissions from burning it can be health hazards. Keep everything out of the severe weather and extreme temperatures, and follow the manual carefully.

One additional concern for both indoor and outdoor traps is bait. Chemical mosquito attractants like octanol and lurex3 can greatly increase the number of bugs your take out of the ecosystem. They can also be toxic when eaten. If you use this kind of mosquito lure, make sure to keep it in a closed container, away from children and pets.10 Exclusive Mosquito Trap - 2022's Best Products

Design & Size

There are lots of different shapes and sizes on the mosquito trap market. These devices range from indoor-only traps about the size of a gallon jug to large outdoor traps that need a cart to move them. In general, larger traps catch more mosquitoes and offer more features. They also tend to be accordingly more expensive.

To decide what style mosquito trap you need, determine where you’ll be using the trap, what kind of area you need to protect, and how much money you’re willing to spend. From garden lantern-style traps to propane-fueled giants, there’s a size and shape for you.

The Reliability Factor

You know you want to buy a mosquito trap to keep down biting pests in your yard, but can you trust it to keep working?

This is a big concern for a lot of users since less-reliable traps might burn out mid-season or fail to start up after a winter in storage. With the right maintenance, most mosquito traps will function reliably, but it’s a good idea to check out your warranty just in case. A trap with a solid warranty and easy repair options might be worth paying just a little bit more.

10 Exclusive Mosquito Trap - 2022's Best ProductsMaintenance

With most electric traps, the process is simple: just make sure the device isn’t at risk of getting wet or dirty, and empty it routinely. Traps with batteries may need an occasional battery replacement, and if you’re using chemical bait, it’s important to change it when levels get low.

Propane-powered traps need another extra level of attention. Apart from refilling the propane tank, you’ll also need to clean the propane nozzle regularly. Some traps include a mechanism to clear the nozzle automatically, making the process much easier. Clean the mosquito chamber regularly in these traps to avoid loss of suction from the fan.


At first glance, there’s not much installation to worry about with mosquito traps. They’re self-contained units that can be easily moved around. Positioning them might be a little more complicated than it first seems, though. Placing your mosquito trap correctly helps it work well and reduces the risk of problems later on.

If you’re locating your trap outside, make sure it’s on a firm, even surface. Concrete and similar surfaces are ideal if they’re close enough to the mosquitoes’ breeding locations. Otherwise, choose the smoothest patch of ground you can. Just make sure it’s about 30 to 40 feet from human activity.

Put your trap upwind from areas where mosquitoes breed, since these bugs tend to fly upwind to find their meals. Open areas work best since the carbon dioxide mosquitoes seek tends to stick close to the ground. Tall grass and brush can keep the attractant from moving properly. Shady areas are also ideal since mosquitoes hate direct sun and will avoid it if possible.


As we mentioned earlier, a good warranty is important if you want to make sure your mosquito trap keeps on working from year to year. Most traps will provide at least a one-year warranty that covers material defects and manufacturing flaws.

Depending on where you purchase your trap, you might be able to add a longer warranty to the one provided by the manufacturer. This typically costs a little more, but it can be worth it in the end! If your device is still under warranty, remember to have all service done by the manufacturer. Opening the trap yourself can void the warranty.

Obviously, a great mosquito trap won’t need a lot of time in the shop. If you get unlucky, however, a warranty can help protect you and keep your trap catching mosquitoes. When in doubt, choose the longer, more comprehensive warranty option.


Most traps will start killing mosquitoes right away. You might not notice a difference for a while, though. It takes between four and eight weeks for an outdoor trap to start interrupting the mosquitoes’ breeding cycles, stopping the influx of new mosquitoes. Indoor traps can show results inside the house within a few days.

That depends on the trap. An electric-only mosquito trap usually emits no dangerous substances and uses no chemicals. Propane traps shouldn’t be used indoors, but are no more dangerous than a propane grill or similar device.

Things get more complex when you add chemical attractants, however. They can be dangerous if ingested, so it’s important to wash your hand thoroughly after handling them. Keep all such chemicals in a secure place, just like other potential toxins.

While devices such as bug zappers can be noisy and distracting, most mosquito traps are very quiet. They do employ fans to pull the mosquitoes into the trap, so you might hear a soft whirring sound.

We all want to get rid of mosquitoes, but no trap can promise to take care of them all. Traps help control mosquitoes, but they’re best used along with other techniques, like eliminating standing water.

Mosquito traps designed for outdoor use are often weather-resistant. Some models will include a rain cover to increase their protection from water. This doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to leave your mosquito trap in the pouring rain or to immerse it in water, however. Rely on your manual to let you know what’s best for your device.

Leaving your mosquito trap running all the time wastes energy and isn’t very effective. It’s a better ideal to operate the trap only when mosquitoes are active. This usually happens as the sun goes down and conditions become cooler and damper. Of course, if your area suffers from mosquitoes that are active in the daytime, it makes sense to operate it around the clock.

Most traps focus on mosquitoes, but they will also catch other bugs. The carbon dioxide attractant also appeals to midges, gnats and other creatures that like to bite people. Traps that use a visible light will tend to attract moths and similar insects.


If you’re suffering in a constant war with mosquitoes and other pests, which is the best mosquito trap? Indoor units are much less expensive but can be hit or miss in terms of effectiveness. Plus, the mosquitoes are generally outside. That’s why outdoor units work best for most people. Out of the six outdoor-only mosquito traps we reviewed, we recommend the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac SV5100. This outdoor mosquito trap produces carbon dioxide at an impressive rate, attracting mosquitoes with the imitation of human breath. While it does rely on propane, this unit needs no extra cords and is easy to move around. With its wide range, it can operate in large yards, at campsites, or anywhere else you need to eliminate mosquitoes. It works so well it can even disrupt these pests’ breeding behaviors. That means fewer mosquitoes for the rest of the season. Everyone hates to be bitten by a mosquito, but these tiny little pests can be hard to kill. With a quality carbon dioxide mosquito trap, you can start cutting down their numbers. We can all have a more comfortable summer and a safer one without those nasty little bugs. Whether you need to operate one indoors or get rid of pests outdoors, check out a quality mosquito trap today.

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