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10 Comfy Mattresses Under $300 – Top Choice for 2022

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Does the thought of replacing your mattress make you feel exhausted?

Finding the perfect bed is a tall order for anyone. It gets even harder if you’re working with a limited budget. Most high-end mattresses start around $500, and prices only climb from there. Trying to find the best mattress under 300 dollars seems pretty difficult.

When you’re just a regular person struggling to make ends meet, conventional mattress prices often look astronomical. You might find yourself feeling stuck with your broken old bed.

That doesn’t have to be the case!

Think about it: you could be lying on a comfortable new bed and getting a great night’s sleep. Imagine feeling no more back pain, pressure points or joint aches. Your new bed would be supportive and soft. You’d get some of the best sleep you’ve had in months or even years.

Admit it. You’d love to get rid of that ratty old mattress if you could just afford to do so. Nobody likes waking up stiff, sore and tired.

So what’s the good news?

Despite what furniture stores would like you to think, you can buy a good mattress for only a few hundred dollars. Here’s a look at 10 of the best mattresses priced below $300.

  • Triple-layer construction for calculated comfort
  • Pressure relief system decreases pain in joints and muscles
  • 10-year warranty to ensure reliability
  • Activated charcoal for long-lasting freshness

Some of the best water filters and air purifiers use activated charcoal to remove odors and contaminants. So does the Best Price memory foam mattress. This inexpensive memory foam bed has been infused with activated charcoal that helps reduce odor. It keeps your mattress feeling fresh, even after years of sleeping.

The Best Price relies on a three-layer design, combining high-density support foam with ventilated foam for cooling. An additional layer of memory foam tops the stack, providing body-cradling comfort that won’t activate tender points. Compared to conventional innerspring mattresses, this bed offers relief for aching muscles and joints.

All foam materials are Certi-PUR certified to be safe and environmentally friendly. That means that these foams contain no ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde or dangerous chemical fire retardants. Best Price’s memory foam mattress lets you sleep comfortably and safely.


We’ve all been there: stuck with a brand new product that smells of chemicals. In a small room, the toxic stuff used to make many cheap foam mattresses can even give you a headache! If you’d like to avoid foul-smelling mystery materials and choose an environmentally-friendly option, the Best Price memory foam mattress is a pretty good choice.

This mattress features dense memory foam that helps support as it cradles. Plus, its memory foam layer is thicker than many competing brands. That helps your bed feel gently supportive and lets you sleep easier. A zippered cover makes it simple to keep your mattress clean.

Listen: the dense foam of the Best Price memory foam mattress does make it heavy to move around once it’s outside of the box.

That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure your new mattress is in the right spot before you open it. Let it expand for the recommended amount of time, and be aware that this mattress takes a little time to reach its expected firmness. Some sleepers find it to be a little soft for the first few nights. Once it’s had time to expand, however, you’ll find the Best Price mattress to offer a really pleasant night’s sleep.

What are its best features?

  • PROS:
  • Dense memory foam provides strong support
  • Zippered cover makes washing simple
  • Minimal foam odor for safer sleeping
  • Thick memory foam comfort layer

What could be improved?

  • CONS:
  • Takes time to firm up
  • Heavy foam requires effort to transport
  • Four separate foam layers for multiple types of support
  • Third party-certified for performance, sustainability and durability
  • Natural green tea extract to help maintain freshness of foam
  • Knitted jacquard-pattern fabric cover

Zinus’s Green Tea mattress relies on a layered memory foam structure to provide both support and softness. It starts with two separate layers of 3.5-inch high density base foam. Then, Zinus adds an aerated 2-inch layer of soft comfort foam. All this is topped with a 3-inch layer of soft, plush memory foam.

The base layers provide the support that our bodies need to prevent aching backs, sore joints and middle-of-the-night wake-ups. The comfort foam layer helps relieve pressure points that can develop when you stay in one place all night. Soft memory foam molds to your body, cradling you all night long. Each layer of foam does its own job, adding up to the perfect bed!

Sounds good!

This Zinus mattress is made entirely of foam produced without harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or phthalates regulated by the CPSC. In fact, all these foams are certified to be safe and environmentally friendly by a third-party organization called Certi-PUR. Zinus also enriches its memory foam with green tea extract.

This antioxidant helps keep the foam in good condition longer, allowing your bed to sleep fresher!


Are you the right person for a Zinus mattress?

If you like a firm mattress with plenty of support and you want to sleep on it soon, you might be. This mattress’s sturdy base layer will give you plenty of support for your back. Plus, Zinus’s Smartly-shipped transport technique allows your mattress to arrive at your door quickly and conveniently.

The Zinus Green Tea memory foam mattress is designed to compress down into a small package that you can easily carry on your own. Once you’ve moved it to your desired sleeping spot, just open the box and watch your new mattress rapidly expand into shape. The Green Tea memory foam mattress reaches full size faster than many other vacuum-packed mattresses, so it will be ready to sleep on soon!

Sadly, this mattress does need a little time in a ventilated space before use: about 24 hours in most cases. That’s so your mattress can finish breathing. You might notice a chemical smell while this is going on. Just make sure the space is well-ventilated. You’ll be able to use the mattress as soon as the smell is gone.

At first, your mattress will be very firm. In fact, it might be a little too hard. Over time and with use, you’ll find that the mattress becomes softer. For users who prefer a more pillowy feel, this trait could be a feature. If you’re someone who needs extremely firm support, however, the Zinus Green Tea memory foam model might not be ideal for you.

Ever noticed how most foam mattresses tend to cling, and innerspring mattresses turn into hammocks with age? If you’re feeling sick and tired of an unsupportive mattress, Zinus has a green tea-infused memory foam bed for you. It’s the perfect choice when you want a supportive night’s sleep.

What makes it stand out?

  • Smartly-shipped technique allows delivery to your door
  • Firm texture and support
  • Expands to fully size quickly

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Requires 24 hours to air out before use
  • Support level softens over time
  • Two layers of foam provide support and softness
  • Breathable knit cover
  • Fire retardant surface layer
  • Low-VOC foam for healthier air

Signature Sleep set out to make a cozy, affordable mattress for customers who aren’t willing to pay regular mattress prices. The result is a firm, but friendly, mattress that you’ll enjoy every night. Featuring two separate layers of foam, these beds offer strong support for your back and spine, padded with a top layer of moldable memory foam.

Each mattress begins with a thick block of high-density foam that provides support and strength to the mattress. This is the part that allows signature sleep mattresses to be used on a variety of foundations, including the floor. The high-density material is capped by a layer of luxurious memory foam, to eliminate motion transfer and reduce pressure points.

The Memoir also includes a surface layer of fire retardant foam, which protects your mattress in case of sparks, tipped candles or other hazards. This foam uses only safe ingredients for its fire resistance. It and the other foams in this mattress are certified low in volatile organic chemicals, producing safer indoor air.

The whole thing is wrapped in a knit fabric cover that allows the mattress to breathe and sleep comfortably. The result is a low-cost mattress with a high-cost feel that will let you sleep soundly.


Think about this for a moment: you spend more than a third of your life in bed. Your bed is where you relax, where you sleep, and even where you consume entertainment.

Shouldn’t you make sure that you’re spending all that time somewhere that you’re comfortable?

If you’ve been putting off replacing your old mattress because of cost, you might need to look at the Signature Sleep Memoir memory foam mattress.

At a price that’s low even for budget-range mattresses, this surprisingly comfortable bed will please both your back and your budget. Signature Sleep’s Memoir mattress will arrive at your door in a long cardboard box – with a shoulder strap. This convenient packaging method makes it easy to transport the mattress wherever you need to use it. Once it’s there, just open the box and allow the mattress to expand to its full size.

It’s true, the Memoir takes a while to finish inflating and come to its final shape and dimensions. It’s important to resist the urge to use your soft new mattress until this process is complete. That’s when you can flop down on the soft, knitted cover and enjoy this foam mattress’s firm support.

That firmness varies a bit, from medium-firm in the thinner models to very firm when the mattresses get thick. In fact, we’re ready to admit that the Memoir can be a little too supportive for smaller sleepers who like a soft bed.

If you love good spine support, however, this might be the right memory foam mattress for you. At a startlingly low price, and with a gentle support you might expect from a much more expensive bed, the Signature Sleep Memoir mattress is a great choice for cost-conscious comfort.

What are our favorite features?

  • Firm support in thicker models
  • Convenient packaging
  • Zippered cover for easy cleaning
  • Inexpensive even for budget mattresses.

What could be better?

  • Takes time to expand to an even height
  • May be too firm for smaller sleepers
  • Foam layer on both sides of mattress allows flipping
  • Independently-encased mattress coils for contoured support
  • Uses foam made without toxic chemicals
  • Insulator pad layer to cushion coils and relieve pressure

Does the low price point of the Signature Sleep memory foam mattress appeal, but not its all-foam construction?

The Contour is an innerspring mattress with similar budget-friendly pricing and a traditional kind of comfort.

This basic coil mattress features a reversible design, letting you flip the mattress for a longer lifespan. Each side includes a layer of high-density support foam, sandwiched between a non-toxic fire-retardant barrier and an insulator pad. These layers cushion either side of the many independently-encased steel coils that provide support for the mattress. The entire thing is then wrapped in a breathable fabric cover, which is quilted to the rest of the mattress.

Signature Sleep’s Contour mattress works on multiple different sleep surfaces, including platform beds, trundles and conventional box springs. As long as there’s enough support for the mattress, it will provide enough support for you.


If you’re in need of an inexpensive, but comfortable, mattress and you prefer the bounce of springs, it’s time to check out the Signature Sleep Contour. We’ve all been there: stuck awake because of an uncomfortable mattress, but not wanting to spend too much to replace the bed. The Contour is an ingenious solution to the problem.

This reversible budget mattress uses the compression technology of memory foam mattresses to allow an innerspring to be delivered to your door. Each mattress is compressed into a surprisingly sleek box that’s easy to carry to your guest room or bedroom. It’s surprisingly lightweight and expands automatically as soon as you unpack it. Unlike a compressed memory foam mattress, the Contour is ready to use almost immediately.

Let me guess: you’re wondering whether the foam on this mattress smells like a memory foam mattress. It’s true. Like all compressed foam, the Contour’s padding does produce a chemical smell for a short period of time. Unlike mattresses with thicker foam, however, this smell isn’t very intense. With steel coils providing the support, there’s less need for really dense foam.

Who should choose the Signature Sleep Contour?

This mattress would be right for anyone who prefers the old-fashioned rebound of an innerspring mattress but doesn’t have a lot to spend on showroom models. If you want basic comfort delivered to your door, take a look at the Contour.

What are its best features?

  • Designed for use with multiple bed supports
  • Convenient packaging for transport
  • Available in two thicknesses

What could be improved?

  • Foam odor takes some time to dissipate
  • Soft edge support
  • Three foam layers provide specialized support and pressure relief
  • BioFoam technology for more sustainable memory foam
  • Patented compression technology for easier shipping
  • Infused with green tea extract to preserve foam quality
  • Active charcoal to reduce odors and moisture

Ever wish you could get luxury-style comfort from a budget-priced bed?

We’d all love to get a great bargain on a mattress that feels a little more lavish, and the Ultima Comfort memory foam mattress from Zinus could be a could way to have both. It’s made up of three separate foam layers that provide support where you need it, and soft comfort everywhere else.

The Ultima Comfort mattress uses Certi-PUR-certified foam with BioFoam technology. This means that the foam is made partially with plant-derived oils for greater freshness and decreased petroleum use. Zinus also infuses this mattress with natural green tea extract and activated charcoal: two substances that help stop microbial growth inside the foam and keep your mattress fresher. With the company’s patented compression technology, it’s easy to ship that mattress to your door quickly. You’ll get to enjoy it not long after it’s manufactured.

That’s a nice way to get a better night’s sleep, isn’t it?


Anyone who’s always wanted a little more out of a mattress but couldn’t afford the luxury brands should take the time to check out Zinus’s Ultima Comfort mattress. With a 10-year warranty and a dense, supportive feel, this mattress is reliable and great for your back. It also expands to its final dimensions quicker than many similar mattresses. That means it’s ready to use within just a few hours.

Is the Ultima Comfort mattress perfect?

Not exactly: its supportive foam and generally firm sleeping texture can be too firm for some sleepers. Generally speaking, the heavier you are, the softer a foam mattress like this will feel. This mattress also doesn’t have a lot of edge support. If you like to sit on the edge of your bed frequently, the different feel might take some getting used to.

The Ultima Comfort mattress from Zinus is a great choice when you want a low-cost mattress that will do a little more. Its high-quality materials and comfortable design put it just a little ahead of the crowd.

Why did it make our list?

  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Dense, supportive memory foam
  • Expands to full size rapidly

What is not ideal about it?

  • Can be too firm for some sleepers
  • Minimal edge support
  • Gel-infused memory foam to reduce overheating
  • Dual-layer foam design
  • Open cell memory foam for greater durability
  • Ventilated design for increased airflow

Memory foam mattresses traditionally have a problem: they tend to sleep hot. If you’ve ever spent the night on a foam mattress, only to wake up damp and overheated, memory foam might have been the culprit. Not every foam mattress has to be like this, however. Lucid’s gel memory foam mattress uses a special cooling gel, infused into the foam itself, that helps keep you comfortable during the night.

This ventilated layer is designed to provide extra softness, conforming to the curves of your body and helping you avoid aches and pains. Beneath it is a dense support layer that provides the firmness needed to support your spine. Together, they make a sturdy, but low profile, mattress that works in all kinds of beds.


If you need a bed that won’t take up much space but will last a while, Lucid gel memory foam mattress could be ideal. Its 25-year warranty reduces worry about defects or short lifespan, while its low profile design allows it to fit trundle beds and other specialized furniture. Unlike extra-tall, bulky foam mattresses, this model is easy to move around and handle.

While the Lucid memory foam mattress can be used on all kinds of surfaces, it does best on supports with a little give. When used on a solid surface, such as plywood or some platform beds, it can feel very firm. For a more plush feel, try this mattress on a box spring, or on a slatted or gridded frame. Just make sure your slats are less than four inches apart.

Looking for a new mattress to finish up your child’s new “big kid” room, or one to add to your guest room?

This slim but comfortable foam bed could be just right.

What stands out?

  • 25-year warranty ensures durability
  • Low profile to fit trundles and similar beds
  • Included tool for opening mattress safely

What cons did we manage to find?

  • May not be suitable for solid bed supports
  • Takes time to soften
  • Dual-layer foam construction for both support and softness
  • Poly-cotton mattress cover for breathable comfort
  • High density foam provides spine and joint support
  • Certified free of major toxic chemicals by third-party organizations

The Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic is a memory foam mattress with a deep support layer and plush surface feel. Its two-layer foam design prevents the sagging that comes from a too-soft bed while holding you gently throughout the night. With 2.5 inches of soft, comfortable memory foam, this mattress is made for comfort.

The Resort Sleep Classic also features a breathable poly-cotton mattress cover. Unlike 100 percent synthetics, this material helps wick moisture away from your body, keeping that sticky feeling at bay. The stretch knit helps keep you cool and feeling comfortable.


Do you want a discount mattress, but aren’t sure you trust online ordering yet?

The Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Classic lets you enjoy the low price of a bed-in-a-box, but with the reassurance of a solid guarantee. Check it out: Live and Sleep offers a 20-year warranty on your mattress, so you’ll know you can get a refund or replacement if anything goes wrong.

You’ll also be able to get a guaranteed refund during the 30-night trial period. Just break your mattress in for two weeks, and if you don’t like it for any reason, it can be returned and donated to charity. That’s a safe way to buy a comfortable new mattress.

If you’re buying your Resort Sleep Classic for a bed that’s a very tight fit, or you know you like an extremely soft bed, this might not be the mattress for you. The manufacturing process for Live and Sleep’s basic product sometimes produces a mattress that isn’t precisely to size, making it a little harder to fit RV beds or trundles.

For ordinary beds, platform to adjustable, the Resort Sleep Classic works well. It even comes with free memory foam pillows to help you get your best rest.

What makes it stand out?

  • 20-year warranty for reliable sleep
  • Guaranteed refund during 30-night trial period
  • Included free memory foam pillows

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Some sleepers may require a mattress topper
  • Sizing can be inconsistent
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  • Combination foam and innerspring structure for the best of both worlds
  • Quilted memory foam surface layer provides a plush feel
  • Felt pad provides insulation and an even temperature
  • Tempered steel coils provide bouncy support

This mattress brings the best of traditional innerspring design and memory foam together. It allows you to enjoy the springy feel of tempered steel coils without giving up the comfortable embrace of foam. This layered bed starts with a matrix of steel springs. This support layer is then wrapped in a felt pad, which helps insulate the mattress.

On top of the felt pad is a two-part layer composed of comfort foam topped with memory foam. It’s designed to give the mattress a body-hugging feeling, like a pure foam mattress. This entry-level foam-and-spring hybrid mattress could be ideal for your guest room or to take to the dorms.


Looking for a basic mattress without all the bells and whistles?

LinenSpa’s hybrid mattress provides comfort on a budget. Internal steel coils help this mattress hold its shape and provide the edge support that many foam mattresses lack. They also help keep this mattress light enough to carry. Those springs aren’t silent, however. Expect a little noise when you sit on this bed.

Don’t discount this mattress if you have an adjustable bed, either. Most innerspring mattresses are too thick and inflexible to work with this type of support.

However, the same design features that allow the LinenSpa hybrid mattress to fold up for shipping also make it compatible with adjustable mechanisms. After being compressed or folded, this mattress returns to shape within minutes, ready for a good night’s sleep!

What are our favorite features?

  • 10-year warranty of materials and manufacture
  • Works with adjustable beds
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to transport
  • Returns to shape quickly

What could be better?

  • Springs can be noisy
  • Can be too firm for some people
  • Gel-infused memory foam creates a cool sleeping environment
  • Quadruple-layer composite design incorporates three types of foam
  • Independently-certified to contain no major toxic chemicals
  • Smart packaging reduces shipping waste

The Cool Gel ventilated memory foam mattress from Classic Brands is designed to ensure a pleasant and cool sleeping environment. If you’ve tried older memory foam beds in the past and disliked their hot and sticky feeling, you might be surprised by how much you enjoy this one.

Classic Brands sandwiches two ventilated airflow gel-supportive layers between its high-density base foam and gel-infused cooling layer. Combined these separate pieces of foam let the bed breathe more freely and prevent heat build-up. They’re also designed with increased resiliency to reduce the risk of tossing and turning.

That’s right: this is a bed you can really rest in, without waking up throughout the night.


When foam mattresses with only a few layers won’t provide the sleeping surface you need, it’s time to turn to a multi-layer design. The individual components of Classic Brands’ ventilated memory foam mattress help produce a cool, comfortable, truly enjoyable sleep surface. Since the mattress’s memory foam top is the secret to its comfort, there’s no need to rotate or flip this mattress.

This bed makes an excellent choice for anyone who has already tried other budget foam mattresses, only to find them too firm. At a medium-firm rating, this mattress has a softer surface than many products in its price range, though it still offers plenty of support.

Worried about longevity?

This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty to help you feel safe in your choice of sleeping space.

What are our favorite features?

  • Medium-plush texture is softer than other budget mattresses
  • No flipping or rotating required
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty

What could be better?

  • Too soft for some users
  • Minimal edge support
  • Four separate types of foam for body-cradling comfort
  • Moderately firm support prevents back aches
  • Third-party certified foam for healthier sleep
  • Extra layer underneath memory foam to prevent distortion and deflection
  • Gel-infused cooling layer reduces heat accumulation

The gel-infused memory foam mattress from Olee Sleep is a moderately firm style made up of four separate kinds of environmentally-certified foam. This creates a comfortable and healthy sleep environment, whether you’re choosing this mattress for yourself, your child, a guest or anyone else.

While many lower-cost mattresses rely on just two layers of foam to provide support and comfort, Olee Sleep’s gel-infused model provides extra layers for extra cushioning. That includes an extra layer right beneath the memory foam that keeps everything stable. Without it, the softer gel-infused cooling foam can distort or become misshapen.

What’s more?

If you want to stay cool on your memory foam mattress in all weather, a gel-infused mattress from Olee Sleep makes a great start. Its gel-infused surface layer helps reduce the overheating that happens with so many memory foam mattresses, allowing you to sleep the whole night through.


This gel-infused memory foam mattress is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a mattress that will stay cool and supportive, even for larger sleepers. Olee Sleep’s design relies on extra-durable foam with a high density, so there’s no need to worry about damaging the mattress with too much weight. A 10-year warranty helps you keep your peace of mind even if something does go wrong.

Of course, you can still use this mattress if you’re slim!

Just keep in mind that the firmness varies depending on the size of the user. Smaller sleepers may find that the mattress is firmer than the official medium-firm rating.

If you’ve been looking for a less-firm budget mattress that performs reliably, no matter what your size might be, the Olee Sleep gel-infused mattress could be perfect. This well-designed mattress is made to provide lasting comfort, every night and for every sleeper. It might help you as well.

Why are we impressed?

  • Supportive even for larger sleepers
  • 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • Uses memory foam designed for extra durability

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Tends to “sleep warm”
  • Firmness varies according to user weight

Things to Consider

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How to Choose the Best Mattress Under 300

Ever felt like mattresses were way too expensive?

You’d be right if you were talking about the ones sold in most furniture stores. Manufacturers are given a required minimum price at which they have to sell each mattress. They can’t go lower, but they’re allowed to go higher if they want. That’s part of why most mattresses are so incredibly expensive.

10 Comfy Mattresses Under $300 - Top Choice for 2022

A furniture store isn’t the only option, especially with online sales becoming an increasing part of the mattress market share. Buying online, either from a trusted retailer or directly from the manufacturer, can save you money and open up a whole world of mattress brands you can’t find in stores.

Sounds impressive, right? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Don’t shop by height.

A tall mattress isn’t necessarily a more comfortable one. Real support comes down to the quality of the materials. Pick the mattress height that goes with your bed, and don’t worry about the rest.

  • Know what you like.

Even at a lower price point, mattresses aren’t all alike. If you prefer a bit of bounce, you may need to look at discount coil mattresses. If you’re someone who hates to feel the bed move when your partner turns over, look for foam. Knowing the qualities you prefer in a mattress can help you narrow things down.

  • Think about how you sleep.

A stomach sleeper usually needs a firmer mattress than someone who sleeps on his or her side. Back sleepers tend to need some padding, but with firm spine support. Most low-cost mattresses tend toward the firmer side, but you can modify them with the addition of a soft topper.

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10 Comfy Mattresses Under $300 - Top Choice for 2022Ever thought about your mattress in that way?

Most people don’t bother unless they’re having a particularly hard time sleeping. The way your mattress is put together can greatly affect your rest, however.

Here’s an example:

Foam mattresses are generally made out of several different types of foam, to provide the best sleep experience for different users. The types of foam, their thickness, and the number of pieces may vary. One mattress may use only two pieces: a support layer and a softer memory foam layer. This produces a fairly firm and supportive mattress. Another mattress might add more layers, making a softer surface with more give.

Which is the right mattress for you?

You guessed it: it all depends. Every person sleeps a little differently, so it’s important to think about design before you buy. When you take the time to figure out your unique sleeping preferences, shopping for a new mattress gets a lot simpler. It’s true no matter what design you choose.

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What defines that essential feeling?

The answer is a little different for everyone. Most of us want a bed that’s soft, but not too soft. It should be firm, but not so much that it hurts our joints. A comfortable bed is warm, but won’t make us overheat.

That happy medium can be hard to find!

If you’re not sure which bed will be the most comfortable for you, look for a brand that offers a generous return policy. You’ll feel better knowing you can be refunded for a mattress that doesn’t work out.

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This one is of the most hotly debated mattress traits. Different manufacturers and different sleepers define a “firm” mattress in many different ways.

 Feeling confused?

You’d be right if you were: even numeric rating scales don’t necessarily line up between brands.

The general concept stays the same, though. A firm mattress is one that doesn’t yield much when you lie on it. It also provides better spine support and can help with some other types of health problems. Most mattresses feel firmer for lighter users, especially memory foam. Foam mattresses also tend to soften as they get warmer. The same mattress could feel soft in the summer and firm in the winter.

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How many ways are there to make a mattress?

Plenty and they’re still coming up with more! The most common mattress materials are still foam and springs, however. Most mattresses use either a high density polyurethane foam support layer or an individually-encased coil support. From there, an innerspring mattress could add cotton batting, more polyurethane foam, memory foam or even down.

A foam mattress’s materials are a little simpler, but they can still be composed of many different layers of foam.

Does that sound redundant?

It’s not: each layer performs a different function, whether it’s cradling the sleeper, ventilating the bed, or supporting another layer. They all work together to make a more comfortable bed.

A good thing to remember is the fire resistance.

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How Can A Mattress <$300 Be Good?

If you’re used to buying expensive mattresses, you might think a $300 model won’t last long. You’d be right – partially. It’s true that many discount mattresses don’t have the same lifespan as a high-end luxury model.

It’s also true that most of those luxury mattresses are greatly inflated in price. With the right care and an understanding of what you can expect, a budget mattress can still serve you comfortably for years.

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Most beds can be expected to last for about seven years, but some will make it far longer than that. An extended warranty can help you cover for flaws in the materials or manufacturing of your mattress. Some manufacturers are willing to back their products for as much as 20 years!

While most warranties won’t cover normal wear and tear, they can help protect you from faulty glue or a mistake in putting things together. When you consider your next mattress, be sure to think about the warranty.

The average mattress develops problems after seven or eight years. Signs that your mattress needs replacement include a deep hollow where you sleep, a musty or moldy odor, or visible wear. Even a pristine-looking mattress could need replacement, however. If you’re not sleeping well, the answer might just be a new bed.

Most online sellers compress their mattress for shipping to your door. When you open the package, the mattress re-expands to its original size. This can take up to two days in some cases. If you’re not sure whether your mattress is ready to use, check with the manufacturer for recommendations.

Some mattresses need regular flipping or rotating in order to maintain their shape. Other mattresses have been designed never to be flipped. Generally speaking, you should rotate or flip innerspring mattresses three or four times a year. If you have a non-reversible pillow top mattress, you can rotate it, but don’t flip. Foam mattresses never need flipping and are actually designed to work in just one position.

To keep your mattress looking and smelling its best, make sure to give it a vacuum every time you flip or rotate it. This helps remove dust mites and other debris. Use baking soda or a deodorizing spray to remove odors, then vacuum again. For a stain, treat with hydrogen peroxide or diluted liquid detergent, but remember to blot the area. Don’t get it wet!

Concerns about volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, may have you worried that memory foam mattresses could be bad for your health. These substances can be emitted by certain types of foam, and they’re not good for indoor air quality. To avoid this issue, look for mattresses made from foams that are certified low-VOC. These products mean a safer and healthier night’s sleep, for everyone.

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Finding the best mattress under 300 dollars isn’t always easy. Let’s face it: there are lots of products on the market and it can be hard to tell which ones will really deliver a good night’s sleep. The whole situation is enough to make you lie awake at night thinking about it.

10 Comfy Mattresses Under $300 - Top Choice for 2022

That’s why we’ve gone through the options to find ten of the best mattresses that won’t cost your next month’s rent. Many of these mattresses are a great choice for specialized uses, such as a trundle, an RV bed, or when you need an affordable innerspring that works with an adjustable bed. Others are good generalists, suitable for use by almost anyone.

Our choice for the best all-round mattress for less than $300 is the BestPrice memory foam mattress. With a slightly softer texture than many other budget models, it works for the biggest number of sleepers.

Imagining a peaceful night without aches and pains? Consider making this mattress part of your bedtime ritual.

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