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10 Durable LiPo Chargers – For All RC Enthusiasts Out There (2022)

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If you have a passion for remote-controlled cars, trains, aircrafts, drones and other RC toys, then you must always be prepared for your next step once your batteries run out of charge.

Fortunately, you can easily power up your batteries by acquiring an efficient LiPo charger. Specifically designed for Lithium Polymer batteries, this type of charger is fast and ensures that your RC device is up and running again in less than 2 hours.

Having any trouble selecting the best LiPo charger for your RC battery packs?

Worry no more, for we are here to help. Stay with us, as we highlight ten of the most efficient LiPo chargers you will ever come across.


• Safety Features

This battery charger comes with tons of safety features such as an automatic charging capacity limit, current limit, processing time/duration limit, and temperature limit. These features ensure that the batteries do not overcharge.

• Upgradable Firmware

It comes with a USB port that allows for PC connectivity. You can control the charger using your PC or upgrade the firmware seamlessly from the SKyRC website at no extra cost.

• Battery Memory

The charger can store up to 10 different charging/discharging profiles. This means that you do not have to reprogram the device when charging different types of batteries.

Are you sick and tired of acquiring chargers that simply don’t work at your greatest hour of need?

With many counterfeit products flooding the market, it is highly likely that you will purchase a fake device. If you are looking for a genuine LiPo charger that works according to its description then consider acquiring the SkyRC iMAXB6AC V2 DualPower LiPo AC / DC Professional BatteryCharger. This charger comes with an anti-fake serial number, making it easy to verify its genuineness.

When it comes to performance, no other device rivals the superiority of this upgraded charger. You can easily adjust its terminal voltage to match the input demands of your batteries, thanks to its PC control feature.

This device is highly versatile as it can work as a Battery Internal Resistance Meter and Battery Meter. Besides charging your LiPo batteries, it is also suitable for LiFe, LiHV, NiCd, NiMH and Lilon batteries. This device can also monitor and balance each battery cell individually during the process of discharging.


Without beating around the bush, let’s go straight to the point. The SkyRC iMAXB6AC V2 DualPower LiPo AC / DC Professional BatteryCharger is exactly what you need for all your charging needs. This device is extremely versatile and can charge a wide range of batteries.

Using the free “Charge Master” software that comes with this charger, you can monitor and control all your charging tasks conveniently using your PC or Smartphone. Priced at slightly above 50 bucks, this charger offers good value for money.

What makes it stand out?

  • Comparatively affordable
  • Lightweight design for increased portability
  • Comes with PC/Smartphone software for unparalleled control
  • Protective features for maximum safety
  • Upgraded features for enhanced versatility
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Can cause a fire if safety instructions are not followed
  • The device is sometimes inaccurate leading to voltage errors
  • Automatic Shut off

This charger comes with automatic shut off function that cuts the supply of power in case of any spikes in current.

• Temperature Threshold

With the temperature protection feature, this charger automatically adjusts the charging power in case of overheating.

• 5-Button Control Interface

The Venom Pro Duo features a 5-button user interface that gives you unparalleled control over the device. It also comes with a brightly-lit LCD screen that allows you to select voltage and other settings easily.

Do you fancy RC toys, tools, drones and gadgets?

Then you’d better find a charger that can help maintain your device’s battery power.

The Venom brand needs no introduction when it comes to the production and sale of RC battery packs and chargers. The company has been around for ages, producing high-quality battery chargers, plugs, wires and other related accessories.

One LiPo charger that deserves special mention is the Venom ProDuo 80W X 2Dual AC / DC 7A LiPo/LiHV and NiMH RC Battery BalanceCharger.

This 7.0 Amp charger can efficiently balance, charge and discharge a wide range of batteries that come with multiple cells. It is also capable of automatically detecting the current rate of individual cells, allowing for efficient charging.

What we love about this charger from Venom is that it can charge two different batteries at the same time. Featuring two charging circuits that come integrated with their own 80W power supplies, you can charge your dual battery pack without diluting the amperage.


If you are looking for a versatile device that can charge multiple batteries at a go, then consider acquiring the Venom Pro Duo. You can easily tell from the features that this innovative charger means business as far as offering optimum performance is concerned.

Priced at less than 100 bucks with a limited lifetime warranty, there’s no need to look for another charger anywhere else.

Why are we impressed?

  • Comes with a carrying handle for enhanced portability
  • Supports dual charging
  • Incorporates protective features for safe charging
  • Comes with multiple charging leads
  • Audible alerts
  • Features an easy to use interface for enhanced control
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • The charger does not have a USB port
  • Not all charging leads are included
  • According to some clients, Venom offers poor customer service

• Multiple Charging Modes

The Hobbymate Duo charger offers multiple charging modes, including fast charge, auto charge, discharge, manual charge and balance charge among others.

• Temperature Overheat Cut Off

This device has a temperature cut off feature that adjusts the charging power in case of overheating

• USB Output Port

It has a USB output port that can be used to charge tablets and other compatible mobile devices. You can also upgrade the charger’s firmware by connecting your PC via the USB port.

Have you ever wondered why some chargers come with such a hefty price tag?

Well, it’s all about performance. The Hobbymate Duo LiPo Charger Dual Charge Port, Fast LiPo Charger with AC Power is perhaps one of the best chargers in terms of performance and versatility. This device comes with all the features you’d ever want in a charger.

In addition to charging your LiPo batteries, this unit powers a wide range of batteries with different chemistries thanks to its ability to store up to 10 charging profiles. Using this feature, you do not have to reconfigure the charger each time you charge different battery packs.

But that’s not even the best part…

Amazingly, this charging device can charge two different batteries at the same time, using its dual independent charging ports. Integrated with a 300-watt power supply, you can rest assured that this unit will provide a perfect solution to all your charging needs.


Here’s the point.

If you are an RC hobby enthusiast, then this charger is the right product for you. This charger offers fast charging, while at the same time protecting your batteries from damage.

Furthermore, it allows for dual charging, saving on valuable time. Designed by people who have the know-how on everything revolving around RC products, the Hobbymate Duo LiPo Charger Dual Charge Port, Fast LiPo Charger with AC Power is the ultimate charger for anyone looking for a highly versatile device.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your piece today and transform your RC hobby instantly.

Why did it make our list?

  • High-quality charger that’s easy to use
  • Charges different types of batteries efficiently
  • Tons of features for superior performance and versatility
  • Comes with an optimized operating software for enhanced control
  • Protective features for maximum safety
  • Covered by a 12-month warranty

What is not ideal about it?

  • Comparatively pricey, but makes up for this with its amazing features
  • The charging channels may become faulty with time

• 4-button user interface

It features a 4-button user interface that allows you to adjust your preferred settings with relative ease.

• Large LCD screen display

Viewing the charging status of your device’s battery has never been easier thanks to the large, brightly-lit LCD screen that comes with this charger. This screen display allows you to view voltage readings and current settings of the charger.

• Octopus Multi-charging harness

This charger features the Octopus multi-charging harness that consists of multiple connectors, allowing you to charge a wide range of batteries of different types

Why buy numerous chargers for your batteries when you can acquire the Tenergy TB6 – B Balance Charger for all your charging needs? Highly efficient, yet extremely affordable, this charger is the ideal unit for anyone who has multiple types of batteries. It supports NiMH, NiCD, LiFe, SLA and so many other types of battery packs.

Furthermore, its ability to store up to five different charging profiles makes charging fun and seamless, as you do not have to reprogram the charger each time you want to use it.

So what makes this charger special?

Its multifunctional capability makes this charger special. It contains superior features such as cyclic charging and discharging, LiPo balancing and fast charging among many others.


You do not need to break the bank to acquire an efficient and reliable LiPo Charger. At about 60 bucks only you can grab a charging unit that is not only affordable, but also offers a performance that goes beyond expectations.

Unlike other battery pack chargers, this unit comes with  bonus accessories that ensure all your batteries do not run down. But don’t just take our word for it.

Try this charger today and notice the difference by yourself.

What makes it stand out?

  • Superior features such as cyclic for enhanced performance
  • Features bonus accessories for enhanced versatility
  • Simple interface and easy to use the device
  • Supports multiple types of batteries
  • Extremely affordable charger

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Does not come with warranty
  • AC/DC Input

With AC voltage input 110V or 220V, just connect it with the included AC power cord to a power strip or a wall outlet, and DC voltage input 11.0-18.0V, connect it with the supplied XT60 plug to banana connector to a DC power supply.

  • Charge/Discharge

Discharges at 15W/channel and discharge current 0.1-5.0A to protect your invaluable battery packs and extend battery’s lifespan

  • Multi-Protection

With multi-protection mechanism integrated, the LiPo battery dual charger provides short circuit, over charging, over voltage, over current and reverse polarity protection

The EV-PEAK Duo Balance Charger has a pair of charging channels that allows you to charge RC battery packs with a positive/negative balanced plug. This product is specifically designed to charge App and remote control vehicles that have a LiPo battery pack. The AC voltage input is set at 110v or 220v and you simply connect this balance charger to a wall outlet or power strip to make charging safer. The DC voltage input is set at 11.0v to 18.0v and the included XT50 plug can be connected using a banana connector.

The EV-PEAK Duo Balance Charger has an integrated multi-protection system to protect your battery packs. When you’re recharging a LiPo battery using an unbalanced source of power it can lead to a number of issues, including: over voltage, over charging, short circuiting, reverse polarity problems and more. This product protects against these issues with a consistent discharge at a lower voltage. Although the AC/DC dual charger supplies 100W on each channel it will discharge at 15W per channel. This will protect your LiPo battery packs from damage caused during charging and it will extend the useful lifespan significantly.

This balance charger will work well with any 1-15Cells NiMH/NiCd, 1S-6S LiPo/LiFe/LiHV, and multi-chemistry battery packs that you may be using with RC vehicles. The lower discharge current of 0.1 up to 5.0A will provide a safer way to recharge your battery packs. Although the prices of LiPo battery packs have become more affordable in recent years they still represent a significant investment. So, it makes good sense to protect them and ensure that they last a long time to make that investment worthwhile. EV-PEAK offers free user support for all their products on their website for a worry free experience.

What are its best features?

  • Works with multiple types of batteries

What could be improved?

  • Feels a little lightweight

All in one

A high-performance charger for all your RC vehicle batteries, keeping them properly charged will surely lengthen their lifespan and let you get the most out of every race.

Supports Multiple Batteries

The unit allows you to charge a wide variety of RC batteries, including LiPo, LiHV, NiMH, LiFe, Li-Ion, 6 to 6 cell NiMh, NiCd, and 6V to 12V lead-acid.

Premium Charger Features

LCD display shows the battery type, number of cells, charge rate, battery voltage, charging time, mode, and charged capacity. The charger also has an XT60 charge port and an EC3 adaptor for hassle-free connection to most battery brands and types.

Compact and Affordable Charger

Measuring only 2x8x5″, this RC car battery charger will easily fit in your car compartment or backpack without taking up much space. It’s also premium RC battery-charging at an affordable price.

The Venom Power Pro 4 Charger is one among many high-quality LiPo batteries in the market. However, do not be fooled that that is the extent of the charger’s capabilities. It can as well charge multiple types of batteries including NiMH, LiFe, Li-Ion and a few others.

Throwing this in your backpack and carrying it around will have you ready to charge a car or boat battery whenever the need arises. It is thus an excellent idea to always have it with you.

Notably, the charger has the necessary port and an adapter to cater to charging different types of batteries.

When you connect the battery to the charger, it is also easy to keep track of progress thanks to the LCD display. This seemingly tiny component will provide you with all sorts of information.

For starters, the screen will tell you the battery type attached as well as the number of cells in it. Also, you can discern charge rate, charging time, and battery voltage alongside other details you may want.

Safety is also a key concern. After all, overcharging the battery may take you back to square one if it gets damaged. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t concern you that much as you can change the capacity cut-off to suit your battery’s needs. You can as well adjust the charger’s safety timer to the same effect.


That emergency power source that could come in handy in an emergency is here in the form of the Venom Power Pro 4 Charger. What’s more, it’s portable and can fit a light carry bag. The functionality is also supplemented by the LCD display through which you can find out all types of information about the batteries you are charging. Finally, the Venom Power Pro 4 Charger seems like an all-round top-notch charger that buyers shouldn’t pass on.

What stands out?

  • Works with multiple battery types
  • The charger reads and displays all battery data on the LCD screen
  • Users can control capacity cut-off and the safety timer for battery shutoff
  • Simple interface

What cons did we manage to find?

  • The exemption of a warranty is a problem for some buyers
  • Voltage Detection

The Venom 50W charger can automatically detect voltage in individual cells, making it easy to set appropriate charging rates.

  • Automatic Cut Off

This charger automatically shuts off in case of overheating and extreme charging temperatures. This ensures maximum safety and protection of your battery.

  • AC/DC Powered

You can use this unit to charge your AC/DC devices effortlessly

  • 3-Button User Interface

The charger comes with a 3-button user interface that is simple and easy to use.

Here we are again with yet another product from the Venom brand. This time, it’s the Venom 50W Charger. From the look of things, we simply can’t get enough of Venom battery chargers. This is because these chargers are not only superior in performance, but also extremely affordable.

The Venom 50W Battery Charger is extremely versatile as it is capable of charging two 3S batteries simultaneously thanks to its dual 3 Cell charge output ports. What we love about this charger is that it is exceptionally easy to use. All you have to do is connect the battery wire to any the charging ports and the charger will automatically power up your battery at your preferred rate.

But that’s not all. Here are the top features that this unit has to offer.


If you are looking for a LiPo charger that is simple and easy to use, then the Venom 50W Charger seems to be the real deal. In our honest opinion, this charger comes with everything you might need in a charging unit.

The fact that you can charge two LiPo batteries simultaneously not only saves time, but also makes up for the limitations in charging options. At slightly above 50 bucks, the Venom 50W offers good value for money. Try it today, and let us know how it goes.

Why are we impressed?

  • Easy to use interface
  • Automatic balancing and charging
  • Support simultaneous charging, saving time
  • Advanced safety features for maximum protection
  • Costs less than 100 bucks
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • The charger takes too long to charge optimally
  • Limited battery charging options
  • Intelligent Modes

This charger offers intelligent modes for charging, balancing, fast charging, storage, discharging and NiMH cycles. This ensures that your batteries are powered up to capacity.

  • 5-Button User Interface

This charger features a 5-button user interface and brightly lit LCD screen for easy navigation of charging options, and enhanced readings.

  • Complete Assortment of Charge Leads

You do not have to buy charging accessories separately. This charger comes with a complete assortment of charge leads for various battery chemistries.

The charger supports charging rates of up to 7 amperes, making it one of the few chargers with this charging capacity. It also features two 5V outputs specifically designed for charging USB devices.

What makes this charger popular is that it can charge a wide range of batteries, including LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, NiMH, Li-Ion, NiCd and Lead Acid batteries.

Does the Venom Pro Quad 400 Watt Battery Balancer Charger live up to expectations?


No other LiPo charger can match the performance of this unit. The Venom Pro Quad truly lives up to the hype as it can charge four batteries and two USB devices all at once. Menu navigation has never been easier, thanks to its easy to use 5-button user interface.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured of enjoying uninterrupted play and go charging without making frequent visits to the repair shop.

Why did it make our list?

  • Simultaneous charging of 4 batteries and 2 USB devices
  • Supports a wide range of battery chemistries
  • Offers intelligent modes for superior performance
  • Comes with a complete assortment of charge leads for enhanced versatility
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty

What is not ideal about it?

  • Highly priced
  • Does not have a master power switch
  • Integrated Cooling Fan

The B680AC charger consists of an integrated cooling fan that cools down the unit in case the charging temperature rises beyond the safety levels.

  • Multiple Safety Elements

Safety features include capacity cut off, safety timer, and peak sensitivity for maximum protection against damage to the unit and your batteries.

  • Extra Charging Accessories

It comes with a minimum of 5 charging leads for enhanced versatility and increased charging options

Are you the type of guy who loves unconventional devices?

Then the B680AC Air Dual Power Balancing Battery Charger is exactly what you need for your charging inventory.

It offers a fresh break from the past by providing alternative options to the LiPo charging process. Featuring 80Watts of high power, this unit is specifically designed for 3S LiPo batteries and other High Voltage battery chemistries.

Besides charging LiPo batteries, this unit is the ultimate charging package for Li-ion, LiFe, NiMh, NiCd and Pb batteries.

As if that is not enough…

This charger consists of a built-in AC/DC power ports for charging AC devices. What makes it more special is that it has worldwide voltage compatibility, meaning that you can use the charger anywhere you go.

Here are the top attributes.


You will quickly fall in love with this unit from the onset. This charger comes with so many amazing features despite its simple design.

Furthermore, it is extremely affordable and this makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a cheap, yet reliable charging option. Nevertheless, do not take our word for it. Go for this charger today and find out what it has in store.

What stands out?

  • Unique battery charger
  • Supports a wide range of battery chemistries
  • Integrated cooling fan for enhanced durability
  • Protective features for maximum safety
  • Amazingly affordable price
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

What cons did we manage to find?

  • According to some customers, the warranty is too short
  • Sometimes the charger does not provide accurate readings

• 3 Charge Modes

It features three charging modes to suit all your charging needs. These include the storage mode, balance mode, and fast mode.

• LED Bar

The charger consists of a LED bar that indicates the status of the charging process.

• Legacy-battery Support

This charger powers non-id Traxxas batteries and other older lithium batteries, thanks to its legacy-battery support feature. You can configure your charger manually to support older batteries.

• Built-in Cooling Fan

The Traxxas 2970 charger comes with a built-in cooling fan for quick heat dissipation. This prevents overheating and ensures extended machine life.

There’s always something fascinating about chargers built by hobbyists for hobbyists. One such product is the Traxxas 2970 E Z – Peak NiMH / LiPo FastCharger. This device comes loaded with tons of innovative features that will give you an easy time charging your lithium batteries.

This unit can automatically optimize charger settings to match the charging profiles of various batteries. It is capable of identifying the Traxxas batteries automatically, further readjusting itself accordingly.

But that’s not even the best part guys! You do not need to remember confusing formulas and data to charge your batteries. The charger features a one-button charging profile that protects your device’s battery from damage. With its modern high-resolution peak recognition feature, you can always be sure of realizing the perfect charge for your Lithium batteries.


This device is tailor-made for LiPo and NiMH batteries, and it comes with numerous features designed to protect your battery investment. The fact that it is built by hobbyists for hobbyists makes it the preferred option for many.

If you are an astute hobbyist or have a keen interest in RC toys, then strongly consider acquiring the Traxxas 2970 EZ-PeakFast Charger.

What do we love it for?

  • Safest option for charging Traxxas batteries
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integrated cooling fan for extended machine life
  • Multiple charging modes for maximum results
  • Extra ports for conventional LiPo batteries
  • Offers good value for money
  • Backed by a Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty

What were we disappointed with?

  • Supports LiPo and NiMH batteries only
  • The charger is not as durable as per its description

Things to Consider

All Types of LiPo Chargers

B680AC AIR Dual Power (6Amps, 80Watts): LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, NiCd, NiMh AC/DC Balancing Battery ChargerA LiPo charger is an RC battery charger specifically designed to power Lithium Polymer battery packs. However, most of them are capable of charging a variety of batteries ranging from LiPo to NiMH battery packs.

For this reason, classifying LiPo chargers into categories can be an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, this was an easy nut to crack for our reviewers.

The different types of LiPo chargers can be classified into three, according to how they charge. These include:

  • Those that charge via the main lead
  • Those that charge solely via the balance lead
  • Those that deliver a straight charge.

LiPo chargers can also be categorized according to their power system. These include:

Solar LiPo Charger

This type of charger uses solar energy to charge a variety of LiPo battery packs. The main benefit of using this type of charger is that it is eco-friendly, considering the fact that it uses renewable energy.

However, it also has its shortcomings, as the maximum charging current is 500 mA. This means that it can only charge 3.7V lithium battery packs.

Electric LiPo Charger

This type of charger exclusively uses electricity to function and can charge a wide variety of lithium battery packs without any restrictions. You have to connect the charger to a power outlet for it to function.

10 Durable LiPo Chargers - For All RC Enthusiasts Out There (2022)

Buyer’s Guide on How To Choose Best Lipo Charger 

Think about this for a moment.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a charger that is efficient, reliable and affordable?

Well, we are going to show you how to select the perfect LiPo charger for your charging needs. Here are a few considerations that you should make when buying a сharger.

  • LiPo Charger Power Supply

The power supply unit (PSU) provides the voltage required to charge the various types of batteries. Some LiPo chargers come with a built-in Power Supply Unit (PSU), while other chargers require that you buy a PSU separately.

The type of power supply unit that you need to buy depends on the current rate of your charger. For instance, if the current rate of your charger is 50W, then you require a power supply unit that is rated 50Watts or higher.

  • Size

Different chargers come in different sizes. The size that you choose all depends on your preferences. If you want a more portable LiPo charger, then you should consider going for a small-sized unit. Nevertheless, the size of the charger has no bearing on its performance.

  • Price

The price of the charger does not determine its performance. A charger might be expensive, only to fail when it matters the most. You should select a charger that is not only efficient, but also budget friendly. Luckily, most LiPo chargers range from $25 to $70 in price.

  • Features

Make sure that the charger that you intend to buy has the most basic features such as backlight LCD display, charging status indicators and precise voltage readings.

Other important features include protection mechanisms such as a temperature sensor, and automatic shut off in case of overheating. Extra features such as a USB port are also good, but not necessarily important.

  • Warranty

Most chargers come with a one-year warranty. This warranty protection ensures that you can enjoy the services of your LiPo charger for months to come without worrying about malfunctions.

10 Durable LiPo Chargers - For All RC Enthusiasts Out There (2022)

How to Charge LiPos

Use the following steps to charge your LiPo battery pack:
  1. Connect the T-Connector of your battery to the corresponding red and black plugs of the LiPo Charger
  2. Connect the Balance connector to the charger
  3. Plug your power supply to the charger (move to the next step if your charger has a built-in PSU)
  4. Select the battery type
  5. Press the Inc. button
  6. Wait for the “Charge current” and “charge voltage” led lights to flash
  7. Press and hold “start” to charge your battery


It is paramount when charging any type of lithium batteries. For this reason, always go for a LiPo charger that comes with extra safety features such as temperature limit, capacity limit, current limit and automatic shut off.

Here are additional safety tips that you should employ when using a LiPo Charger:

  1. Never charge a swollen or damaged lithium battery
  2. Do not parallel charge lithium batteries not matter your experience
  3. Quickly disconnect the charger if you notice any funny “plastic” smell
  4. Avoid purchasing used LiPo batteries
  5. Never leave your LiPo batteries charging unattended
  6. Never trickle charge your Lithium battery packs


The duration depends on a number of factors, including the type of charger, current range, and capacity of battery and voltage of each cell. Normally, an 11.1v LiPo battery charger will take approximately 2 hours. A 3s 3.7V LiPo battery charger will probably take much longer considering its low current and voltage capacity.

According to most manufacturers, the average lifespan of a conventional LiPo charger is 15 years. However, the duration could be longer or shorter depending on how you take care of your charger. Chargers that feature cooling fans are more likely to last longer due to faster heat dissipation.

Parallel charging is a way of charging multiple LiPo battery packs using the same charger. It allows you to charge two or more LiPo batteries at the same time. However, on the flipside, it can also be dangerous as it requires the supervision of a professional electrician.

Final Verdict

Without beating around the bush, our top choice is the SkyRC iMAX B6AC V2 Dual Power LiPo AC/DC Professional Battery Charger.

You probably want to know why we selected this unit as our preferred choice. For this reason, let’s get down to business.

The SkyRC iMAX B6AC is not an ordinary multi LiPo charger, as it supports a wide selection of batteries, including LiHV, Li-ion, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH, Pb Lead Acid and of course LiPo batteries. With its optimized operating software, this charger can detect any malfunction during charging or discharging and act accordingly to prevent damage to your batteries.

But that’s not all…

If you are looking for a LiPo charger with storage mode, then the iMAX B6AC V2 certainly fits the bill. You do not have to reconfigure the device when charging different batteries, as the B6AC V2 comes with 10 charging profiles for effortless charging. The charger’s firmware can be upgraded or downgraded at any time using the PC control software that’s included in the package.

So what are you waiting for?

Power up your lithium batteries and enjoy your RC activities uninterrupted by acquiring this dual 6s LiPo charger.

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