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7 Best Electric Baseboard Heaters – Winter Won’t Be A Cold Affair

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If you have a small space or are not looking for a full central heating system in the home, what alternative do you have? Do not despair, thinking that winter would be a completely cold affair. There are electric baseboard heaters that can help you. These appliances are a very popular choice for heating up a room due to their impressive effectiveness. They are also very safe to use and are more economical than many other home heating solutions. In this post, we will consider some of the best electric baseboard heater models that you can buy right now.

In creating the detailed product reviews, we considered some very important factors. These include type, material, size, visor, colors, and weight. In the buying guide section, we review why these factors are so important to consider.  We also provide other information that will assist you in making the correct buying choice.

Top 7 Electric Baseboard Heaters Review 2022


Heat Wave EB98937Editor’s Choice

  • Type: plug-in
  • Wattage: 500/1000W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dimensions: 25.2” x 5.2” x 8.7”, 5 lbs
  • Certifications: EPA, Energy Star
  • Warranty: 1-year

Other features: 2 heat settings, thermal cut-off protection and tip-over switch, long power cord, 400 sq ft coverage area

The Heat Wave EB98937 comes with plenty of useful features that you will enjoy using in the cold weather. It is a 1000W electric heater that has two heat settings and an adjustable thermostat. It also has safety features like an automatic shut-off and thermal cut-off. The room coverage of 400 square feet is enough to cater for a small apartment or room. Many of the users have highly recommended the Heat Wave EB98937 has it gives you plenty of heat even when it is on the lowest heat setting. Due to the safety feature, you will have protection from fire hazards.

If you want a model that is small and light, easy to carry, then this model will certainly fit your requirements. With dimensions of just 25.2” and weight of just five pounds, you can easily carry this model from room to room. You just need to find a power socket to plug in. It is compatible with most home power outlets.

The low heat setting is pleasant, keeping you warm without being uncomfortable. If you want a quick blast of heat, then the high setting comes in handy and will help you to heat up the room in a jiffy.

It truly packs plenty of power and a punch when heating up the room and is deservedly our top choice. The Heat Wave EB98937 is impressive and will fit into your space without any hiccups. While it is not the most elegant of models, it works very well and will suit your requirements.

Why is it special? Well, as our top rated option, there is so much to like about the Heat Wave EB98937. It is lightweight, portable and easy to use. The thermostat and two heat settings makes it an excellent fit. It also comes with plenty of power and will heat up your space efficiently.

What are the flaws? Despite the overall appeal of this model, it certainly has its drawbacks. The biggest issue that is found in this model is the poor design. It does not look appealing to most people that have used it.


KING 4K1210BWBest Value

  • Type: hardwired
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dimensions: 6.75” x 2.93” x 48”, 10.5 lbs
  • Certifications: UL listed
  • Warranty: 1-year

Other features: crushproof element, dent resistant

There are several reasons why many users love the KING 4K1210BW. The King brand has made some very impressive units that have a very appealing design while retaining plenty of power. The KING 4K1210BW is a 1000W baseboard heater that is particularly loved for the design and durability. First, it is back-wired. This improves the durability. It also comes with built-in clamps that are durable. There is a crush-proof element with the safety cutout and baked enamel finish that makes it stand up to any abuse without sustaining damage.

Away from the design and durability, the KING 4K1210BW comes with a relatively compact size and weighs nine pounds of weight. It comes with 1000W rating, just like our top choice, and this gives a voltage of 120 V at 8.3A. Part of the best features includes the thermostat that removes any guesswork from your temperature control. With the thermostat, you can determine just how hot you want the KING 4K1210BW.

Safety is also catered for by the KING 4K1210BW. This is evident in the tip-over switch that turns the heater off in case of overheating.

While some users have complained that their electric baseboard heaters produce uncomfortable buzzing or noises, the KING 4K1210BW is one of the quietest models we have considered. It is pretty quiet while it still produces plenty of heat in the room. You can therefore install it in your bedroom without feeling uncomfortable because of any noises.

Installing the KING 4K1210BW is straightforward, although you might have a hard time understanding the instructions included. The KING 4K1210BW comes in a ceramic build that gives it a unique element. It also will not leak or spill during use.   Overall, the KING 4K1210BW is a portable unit that is a great choice for your small spaces and give good power rating. The quiet performance makes it an ideal heater for offices, nurseries, and similar places that need quiet.

What are our favorite features? The durability offered by the KING 4K1210BW is exceptional and makes it offers excellent value for money. Additionally, it produces plenty of heat around your space and will have you feeling comfortable in the cold winter.

What could be better? Well, while this is cheaper than most models in the same category, it doesn’t save as much energy as you might like. The installation instructions are also somewhat difficult to follow.


Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1Budget Pick

  • Type: hardwired
  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dimensions: 6.75” x 2.5” x 48”, 9 lbs
  • Certifications: UL listed
  • Warranty: lifetime

Other features: 3415 BTUs, universal wiring available at either end, high-temperature safety shutoff feature

If you are looking for a budget option, then look no further than the Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1. This excellent electric baseboard heater comes with plenty of useful features that will endear it to anyone on a budget. It comes with 500 Watts of power, which is the smallest we have reviewed so far. Nevertheless, this is enough to help you heat up your room efficiently. Apart from helping you heat the room, the reduced power rating means that it will use a lower amount of power. This will save you money now and in the future.

Additionally, Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1 has a compact, portable design that makes it easy to lift and install without taking up much space in an already small room. Due to the simple instructions and the lightweight nature, the Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1 is pretty easy to set up. You don’t even need to have any prior experience before you can set it up yourself. Another thing that we liked about this model is the finish. The Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1 is a budget unit, but this does not diminish the design and build. It comes with a powder-coated paint that gives a smooth, beautiful finish that will look great in your space. Durability is important when buying an electrical appliance and you’ll enjoy that with the Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1. It has a steel construction that makes it resistant to damage.

Baseboard heaters are not known for their appearance or considered especially attractive fixtures in a space. The Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1 changes that by coming with a beautiful design and finish.

Safety is a concern when choosing a baseboard heater. Fortunately, despite being a budget model, the Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1 keeps your safe by coming with important safety features. The radiant heat fins that it comes with improve the overall performance and even help with the durability.

As it is UL listed, it comes as a product that is pretty safe to use.

What are our favorite features? The Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1 is made of 25 gauge steel which improves the durability. It is also very simple to use and install and does not need plenty of maintenance. All of these are available at a cheap price as well.

What could be better? Well, while the Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1 is awesome in terms of durability and price, it comes with downsides. For one, there is no thermostat. Thus, you’ll have to install an external thermostat. It also doesn’t work well when the temperatures are really low.


Comfort Zone CZ600Best Plug-In Model

  • Type: plug-in
  • Wattage: 750/1500W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dimensions: 30” x 6.2” x 10.8”, 8.54 lbs
  • Certifications: NRTL
  • Warranty: 2-year

Other features: 2 heat settings, 5120 BTUs ay 1500W, dent proof ends, quiet operation, safety tip-over switch, a stay-cool body and an overheat protection sensor

The next option that we will review is the best plug-in model on the market. The Comfort Zone CZ600 is a dual wattage heater that can work on 750 watts and 1500 watts. Hence, it is very versatile and can work on different wattage. It comes at a great price and still manages to incorporate some of the best features found on a baseboard heater. For instance, there is a heavy gauge heating element that gives you plenty of heat and still offers silent operation. Another notable feature of the Comfort Zone CZ600 is the timer setting. This setting ensures that save money on bills.

The design is another reason why we like it. It comes with a low profile that takes up little space and is easy to use. It has a compact form factor and is easy to carry. The heavy gauge element mentioned earlier also means that you have more even heating in the space.

There are two dials, one controlling the temperature while the other regulates the power. Therefore, you can select the type of power you want it to run on and the level of temperature in the room. This selection is also made easier via the three-position switch that comes with an OFF switch.  With a 5000BTU per 100 square feet rating, this is one of the best heaters that will keep the whole space warm for longer.

Safety is a priority with this baseboard heater too. Some of the safety features include the tip-over cut-off switch. There is also a thermal cut-off. These features are built into the Comfort Zone CZ600to help prevent any overheating that can damage the appliance and constitute a hazard.  Another useful safety feature is the tip sensor that switches the Comfort Zone CZ600 off whenever it falls over. The time and auto-off functions work together to ensure that the appliance is switched off whenever a particular temperature is achieved. This also works in reverse and turns the appliance on when a lower temperature is registered by the appliance.

It comes as a free-standing model with a relatively long cord to help you set it up without plenty of hassle. Overall, the Comfort Zone CZ600 is a heater that can be used in a 300 square feet room to great pleasure. Some users have remarked that it makes a noise whenever it starts to heat up, although this subsides when a steady temperature level is achieved.

Why is it special? The Comfort Zone CZ600 comes with a simple, yet nice design that makes it easy to use. The finish is of good quality. There is also a thermostat and timer included, something that isn’t found on many electric baseboard heaters today.

What are the flaws? When the Comfort Zone CZ600 is switched ON and begins to eat up, an audible sound is produced. It is also not as durable as we’d liked.


Fahrenheat FBE15002Best Heat Settings

  • Type: plug-in
  • Wattage: 1000/1500W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dimensions: 45” x 5.5” x 7.5”, 9 lbs
  • Certifications: UL
  • Warranty: 2-year

Other features: 2 heat settings, available in 2 sizes and colors, 5120/3413 BTUs, high-impact Lexan end panels, safety thermal cutout protection linear high temperature cutout safety

There are several advantages to using the Fahrenheat FBE15002 in your space. This model comes with a built-in thermostat for convenient temperature control. There is also a pane with inbuilt handles that make it easy to handle. With the energy saving construction as well, you can rest assured of using the unit without spending a lot of money on electrical bills. A versatile unit, you can use it in different parts of the home, from your bathrooms to bedrooms and other places. It is also made of high quality materials that ensure that it lasts for a long time.

The Fahrenheat FBE15002 is compact and portable. Unlike some of the other models, it utilizes a convection resistor to give off heat. Just like the model reviewed above, it is a freestanding unit with compact build and a weight of just nine pounds. Thus, you will find it easy to carry and set up in different parts of the home without plenty of hassle.

One notable feature is also the high-impact Lexan end panels. These have handles for easy carrying and will ensure the durability by reducing the chances of dropping it. Safety features are also embedded in this model. For example, the Fahrenheat FBE15002 comes with overheating protection. That allows you to place it in different floor surfaces without worrying about damage or fire hazards. Other safety features are the thermal overload and tip-over switches. These will turn off the appliance whenever it falls or overheats.

As with some of the best electric baseboard heaters, the Fahrenheat FBE15002 has a pair of heat settings. These are 1000 W and 1500 W. Thus, you can decide the level of heat emitted by the model. There is also a knob that controls the voltage levels and temperature. The four feet electric cord needs 12V connection, which is quite easy to find in homes.

Many users have remarked that brand new units give off a smell when used for the first hours. Another gripe they have is the lack of an ON or OFF button. Thus, you have to unplug it to ensure that it isn’t working anymore. It produces some noise during operation because of the metal expansion and contractions.

What do we love it for? The Fahrenheat FBE15002 is a portable unit that gives off plenty of heat. It is designed for use in a 1000 square feet space and will serve anyone looking for high performance electric baseboard heaters.

What were we disappointed with? It is annoying that there is no ON / OFF switch. The power light will remain on until you pull the plug. This is a design flaw that the manufacturer has to look into with subsequent models.


Dimplex PC3010W31Best Hardwired Model

  • Type: hardwired
  • Wattage: 750/1000W
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Dimensions: 6.62” x 2.38” x 30”, 5 lbs
  • Certifications: UL listed
  • Warranty: 1-year unit, 10-year elements

Other features: 2 heat settings, built-in CONNEX radio frequency transceiver, shark-fin blade design, 3412/2559 BTUs

The Dimplex PC3010W31 is an excellent hard-wired electric heater. It gives you up to 1000 watts of power, which is certainly enough to help you heat up your space. Size-wise, this is a compact, short unit that is smaller than many other models in this category. Among the notable features include a fast heating mechanism that drives the cold out in a short time. It also quickly responds to any changes in temperature. Due to the materials of construction, this is one of the most durable models you can find.

Although the average power output is 1000 watts, we observed that it can go as high as 1400 watts. Therefore, you can use it in a medium-sized room without any worries about the heating ability of the unit. This powerful unit is so great because it doesn’t have an hydronic design like so many others on the market. Instead of using the hydronic technology, it uses heating resistor that makes it very hot, without needing to add any liquid.

As we earlier said, this is a hard-wired model. It must be hard-wired to a 240V circuit, and it is the best hard-wired option on this roundup. It also has a built-in thermostat. Despite the fact that it must be hardwired to a 240 V circuit, it isn’t limited in terms of performance. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most versatile options on this list. To that end, it is compatible with wireless temperature controls and other thermostats.

Despite all that power, it is one of the most compact options on this list. This short length means that you have a unit that can fit into most small spaces without any problem. It also comes with the best warranty period of any baseboard heater on this list. Dimplex offers a ten year warranty!

Another remarkable feature of the Dimplex PC3010W31 is that it can work with a remote control. Therefore, you can operate the electric heater from your sofa. The unit also has a smooth finish that makes it one of the best-looking options on the market right now. The Dimplex PC3010W31 produces up to 8500 BTUs, which is one of the most powerful outputs on this list. Therefore, it will heat up your room in a very short space of time.

Why did it make our list? This is one of the more expensive options on this roundup, but it offers exceptional value for price. The fast and efficient heat dissipation, nice design, and compatibility with many thermostats and controllers make it one impressive unit.

What is not ideal about it? Perplexingly, the Dimplex PC3010W31 does not have an ON/OFF option on the controller. People have also remarked on the poor instructions included.


Marley HBB2004Best Wattage

  • Type: hardwired
  • Wattage: 1500/2000W
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Dimensions: 8.37” x 2.93” x 94”, 30 lbs
  • Certifications: UL listed
  • Warranty: 1-year unit, 10-year workmanship

Other features: high-temperature safety shutoff feature, low surface temperatures, corrosion resistant

The last but not the least on this roundup is the Marley HBB2004. It is a powerful unit that will help to keep the rooms warm or hot depending on your preference. It has an electrical output of 1250 watts and 4265 BTUs, which is certainly sufficient to heat up rooms of 200 square feet size. Despite the relatively small size, it is certainly one of the most powerful options on this roundup.

A notable feature of the Marley HBB2004 is the hydronic technology it uses. When filled with fluid, the Marley HBB2004 remains warm and will heat up the room even after it has been switched off. That way, you can save quite a lot of money on electrical bills. You will continue to enjoy a warm room even when the Marley HBB2004 is not switched on.

It needs to be hard-wired, and is suitable for 240V or 280V wiring. There is a large wiring compartment in this model. If you have basic DIY expertise, you will find the Marley HBB2004 quite easy to set up yourself.

Unfortunately, it does not ship with a thermostat. Therefore, you’ll have to buy a separate thermostat if you have any aspirations of controlling its temperature. Most of the hydronic heaters on the market have a short warranty period, and that is different with the Marley HBB2004. Rather, it has a 10 year warranty. Therefore, you are covered in case of damage or faulty circuitry.

Due to the metal body, this model will retain plenty of heat. During use, we observed that the Marley HBB2004 is a quiet model which makes it excellent to use in the bedroom, nursery, or office. With the strong convection flow, heat is delivered evenly around the space. It also has a compact and durable build which makes it ideal to use in different places.

Installation is easy as well as you just have to wire it up and connect it to the outlet. The energy efficiency is another thing we liked as this model is DE – compliant.

What makes it stand out? The long, ten-year warranty is a good thing and will help to save costs on maintenance and repairs. It also delivers heat for a long time after it has been turned off.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? It does not ship with a thermostat, which means that you have to buy a third-party thermostat and hope that it is compatible with it. It also comes with difficult installation process for those without DIY experience.

Things to Consider

In the section above we considered seven of the best electric baseboard heaters on the market right now. Since there are several models on the market, it can be hard finding the right model for you. However, we have made it easy for you buy narrowing your choices to the seven models that we reviewed. Now, we realize that you might want to choose a model independent of our recommendations. If that is the case, you will need the correct information that will help you to make the right buying choice. That is why we have created this section. Here, we provide information about the important factors to consider before buying. We have also provided other important information that would help you on your quest for the best models.

What is the Electric Baseboard Heater?

7 Best Electric Baseboard Heaters  - Winter Won't Be A Cold AffairThere are several heating appliances that people use to remain warm in the cold weather. The electric baseboard heater is one of these appliances. They are similar to portable heaters, however, they are often longer. Additionally, they are usually placed or installed close to the baseboard. They are not often the primary source of heat in a home, but are usually bought to complement the heating system in a space. They are found in bathrooms, garages, and other spaces that require some temporary heating. This is further enabled by their portable design. 

The electric baseboard heater is usually installed on the coldest wall of a room. This will cause the heat to radiate to the other parts of the space.
Many people prefer using these appliances because they are cleaner and safer than other heating appliances. They are also quite easy to install and maintain. You can set them up in a way that will not cause any obstruction or get in the way.  Electric baseboard heaters are sturdy and come with several safety features that will ensure that they remain safe even if they are tipped over.

Electric baseboard heaters comes in two voltages, which might require different installation approaches. There is the 120 V style heater that you will connect to your 20A circuit. When setting this up, one important thing that you should do is ensure that the circuit will comfortably carry the load. This is even more important to ensure if the circuit is already connected to other heaters. Apart from the 120V style, these heaters also come in 240V styles.

The baseboard heater is a practical appliance and isn’t usually designed for aesthetic value. Instead, they focus on providing the required heating without much fuss. They are practical and will help you to save plenty of money on electrical bills.

There are several types of baseboard heaters on the market today (more on that  later), and you must ensure that the option you choose will suit your needs.

Advantages of Electric Baseboard Heaters

7 Best Electric Baseboard Heaters  - Winter Won't Be A Cold AffairThe baseboard heater is an excellent addition to every home. There are several reasons why it is highly rated among users. Let’s see some of the benefits of using a baseboard heater.

  • The baseboard heater gives you a way of zoning the heating of your home. Therefore, you ca decide which part of the home you want to heat. After all, there is no point heating up every part of the house if you do not need the heating there. With the baseboard heater, you can heat up wherever you are alone. This will certainly help you to save money on bills.
  • The baseboard heater is an excellent appliance to heat up a draughty space in your residence. It will quickly heat it up and remove the cold.
  • Installation is often easy and straightforward with the baseboard heater. Some of these appliances come as plug and use units and will not need any form of installation before you can start enjoying them.
  • As baseboard heater are powered via electricity, you can use them wherever you are. You also don’t have to create any vents in the walls before you can enjoy warm air.
  • The convective baseboard heater is often quiet and is ideal for places where you need quiet, like the bedroom, nursery, home office, and similar places.
  • The baseboard heater is also very easy to maintain. You will enjoy the performance for many years without any issues.

Choosing the Electric Baseboard Heater

As we have seen so far, the baseboard heater is an excellent means of heating up parts of the home while saving energy and costs. With the baseboard heater, you can turn on the heat in a particular part of the house instead of having your whole heating system turned on.  Choosing a baseboard heater requires that you consider several factors. Let’s now see some of the important considerations that will affect your buying choice.


7 Best Electric Baseboard Heaters  - Winter Won't Be A Cold AffairThere are different types of baseboard heater, and you have to know them before you choose a model.

  • Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

The hydronic baseboard heater is a type of baseboard heater that uses fluids during operation. These heaters retain their heat even hours after they have been switched off. An example of this type of heater is the Marley HBB2004.

While the heat retention is great, there are some disadvantages to this system.

For one, they are harder to install than the other types of baseboard heaters. Therefore, people without DIY skills might find them hard to set up. Apart from that, while there are some models that are relatively easy to install, they take a long time to heat up. The hydronic type retains heat and can be hazardous if you have pets and children in the home.

  • Electric Baseboard Heaters

These are the most common type that you’ll find. They are far easier to set up. All you need is to screw it into the wall and hardwire with your existing electrical circuit. They offer a rapid heat up of the space and instead of relying on convective currents to spread the heat around the room, they use a fan to push the air around. An example is the Heat Wave EB98937 model. They also come with very useful safety features like being cool to the touch. Therefore, they are much safer to have around the home if you have children or pets.

While these are generally awesome, they also come with their downsides. For one, they can reduce the humidity in the air and make the environment very dry. This can feel uncomfortable after some time.

Either type of baseboard heater is effective at heating up the air.

Costs of Operation

Another factor that you should consider before making a buying choice is the cost of running the heater. Here is a breakdown of the things you might have to spend on.

  • Initial cost

This refers to the cost of the buying the unit. From our research, the hydronic baseboard heater is usually more expensive than the regular electric baseboard heater.

  • Installation

You will have to check out how the unit will be installed. Some of these models need to be hardwired into your existing circuit, while others can be plugged into a socket and work on the go. The Dimplex PC3010W31 for example, needs to be hard wired into your electrical circuit if you want to use it. The Comfort Zone CZ600, on the other hand, is a plug-in model that doesn’t require all that hassle.

If it would be hard wired, you might have to call on an electrician to help you to fix it up. This will cost you more.

  • Efficiency

Since these heaters run on electricity, you will have to be wary of the costs of running them. If left unchecked, it can run into plenty of dollars. From our testing and reviews from users, hydronic models are more energy efficient than the convectional counterparts since you can switch them off and still enjoy heating.

  • Maintenance

While baseboard heaters do not generally require plenty of maintenance, you still have to keep them in good shape if you want to get the best out of them. Therefore, check out how often you’ll need to replace parts and other maintenance.

Stand-Alone or Integrated?

7 Best Electric Baseboard Heaters  - Winter Won't Be A Cold AffairAnother important factor to consider when making a buying choice is determining whether you want a stand-alone or an integrated model.

A stand-alone model means that the heater can work on its own while the integrated installation means that you will add it to your already existing home heating system. For integration, for example, you could add a thermostat to the heater that will control it as well as other heaters in the house.

There are several advantages to using the baseboard heater in a stand-alone installation. When used in a stand-alone system, you can turn off all the heating in the home bar the baseboard heater. When you switch off all the heating in the home except for the baseboard heater, you’ll be saving plenty of money on electrical bills.

However, if you have a family, it might be better to integrate the heater into your homes’ heating system. That way, everyone can stay warm no matter where they are in the house.

Size and Design

The size and design are other important considerations that really matter.

The size of the space will determine the power that you’ll need from the heater. You must know the size of the room and know whether the heaters’ room coverage would be sufficient. A rule of thumb is that 10 watts of heat is what should be given for every square foot of space.

Therefore, if your garage is 1000 square feet, you will need a baseboard heater that will give 10000 watts of heat output. Now that is a very large number and you might not find a baseboard heater that will give that much output, but I suppose that you get the general picture. If you have a room or space that big, you might have to combine one or two baseboard heaters for the best heating performance.

Some of the models we reviewed have good room coverage. For example, the Comfort Zone CZ600 gives 5120 BTUs at 1500W.

The design is also an important consideration. These heaters come in different colors, but the most common options are white or cream. If you are looking to match the appliance to your décor, then you should consider the design feature. Some of these units also come with a grille on the front panel. These will determine how the air flows in the space.


While this isn’t really about the feature of the heater, the placement will affect how much good the baseboard heater will accomplish in your space. It is important that you place the heater in a right place to get the most out of it.

  • Under your window

You can place the heater under the window. Doing this will decrease heat loss in the space. By placing it under the window, the heat generated will rise and keep the temperature of the room at a relatively high level.

  • On exterior walls

You can also place the heater on exterior walls if you want the best performance. By placing it on a cold wall, it will increase the wall’s temperature and this will keep the exchange of heat with the outside environment constant – in turn keeping the space warm.

Safety Features

Since the heater generates heat, it is important that you have safety features in place that will prevent any fire accidents or other types of accidents.

The best options on the market, including the models that we have reviewed above come with safety features. One important safety feature includes overheat protection. Another is the over-tip switch that turns off the appliance if it falls. Our top pick, the Heat Wave EB98937 and other models like the KING 4K1210BW, and Fahrenheat FBE15002 come with these and other safety features.


As with other electrical appliances on the market, it is possible for the unit to come with defects. It can also develop faults over the course of using it. That is why it is important that the model you choose comes with a lengthy warranty period. The Dimplex PC3010W31, for example, comes with a 10 year warranty on its elements.


If you choose the right model, then baseboard heaters are safe for kids and pets. The unit must come with safety precautions.

Some of these include being cool to touch. It should also come with tip-over kill switch that will switch off the appliance if it falls.

You can maintain your electric baseboard heater by disassembling and cleaning it often. It is also important that you seal it.

This depends on the model. However, most of the units on our list are energy efficient and will not result in high electrical bills.

Since these can affect the temperature of the space, it is important to consider them.


Choosing the best electric baseboard heater can be challenging. From our review, we recommend the Heat Wave EB98937 as our top pick. This unit boasts of a pair of heat settings and an adjustable thermostat. It produces plenty of heat even on the lowest setting and will keep you very warm in the coldest winters.  The KING 4K1210BW is our value pick. It comes with a full-length safety cutout and a baked enamel finish. It is also a powerful unit that will keep you warm in the winter. Next is the Cadet Manufacturing 4F1000-1 which is the budget pick. This unit offer 500 Watts of power and a compact design that will heat up a small space.

We hope that you consider this review and the products discussed as you make the right buying choice.

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