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10 Modern 4-Cup Coffee Makers – Incredible Machines Worth Mentioning (2022)

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Waking up to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee has become a habit so many of us have gotten into.

Today, there is a  large global community that celebrates the cup of joy every single morning. Despite the fact that there are several decent cafes from where any coffee freak can have a decent shot of espresso, people nowadays prefer having everything under their control, especially if it relates to food and health. Best 4-cup coffee maker is here for help as coffee lovers prefer brewing a perfect cup of coffee on their own and at the comfort of their homes.Continental Electric 4-Cup Coffee Maker

Wondering the reason behind this?

Well, it is simple. Coffee drinkers want to control the strength and the taste of every cup of coffee. Besides, we all love professionalism, convenience and being economical.

This is why 4-cup coffee makers are gaining popularity in the coffee industry. Their tiny footprint gives coffee lovers an exciting feel every single day. They can be used with ease and convenience at home, office or in the smallest apartments.

Here is what matters most.

Definitely, there are so many coffee maker brands in the market and choosing the best isn’t a straightforward process as you may think. After all, is said and done, all you need is a coffee machine that is packed with incredible brewing technology. Here are some of the top 4-cup coffee makers available in the market:

  • Equipped with removable filter basket that can be lifted up to allow for easy and quick cleanup plus filling.
  • Has Off/On indicator light that gives you peace of mind when you are not sure whether the machine is running or not. It notifies the user when the coffee machine is on or off.
  • Brewing pause N’ serve feature allows you to taste the cup of joy when brewing is still ongoing.
  • Comes with a dual water window that enhances filling accuracy by indicating the water level in the reservoir.
  • Delay brew lets you play with the clock so you can wake up to a fresh tasty cup of coffee.

From the very beginning, Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, DRX5 has been great at one thing – Delivering a great coffee experience anytime anywhere. It is an amazing brewing machine that will always allow you to wake up to a hot delicious cup of coffee.

What even amazes coffee lovers?


On a final word, Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Maker DRX5 is a smart compact device. It boasts of several prominent features that push it up the ranks. If you would love to own a coffee making machine that will allow you to wake up to a fresh cup of delicious coffee, then this is an ideal choice.

It is equipped with a grab-a-cup auto-pause feature that lets you respond to your cravings before brewing is complete. Cleanup is a snap because of the easy-to-lift and clean filter basket. More incredible is that the design of Mr. Coffee DRX5 fits on any countertop. You will definitely go crazy when the smelling brews and beans surround the entire office or kitchen.

Overall, this is a great coffee maker designed to give you a rich coffee experience without making your life a living hell. Don’t wait anymore if you plan to bring brewing convenience right into your own home or office. You made the right choice.

Why is it special?

  • A trustworthy product that has been delivering a great coffee experience to coffee lovers for many years.
  • Easy to clean because of the hassle-free filter basket.
  • Reliable coffee-making machine. Features a dual water window that takes the guess work out of your kitchen by indicating the water level.
  • Has a compact design that makes it convenient to use at just any place, whether in the office or that kitchen of yours that has tiny cabinets and a small countertop.
  • It uses the latest brewing technology for high-end coffee experience.

What are the flaws?

  • The machine is only capable of brewing 4, 5oz cups at a time.
  • With time, the digital clock loses its precision.
  • Automatic one-hour shutoff. This unit also has an indicator light that helps maintain the machine and conserve energy.
  • Pause and Serve allows you to feel the rich delicious flavors of the cup of mid-brew coffee. Additionally, it has easy-to-pour carafe.
  • Includes simple brewing instructions at the top side of the machine. Even beginners will find coffee making a breeze.
  • Non-stick warming plate.
  • Has a stainless steel/glass replacement carafe in case you mess around.
  • Commercial 3-prong plug.

Andis 4 Cup Coffeemaker is another amazing unit that lets you drink the coffee of your choice every morning. We often fall in love with this brand because of its glass carafe design that is just too eye-catching. I love the fact it looks pretty and cool enough to make your first date fruitful.

Want to learn more about the Andis 4-Cup 69045 Coffeemaker? Well, here is why this machine is capable of pulling decent shots of coffee:

Do you really want to dig deeper?

Find out why this coffee machine deserves a place of honor in your home or whichever place you chose to enjoy hot delicious coffee from.


Overall, Andis 4 Cup Coffeemaker is a great unit that is ideal for use in the commercial setting. Unlike its competitors, it features easy-to-follow brewing instructions that make your coffee experience a breeze.

To be honest, this unit is great more so when used in RVs. The major downfall is that the glass carafe easily breaks when abused. Another issue that seems to raise concern among users is the difficulty of getting coffee filters that are compatible with this model. The coffee filters are literally non-existent. However, with proper care, you will love pulling decent shots of delicious coffee with this unit. It is easy to set-up and clean.

What are its best features?

  • Includes brewing instructions.
  • Steel carafe gives the model a leg-up among its competitors.
  • Small compact size fits any settings.
  • Makes a perfect cup of hot coffee.
  • Allows you to taste a cup before brewing is complete.

What could be improved?

  • The coffee maker only prepares 16oz which won’t really give you 4 cups.
  • Difficult to find filters that will fit well in the filter holder.
  • Easy to use. With a push of a button or toggle switch, you get to enjoy rich-tasting coffee. No complicated whistles of bells.
  • Easy-to-fill water tank. It is highly accessible because of the easy-to-lift lid that lets you pour water into the tank.
  • Features an automatic carafe warmer. Don’t love it cold? Well, this unit’s carafe warmer keeps your coffee warm even when you are done brewing.
  • Cleanup is a breeze. The 4-cup Elite Cuisine Coffeemaker has a removable and reusable coffee filter that washes easily in the dishwasher. No more trash!
  • Water level indicator and the semi-transparent reservoir enhances accuracy during refills.
  • Pause N’ Serve function allows you to taste rich flavorful coffee before brewing is complete.

and features an attractive footprint that is ideal for small apartments, dorm rooms, and offices.

Who doesn’t love to be refreshed early in the morning?

If you want to kick-start your day in style, then let this little coffee machine have space in your kitchen.

You better get to hear this.

The Elite Cuisine Coffeemaker not only serves your family of 3-4 hot delicious coffee but also pauses for an instant cup of joy. There are other amazing features that make coffee lovers fall in love with this model. And additional milk frother will make the list of your coffee drinks longer.


Let me be honest with you. The 4-cup Elite Cuisine Coffeemaker is a top-ranked model that is packed with incredible features to make your coffee experience awesome. It is great for saving space yet excellent at brewing rich-tasting coffee.

You will definitely start your day feeling energized.

Some of the handy features of this unit include the Pause N’ Serve function that lets you drink coffee before the brewing cycle comes to an end. Transparent reservoir and the water level indicator makes it easier to keep a keen eye on the water level.

Cleaning this unit is a breeze. The filter is removable and most parts are dishwasher safe. On a final word, this unit is everything you need for a better life with great coffee.

Why are we impressed?

  • Great choice for use in dorms and small apartments. Doesn’t take much space.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Budget-friendly unit.
  • On-the-spot brewing accuracy.
  • Reusable and removable dishwasher-safe filter.
  • Eco-friendly unit.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Doesn’t have the automatic shut off function.
  • Super easy to use. You can use coffee beans and brew your coffee by turning the dial to 1 or 2. Alternatively, you can use the dial which turns to the coffee button when using regular coffee grinds.
  • Perfect for couples, single student or a family of two. I wouldn’t recommend anything better when you want an instant pick-me-up cup.
  • Cleaning the unit is a snap. You simply get rid of the detachable parts, rinse with mild soapy water and allow the unit to air dry.
  • Sleek compact design. This unit loves to save on space, no taking the entire countertop space.
  • 2-way brewing option. The machine knows how to do its thing. All you have to do is decide whether to use regular coffee grinds or use coffee beans. Maximum flexibility is offered by the two-way brewing options.
  • Quiet operation. Equipped with an enclosed cabinet, this unit will prepare 4-cups of great tasty coffee as you watch the news or read a novel.

The Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Machine is another incredible model you won’t risk to go without. Its unique design reflects a mix of both modern and retro. More amazing is the fact that it is equipped with a built-in grinder that grinds the beans before brewing. It is needless to say the coffee shots that come out of this machine are definitely great-tasting.

What about this…

Well, there is more than meets the eye when a popular coffee brand like Haier Brew Automatic Coffeemaker is mentioned. Offering two-way brewing options is just but one of the many amazing features. It is truly a fantastic way to start the day with a cup of coffee.

Why not look at these robust features.

Ooh! I cannot fail to mention that this coffeemaker is one of the easiest to clean.


Haier Brew Automatic Coffee Machine is the way to go if you want to pull decent shots of coffee in as less as 3-5 minutes. Giving you two brew options, you will surely enjoy a rich coffee experience. With a press of a button, this unit will do its thing so perfectly.

Overall, it is an excellent buy loved by lots of people because of the tasty cups of brewed coffee it makes. Automatic filter plus the removable grinding chamber are some of the robust features. It is pretty simple to use. Cleaning is a breeze because most parts are detachable.

Looking for a space-saving compact coffeemaker that will quickly prepare you tasty coffee? Well, I bet you will love Haier Brew Automatic Coffeemaker. It is worth it!

What are our favorite features?

  • Compact and attractive.
  • Super easy to use and clean.
  • Provides maximum brewing flexibility.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Equipped with a built-in grinder.
  • Has additional accessories such as measuring cup and cleaning brush.

What could be better?

  • Slightly lower capacity.
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  • Reliable Solid and Heavy-gauge 18/10 stainless steel construction.
  • Mirror finish that gives the unit a distinguished stylish look.
  • Sleek elegant design pleases the eye and adds a classy touch to your countertop.
  • Comes with an extra gasket plus a reducer.
  • Features induction base. Makes the unit suitable for all cooking surfaces.
  • 4-cups capacity suitable for a small family or couples.
  • Hand wash only.

If you are looking for an espresso machine that has a distinguished build and delivers great crema, then the Cuisinox COF-4R 4-Cup Coffee Makers is an ideal choice. Produced by the World Renowned Cuisinox Manufacturers, this unit boasts of great craftsmanship and high-end industry standards.

Here is why this brand always tops the list.

Needless to say, this coffeemaker has one of the best yet simple construction. It is made of 18/10 heavy-gauge stainless steel and reinforced with a mirror finish.


Sometimes we want an espresso machine that is well built, pleasing to the eye but most importantly, brews a great-tasting cup of coffee. Well, what if I sincerely let you know that, that is exactly what Cuisinox COF-4R 4-Cup Coffee Makers offers. Truly speaking, the unit is a bit pricey but great at brewing flavorful coffee full of crema.

It is a top brand from the renowned Cuisinox Producers that has shaken the coffee industry.

But this is what I love the most!

It is a premium-grade espresso coffeemaker that boasts of solid 18/10 stainless steel construction.

What do we love it for?

  • Premium-grade espresso machine.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Superior heavy gauge stainless steel construction.
  • Great at brewing rich and tasty coffee.
  • Amazing design; mirror finish.

What were we disappointed with?

  • There are no markings on water container for a single serving.
  • Requires preheated water and finely ground coffee for the best brewing results.
  • 30 Minute automatic shut off plus convenient ON indicator light. This gives you peace of mind when you get busy and don’t want to get up.
  • Brewing instructions booklet. Even beginners will find coffee brewing a breeze.
  • Stainless steel carafe (4-Cup) that also includes pouring spout and knuckle guard. No drips as you pour your coffee into a coffee mug.
  • The brew-pause function allows you give in to your cravings for rich-tasty coffee when you just can’t wait for the brewing cycle to come to an end.
  • Quality and reliable construction. The unit is built to North American Electrical Standards.
  • Compact space-saving design. It will serve you even in the smallest apartment.

The Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffee Machine is designed to suit coffee lovers that live in small apartments or brew coffee in their offices. Built to the North American Electrical Standards implies this unit has much to offer the coffee world. We love the fact that you can taste a cup of coffee before the brewing circle finally ends.

But this is the really kick-starter…

To be sincere with you, this unit is a high-end model fully loaded with highly customizable features. Anyway, what else could we expect from Cuisinart Manufacturers that have always scooped the crown? Want to learn more? Well, you better continue reading.


No hard feelings, Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffee Machine is an impressive unit. Live in a tiny apartment but can go for a day without tasting the cup of coffee? Well, I suggest you try out this unit. It is a performer that will always prepare you flavorful coffee anytime anywhere.

This is what I personally love…

The fact that this unit lets coffee lovers sneak in the midst of the brewing cycle and taste coffee pushes it up the ranks. I also can’t forget to mention that it has an automatic 30-minute shut-off function let alone the easy to store compact design.

Why did it make our list?

  • 30-minute automatic shut-off feature saves on power and maintains the machine.
  • Has Brew-Pause that lets coffee fanatic taste the flavors before the end of the game.
  • Makes rich tasty coffee.
  • Takes less time to brew.
  • Ease to use and clean.

What is not ideal about it?

  • Lacks a timer.
  • The carafe is made of steel but lacks insulation. You may get burns.
  • Dual water windows. A great feature for those who like accuracy when filling. You can easily monitor the amount of water in the reservoir.
  • On/Off indicator light that keeps you alert when the machine is powered on or off.
  • Removable filter basket. It easily lifts out to allow for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Cord storage. Stores excess cord so as to keep the countertop free of any mess.
  • Pause N’ Serve function. You can conveniently pour a rich flavorful cup of coffee and enjoy.

The Mr. Coffee DR5 4-Cup Coffee Maker is another amazing unit that comes with a sense of luxury. Regardless of where you stay, this coffeemaker will for sure rock your day. Since the year 1970, Mr. Coffee machines have always made coffee drinkers proud. Particularly, this nifty coffee machine model is suitable for apartments or office.

This is what drives me crazy…

Just think of a coffeemaker that lets you sneak in and fill your cup before brewing is complete. Isn’t that amazing?

Not convinced enough?


I would say Mr. Coffee DR5 4-Cup Coffee Maker is a much better product considering all counts. Designed to simply coffee brewing, this unit still maintains rich flavors. Featuring a removable filter, this unit serves you clean coffee while making cleaning pretty simple. The On/Off indicator light gives you peace of mind when you are not sure whether the unit is powered off or on.

More promising is the fact that you can make a serving while brewing is still in progress. Overall, this coffeemaker can cut down on daily coffee bills without compromising the flavors.

What are its best features?

  • Brews quickly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Removable filter for quick easy cleaning.
  • One can make a serving before brewing is finished.

What could be improved?

  • The size of the top opening is too small.
  • 4-Cup capacity. Makes coffee serving to your family of 2-4 quick and easy.
  • Innovative and stylish design. Very eye-catching and adds to interior décor.
  • Smart space saver. Features a compact design that will fit in the smallest apartment or office.
  • Pause N’ Serve option. You don’t have to wait till brewing is complete for you to drink your coffee.
  • Water window for accurate filling.
  • Has a permanent filter.

Are you the kind that can’t go a day without coffee? Well, I guess you can find a solution without necessarily breaking the banks. Why not complete your kitchen with Continental Electric 4-Cup Coffee Machine. It will brew you hot delicious coffee while saving on your kitchen or office space.

What about this…

One attractive feature that will make you spend some bucks on the Continental Electric 4-Cup Coffeemaker is the innovative stylish design. Needless to say, having this unit in your kitchen adds to your interior décor.


Are you a coffee fanatic who is tired of spending bucks on coffee in the nearby restaurant? The Continental Electric 4-Cup Coffee Machine has everything it takes to cut down on bills without compromising the flavor. It is great for one to two-person household and will save on your kitchen space.

Why are we impressed?

  • Stylish compact design saves space.
  • Pause and serve capability.
  • User-friendly.
  • Brews great tasting coffee.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Some parts of the construction are made of plastic.
  • Features a frothing arm that produces creamy froth. This is a useful feature to those who love lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Removable drip tray. Collects all the coffee drips keeping your countertop neat.
  • Pour glass carafe. With just a slight tilt of the wrist, you will serve 4 cups of hot flavorful coffee.
  • Produces hot steam that optimizes extraction resulting to rich espresso.
  • Equipped with a glass decanter plus a removable froth that makes cleanup a snap.

The Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso machine is another top model that will definitely bring coffee brewing convenience into your home or office. Featuring a stainless steel construction, this unit is built to last. Brewing dark rich espresso is what this machine is good at.

But this outdoes everything else…

When Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine is mentioned, I think of the creamy cappuccinos and lattes produced by the powerful milk frother. But that is not the end of everything, there is more than this unit boasts of.


The Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso is a commercial-grade coffee maker. Actually, if you want a machine that will turn you into a barista, then this is it. You can brew the espresso of your choice at the comfort of your kitchen. Stay cool handle, easy-to-pour spout, and the glass decanter are just but a few robust features of this unit.

My final word.

This coffee maker is suitable for coffee lovers obsessed with rich espresso, mocha, Macchiato, creamy lattes and bold cappuccinos, just do not forget to use clean water.

What makes it stand out?

  • Quality stainless steel construction.
  • Great at making cappuccinos, mocha, espresso, and lattes.
  • Has a powerful milk frother for richer coffee.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Great espresso machine yet budget-friendly.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • You will do several shots when de-pressuring the machine.
  • Engineered to be a multipurpose appliance. You can utilize the non-stick griddle, use the toaster for biscuits and brew coffee, all in one machine.
  • Pause N’ Serve feature that lets those obsessed with coffee to taste the flavors while brewing is still ongoing.
  • The 4-cup coffee maker has a removable filter. This greatly enhances the ease with which the unit is cleaned.
  • Easy-to-use controls. With a button touch, you can regulate heat, 15-minute time, toast/brew options and more.
  • Features a non-stick grill and 4-slice toaster. Start your day in style with scrambling eggs, bacon or pancakes which can be cooked on the non-stick griddle. Alternatively, you can use the toaster to taste biscuits or keep food warm.
  • Has a 4-cup glass carafe. Take your coffee brewing experience a notch higher by utilizing the Pause N’ Serve & the anti-drip features. You will enjoy the cup of coffee without messing around.
  • Swing-out filter compartment. Makes cleanup a breeze.

Elite Cuisine EBK-200 Max-Matic Multifunction Unit is meant for those that love all-in-one appliances. It is slightly sophisticated given that it is fully loaded with robust features. Coffee lovers refer to this unit as the 3-in-1 breakfast center. Well, perhaps you are not aware that this unit has a toaster, griddle and a coffee maker, all under one construction.

Don’t you want to hear more?

Despite being a 3-in-1 appliance, it features a compact footprint. It is, therefore, perfect for RVs, dorm rooms, and smaller kitchens.


To be sincere, Elite Cuisine EBK-200 Max-Matic Multifunction Unit is one miraculous machine. How it can brew great-tasting coffee, toast biscuits, and grill pancakes while saving your countertop space remains a mystery. It is a 3-in-1 breakfast center with 15-minute timer control and reusable filter.

In a nutshell, this unit not only offers a rich coffee experience but also makes cleaning a hassle-free task.

Why did it make our list?

  • Versatile unit.
  • Multipurpose; includes perfect breakfast center.
  • Storage is no-fuss.
  • Easy to use and clean up.
  • Diverse product yet compact in design.

What is not ideal about it?

  • Has a small coffee filter.

Things to Consider

How We Tested

Let be sincere with one another because this is where it all begins and ends. What matters at the end of the day is a reliable coffee maker that will brew the best-tasting coffee and not one that pulls some terrible espresso shots.

Some machines claim to do so much yet they have the poorest water-to-bean ratio and don’t heat water the right way. To corner these scams, we decided to go through a very rigorous process and finally find out which model scoops the crown.

Actually, apart from carrying out various qualitative tests, we also considered the views of most coffee lovers. Most were comfortable with a unit that could strike a balance between great flavors, reasonable price (Not beyond $200), easy cleanup and less maintenance.

In addition to that, we consulted The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) so we could improve on our merit criteria. We were able to come up with other determining factors such as time, accuracy, volume, extraction capability, carafe, and overall machine performance.

Finally, we put everything together including the 10 coffeemaker models and began the analysis. We had the best roasters and tasters.

We used 10 batches of whole bean coffee, which was enough to make 1 liter for each coffee machine and brewed across all the models. Finally, we served the brewed coffee to the tasters so they could determine which coffeemaker is up to the mark.

In addition, we used the VST refractometer to determine the percentage of what coffee specialists refer to as the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). There were other qualitative tests too so as to determine the strength of coffee among other test variables. At the end of the entire process, we came up with the winner.

Interested to know more? Well, stay tuned for the next part.

How to Choose the Best 4-Cup Coffee Making Machine

First of all, let me make it clear.

There is nothing known as the best coffee maker regardless of its capacity or brand. By that I mean, there is no single model that can be loved by all of us. What best suits your needs is what is best. Therefore, before spending any bucks, think of what you need and everything else will be a breeze.

The best starting point is by first understanding the major features of 4-cup coffee machines and how they vary. Below are a few things you may want to look into before making your final decision.

  • Easy cleaning

A coffee machine should not make your life a living hell when it is time to clean things up. This is why you should consider a coffeemaker with a removable filter and one whose parts can be easily detached.10 Modern 4-Cup Coffee Makers – Incredible Machines Worth Mentioning (2022)

  • Brew-Pause 

This is a feature some coffee drinkers can’t do without. It allows you to taste coffee mid-brewing. The good news is that the brew-pause feature can enable you to determine the taste and blend of ingredients.

  • Permanent Filter

Some brands come with a permanent filter. This means you cannot use the paper filters. It all narrows down to personal preference, especially those that live paper filter flavors.

Coffee Maker Auto Shut Off

This is an important feature for those who try their best to cut down on electricity bills. Your coffee maker will automatically shut down 15 or 30 minutes after brewing is complete. It also helps to maintain the machine.

Coffee Maker Programmable

Some coffeemakers are pretty smart to the extent of brewing you rich tasty coffee when you are dead asleep. You can set the machine to start brewing a few minutes to your waking up. Who doesn’t love to wake up to a hot delicious cup of joy?

All Types of 4-cup Coffee Makers

There are different types of 4-cup coffee machines and this is all determined by the mechanism used to create pressure.

10 Modern 4-Cup Coffee Makers – Incredible Machines Worth Mentioning (2022)

Ready for the breakdown?

Well, we do have:

  • Pod-based coffeemakers –These are simply the historical basic stovetop espresso pot. Generally, it is a single serve because the pod the placed in one pressurized container.
  • Espresso machines – The truth of the matter is that few understand what espresso machines are despite the popularity of this term. Most coffeemakers that we, today, refer to as espresso are not fully utilizing the high-pressure system of the true espresso machines. Real espresso machines have high-pressure pumps and are known for their unmatched brewing efficiency. Don’t forget about the built-in milk frother.
  • Semi-automatic espresso machines – They have a small lever or a switch which is pushed or turned on to start or stop the extraction.
  • Super automatic machines – These ones are equipped with a microprocessor. This, therefore, means that they can be programmed. With a touch of a button, they will grind, tamp and brew rich tasty espresso.

How to Make Coffee with a Grinder At Home

For you to brew the best coffee doesn’t mean you must use the most sophisticated super automatic coffeemaker. There are a few things you may get wrong and everything else loses its meaning. There a few things you need to take care of in order to improve the quality of your coffee. It is not always about having a reliable machine.

Are you ready to learn? 

Ensure your record is clean when it comes to the tips am just about to mention. If you do so, be sure your coffee will taste great.

  • Use fresh whole coffee beans

The fresher your beans are the better the coffee taste gets. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid buying pre-ground coffee unless you are damn sure they haven’t stayed for long. Check the nearest local coffee shop for fresh whole beans, preferably those sellers that roast their coffee in small batches.

10 Modern 4-Cup Coffee Makers – Incredible Machines Worth Mentioning (2022)

  • Grind and brew immediately

Brewing coffee using whole beans that were perhaps ground a week ago is the greatest mistake you can make. Do not blame anyone when your coffee tastes watery and nasty. Studies show that coffee loses its flavor in as little as 30 minutes after being ground.

  • Grind your coffee beans to the right size

This narrows down to personal preference because some folks love it too strong, weak or medium. If you prefer a weak taste, grind your beans coarsely. If you want it strong, grind into fine coffee grinds and grind them to medium grinds if you want the coffee to taste in between strong and weak.

  • Store the coffee beans the right way

Store the beans in a dry cool place. You can use a vacuum sealed container or use a standard Mason jar. Additionally, it is a pretty good idea to downsize your storage container or bag as your brew coffee.

  • Avoid using your intuition or measuring coffee by volume

Don’t think you are too smart to use your own instincts. You can’t beat the digital weighing scale when it comes to accuracy. Use the scale to determine the required weight and not volume. Usually, one part of coffee to 20 parts of water is the recommended ratio when you want a fairly strong coffee.

Coffee Maker Red and Coffee Maker White – Style and Design

You have just landed at home and the next thing you want to try out is your new Mr. Coffee Programmable coffeemaker.

Unfortunately, it only takes less than two days to realize something is not blending well with your kitchen décor. To be honest with one another, most of us do not even think of how the color or design of our appliances blends with our modern kitchens.

Nevertheless, the two can either blend seamlessly resulting in more interior décor or completely destroy the setting. Coffee machines come in stainless steel finish, red, blue, and more styles.

As you get busy looking for a coffeemaker that is loaded with robust features, do not forget to finally settle on the model that best suits your kitchen.

Let me share a few tips on choosing a coffee maker that blends seamlessly with your kitchen. 

  • Buy a coffee maker that has a sleek and unobtrusive design if your kitchen is modern. Modern kitchens have no clutter and therefore require stylish yet ostentatious coffeemakers. 
  • If your kitchen style is contemporary, opt for a coffeemaker that is pure and simple.
  • Alternatively, you can seek advice from designers that constructed your home central vacuum system, especially those who have specialized in kitchen appliances like rice cookers or food dehydrators. There are very many colors, finish and plethora kitchen styles. It is up to you to find what best suits your kitchen.


Buying any type of coffee maker comes with a financial sacrifice. That means you should do everything possible to avoid tampering with your warranty term unless you don’t care. Generally, most companies will offer technical support, maintenance, repair or a replacement if you bought the good from a genuine dealer.

However, buying the good from authorized dealers is not enough. You should not tamper with the original factory code. Plus, always keep the original receipt.

Warranty terms vary across manufacturers. I highly insist that you carefully read and analyze the warranty terms before rushing to make your final decision. I also do not advise you to purchase extended warranty unless you are solid-sure the company has a good standing record.

Additionally, some companies only provide warranty for one year while others can cover the goods for up to two years. I guess it is reasonable to compare the warranty terms with the overall quality and price of the product. Expensive products ought to have longer warranty lengths.

Our Verdict & Recommendations

I am pretty sure you are eager to know which coffee maker topped the list.

Worry not! I’m just about to spill the beans. 

After careful consideration, we finally settled on Mr. Coffee DRX5 4 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker as the best 4-cup coffee maker. This coffeemaker stood out to be the best because of its amazing features and long-standing record. It has served the most delicious cup of joy to coffee lovers for years. Some of its prominent features include delayed brew, pause n” serve, removable filter basket, on/off indicator and more.

In a nutshell, you can only expect a rich coffee experience for as long as Mr. Coffee DRX5 Programmable Coffeemaker takes its place of honor in your kitchen or office.

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